Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sexy Smoked Navy Blue eyes! (Japanese Ramen lunch)

Sexy, smoked and blue! Although I do love trying out lots of colors, combinations of colors and such when it comes to eye make up I always go back to blue when I want something that's edgy, darker and sultry. There's something about dark eyes lined with shimmery navy blue and black that makes the eyes pop and look more defined without being too dark and grungy.

On this particular day, I got a bit more fancy with my eye make up than usual and did a smoked navy blue eye accompanied with the last pair of my dolly wink lashes before heading out into town with my mom for the day!

Continue below for the look and lunch!

Sexy Smoked Navy Blue eyes! (Japanese Ramen lunch)
Sexy Smoked Navy Blue eyes! Using Shiseido, Sleek and Urban Decay eyeshadows!
Sexy Smoked Navy Blue eyes! Using Shiseido, Sleek and Urban Decay eyeshadows!
Be warned, this post is full of photos of this look! It turned out way better than I expected! UGH!
Basically my lids had 3 shades and a highlight under the brow, nothing complex but yet super pretty and defined with the eyeliners!
The look completed with my signature winged black eyeliner on top, a slick of navy blue in the waterline and a pair of pointy but fluttery lashes for that OMPH!
Products used: ZA True White foundation, ZA two way pressed powder, Shiseido Shimmering Cream eye color, Bourjois blush, Lady Oscar eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, Peripera waterproof gel pencil eyeliner, Art Deco brow gel, Maybelline the magnum mascara, Cyber Colors skin balancing compact, Revlon matte (for brows)
Eyeshadows used: Sleek i-divine eyeshadow and sephora eyeshadow (from a palette)
Eyeshadows used: Highlight shade from Catrice quad and a deep brown from Urban Decay Vice 2 palette!
In my waterline was this shimmery navy blue gel eyeliner from Peripera's Sunny eyeliner set!

I thought besides all the sultry, pretty and nice looking shots I had to do some funny ones! SEE. I LOOK HORRIBLE WITH MY TEETH SMILING!

Giant bowls of ramen for lunch with mom! She brought me to this outlet in Ion orchard that has amazing rich broth and juicy rich pieces of meat!
The noodles are absolutely lovely, chewy and so good with the rich soup and I really appreciate all the shredded spring onion on top!
Extra ramen eggs!
My bowl of ramen! We both went with a miso broth which is cloudy and saltier than the white miso broth! My bowl also came with some stewed bamboo shoot which I love!
 Large tender fall apart in your mouth slices of pork that have been marinated before being cooked! So damn delicious!
A small plate of pan fried chicken gyozas to share with my mom! Best eaten with black vinegar!
Yes, I just couldn't believe how lovely this look turned out! Just love how my eyes look! Sharp, defined, bold, smokey!
Sexy Smoked Navy Blue eyes! Although I take plenty of photos for my blog, I rarely take selfies just for the sake of it and for sharing on my social media but this look still makes me all happy when I see it!
So ladies, I hope you all enjoyed this look! It's not a look I create very often but this is my idea of something 'dramatic'. I seriously need to try doing this with a different color as well! Eating ramen also isn't something I don't do too often but I really love Japanese food and despite noodles and rice being super calorific Japanese food is too good to resist!

Do you use blue shades in your smokey eye looks?
Would you like to wear my look?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. This looks so pretty on you!

    Also, I see the Sleek I-divine Snapshots palette! Love that thing!

  2. You really blend eyeshadows very well! I couldn't even do a gradient blending of 2 colours on myself. I have very thin crease and hence do not use eyeshadow. Eyeshadow would be used on special occasions which warrant heavier make up and I would tape my lids to apply the es properly.

    OOooh, is the ramen place in Ion Menya Musashi or something? I was at Ion today and I saw they have an outlet there. I tried the one at Thompson Plaza and Star Vista before.

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    I bought 4 6-cans cartons and 2 bottles to have purchase that cost a low $20.

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    I can't believe that there would actually be quite a number of people who love squished face angry grumpy cats. I often lol at my gal pal's cat whenever she posts photos of him. I just find him so stupid looking. Then when I posted that pic with him, there were so may friends liking the photo and liking his looks.

    Blogs are good in that we could control the comments and also less trolls. In fact, in my 10 years of blogging, I've only experienced a negative comments from the same individual who was cursing my god daughter to die and saying I'm a scammer when I appealed for donation on behalf of my bestie a few years back. I've known of so many blogs with hates and flamings so I'm thankful for all the kind people here. I cringed when I read comments on YouTube. These people are such nuisance and ignorant fools and cyber bullies.

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    Sometimes I love technology so much, don't you?

  3. Awww you look beautiful. I love the eyemakeup! And wow, that bowl of ramen is what I need on his cloudy day.

  4. Blue eyeshadow looks so good on you!

  5. Oh wowww, you look gorgeous, I fell in love with your eye makeup, navy blue suits very well on your eyes. I loved the way how you applied the blue liner in your water lines. Love, love the food. Kisses <3

  6. Super sexy look!! It looks soooo good on you :). Absolute perfection! I think you pull it off so much better than I would- I look strange when I bring the colors up past my crease.

  7. Omg those eggs looks delicious ! And I'm loving the blue on your waterline ~ makes your whole eyes looks more interesting!

  8. Love the smokey blue eye shadows. Very glam

  9. Oooh, the blue eyeshadow look is so pretty! I have palettes with untouched blue shadows so maybe I'll give this a go ;) And that ramen looks so freaking good, you're making me hungry lol


  10. Ur eyes!!!! beautiful!!! :)

  11. The steelblue looks GREAT and really suits
    your eyes and skin color o: !!
    UGh the ramen dinner looks GREAT as well
    and hurray for the extra soft boiled eggs c:

  12. That entire look is so incredibly flattering on you! And I love the eyelashes as well - they really add a lot of impact to your eyes.

  13. Ooh what a wonderful makeup look... so incredibly stunning and flattering on you :)
    as usual I get incredibly hungry every time I read one of your posts where you show food pictures :)

  14. Your makeup skills are amazing babe, I love your eye looks.

  15. Wow, love this look! I love the smoky blues with the false lashes, gorgeous!

  16. Ahhh, I love blue on you!!! You look stunning and not overdone. It's just perfect!




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