Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My first home made Tiramisu!

Dreamy Tiramisu!   I've always wondered why people seem to get all starry-eyed over tiramisu and always never understood what made it so popular...that was until I made this bad boy at home with the boyfriend! My grandma's and mother's love of tiramisu was why I chose to make this dessert, also our home's in wall large oven was out of order since the end of December! As of two weeks ago we finally have a new oven and it's been fabulous. Now more about this tiramisu!

Continue below for the delicious photos!
My first home made Tiramisu! Using a recipe on FoodNetwork.com!
The ingredients (not all pictured): Egg yolks, egg whites, sugar, mascarpone, water, gelatin, whipped heavy cream, cooled espresso, Kahlua (I used Bailey's original Irish cream as a substitute with rum), Ladyfingers, cocoa powder/chocolate shavings!
My boyfriend showing off the heavy cream he whipped...BY HAND. Unfortunately despite my odd liking for baking now and then, I still do not own a mixer of any type and creaming sugar/butter and whipping cream has to be done tedious by hand! I hope to get a hand mixer soon!

The recipe I used from FoodNetwork.com! It's an awesome recipe although I found that the amount of mascarpone filling was sooooo much more than I needed for the amount of lady fingers required in this recipe. We ended up with an extra 400g of mascarpone filling and made another smaller tiramisu another day!

My completely deep glass dish of tiramisu! Completely caked with cocoa powder and some icing sugar!
A take away box tiramisu that we brought for my grandma to enjoy!
Look at those layers! I just love looking at the layers in a tiramisu!
A large ice cream sundae glass with a large single serving of tiramisu! I made this with the remaining few ladyfinger biscuits I had! All the extra mascarpone went into a box for another day when I bought more biscuits!
Our gorgeous tiramisu cakes! One large one for the family at home, a boxed one for grandma and a generous glass that my boyfriend and I shared! I still had enough mascarpone filling from the recipe left over after all this for two more takeaway boxes of tiramisu!
Check out those beautiful tiramisu layers! So even and perfect and delicious!

Tips and things I learned from making a tiramisu!

Tiramisu is the perfect indulgent no-bake dessert!

Buy extra ladyfinger biscuits as you might need it!

Ensure to let the espresso/rum/coffee liqueur to cool before dunking the biscuits!

Drop the ladyfingers into the espresso and pick them up immediately as they soak up liquid like crazy! (do not hold them under the liquid)

Keep the mascarpone filling in the fridge right after making it! (as it contains raw egg yolks)

Use a super light hand when layering the soaked biscuits and spreading the mascarpone!

Once your tiramisu is assembled refrigerate for a few hours or over night! So when you cut into it, it will come apart in lovely solid pieces!

Most importantly enjoy every bite, eat it in small portions and don't regret dessert!

Once your tiramisu is complete, chilled and set, feel free to cut out pieces as small or as large as you fancy!
For those interested in making a delicious no-bake tiramisu, do go ahead and follow the recipe I followed from FoodNetwork here! I would recommend to use only 500g of mascarpone (instead of 750g) and 1/2 cup of whipped heavy cream (instead of 1 cup) and you'd still have a very generous amount for layering!

Do you have a favorite no-bake dessert?
Care for some tiramisu?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. That looks absolutely delicious. I would love to make one, but it's just hard to source for the ingredients from where I live.

  2. That looks amazing! I've never made one from scratch, although I love to bake :) I have a Kitchenaid stand mixer that is so, so handy.

  3. Ohhh good job sweetie, look how beautiful the
    layering is c: I love eating tiramisu, it's one
    of my most ordered dessert at a restaurant :D

  4. Wow, Sharlynn! Are you sure that this is your first time making tiramisu? It is awesome!!!


  5. I think I would love to try this. I don't usually bake but I would love to try it out sometime and a "no-bake" dessert sounds good since we do not have a baking oven. Haha! Good job on the Tiramisu! It looks delicious! :D

  6. wow the Tiramisu does look very yummy!! I love tiramisu but I don't have much patience to make any kind of cake. LOL.
    I'll pass the recipe to my sister as she loves baking and I will convince her to make this batch for me. xDD

  7. Wow, looks like you guys did a great job! It really looks straight from an Italian restaurant :) Seems like after the whole experience, you're an expert in making tiramisu now. Strange how some recipes can be so inaccurate when it comes to portions ... that's a lot of leftover mascarpone you had to make useful :p

  8. Omg that looks so delicious and like it was a major success! We tried to order tiramisu today at lunch but they ran out, boo. I love how big you made the cake too! I'm tempted to say it will last you a week, but we know it's gonna last a day or two max because it looks SO good!
    My favorite no bake dessert is raw chocolate brownie. It's one of the only things I can eat with no guilt because it literally only has almond meal, coconut oil and cacao in it! Healthy and delish!

  9. Yummy! I haven't made Tiramisu in quite a while, but I don't use any eggs. Definitely one of the best desserts around! xoxo

  10. :OOOO I've been wanting to try to make Tiramisu, but I'm so lazy. I'm definitely going to live through you and pretend that I made this. Juuust kidding hahaha

    I do sometimes get Tiramisu when I go out for dinner and feeling a bit fancy. I've also had tiramisu flavored ice cream and I love it so much.

  11. OMG, It looks soooooo delicious. I want to make it but not sure I'll do it or not. I'm not expert in baking cakes. Have a great day dear girl. Kisses :)


  12. We make Tiramisu at home quite a lot because my boyfriend and brother adore it. Myself I don't like it, which is strange because otherwise I love everything sweet xD

  13. *O* omggg i'm drooling over that tiramisu !!
    I'm really bad when it comes to cooking hehe so i usually leave it for my sister
    but this recipe looks pretty easy i actually might try! Thanks for sharing and leaving me hungry right now heheheh!


  14. Oh Sharlynn, that looks DELICIOUS! And what a good boyfriend you have for mixing that BY HAND!!

  15. I've been using a slightly different recipe that uses a custard instead of a whipped cream + gelatin mixture. I think it's simpler. Google tiramisu joy of baking if you are interested in trying that one, I totally swear by it although yours looks amazing too!

  16. That looks incredibly yummy :)
    Kudos to you and your boyfriend :) It is rather amazing that he was able to mix that by hand :O

  17. That looks absolutely delicious.




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