Friday, 22 May 2015

Review: Revlon Lip Butters! (Cherry Tart, Lollipop, Pink Truffle)

Lip butters to the rescue! Yes, I know these have been out forever and aren't anything new but as a girl who suffers from constantly sensitive and dry lips these babies from Revlon have been a long time love of mine since they released in Singapore.

Unlike in the US, we did not receive all the colors sold in other countries at once. We still actually do not have all the shades sold in some countries. Regardless ever since my purchase of my first few back in 2012, I still use them regularly and love them!

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Revlon Lip Butters in Cherry Tart, Lollipop and Pink Truffle!
Revlon Lip Butters in Cherry Tart, Lollipop and Pink Truffle!
Revlon Lip Butters in Cherry Tart, Lollipop and Pink Truffle! (Each is swatched twice)

Packaging & Product!

To be honest there's not much to say about the packaging except for the fact that I'm a huge fan. I always love color coordinating packaging, just like bourjois' pot blushes or the color rim around the bullet of YSL lipsticks and such. The quilted design on the caps are also a great touch with I don't ever get sick of seeing! There's honestly nothing much that I would improve about these tubes except maybe the base of the lip butter being completely exposed when twisted up for maximum use.

For those who aren't aware, these lip butters have the a balmy moist texture that's smooth but slightly waxy. They aren't creamy like a regular lipstick nor are they silky like some high end lipsticks. They pretty much are like a more intense tinted lip balm. I really appreciate that most of the colors are opaque on one or two swipes but I also love how these can all be worn sheer/lightly too.

As someone who suffers from lips constantly on the edge of being too dry despite being the biggest water drinker I know and always using lip balms and oils a colored lip product like this is a great option. I find that regular lipsticks get too dry over time and my lips also peel like crazy most days so I want a product that can be easily removed if needed. 

Cherry tart is the perfect soft bright red that is super wearable during the day whereas Lollipop is such a fun hot pink that's on the cooler side. Pink Truffle is almost a perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade although it's a touch more mauve. My lips naturally are so pigmented that I usually go for straight up browns like the lip butter shade Brown Sugar in order to equalize the pink in my lips.

Revlon Lip Butters in Cherry Tart, Lollipop and Pink Truffle! (Each is swatched twice)
Paid: UP $15.90 SGD or $13 USD (I often buy them on 20% off)

Recommend: YES. For those girls who would like a moist lip color that you can wear sheer or opaque this is still a gem find in my eyes.

Repurchase: Nope, I'm currently on my second tube of the shade Berry Smoothie and am about to finish Brown Sugar. I've got all the shades that I like right now so no more!

Bottom line: Despite the load of mixed reviews, I personally keep these lip butters close to heart. As someone who suffers from such sensitive lips having a colored lipstick like product that feels great and looks great for more than a few hours is rare. When I do finish these up I will repurchase Pink Truffle, Brown Sugar and Berry Smoothie!

Have you been a lover of the lip butters like myself?
What shades have you tried?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. The name is so appropriate.. it looks like it's melting on your skin! The colors you picked are gorgeous by the way. Makes me want to grab the Pink Truffle one. :)

  2. What a coincidence, my most recent post is how much I loveeee lip butters! They are the best. I actually don't have any of these colours! I really like cherry tart!

  3. I used to have all the lighter shades and I dislike how sheer they are, almost had to swatch 20 times for the colours to show on my skin. I really like the colours shown in your swatches though, Pink Truffle looks so pretty, think I'm gonna get myself one hehe.

  4. lip butters are my fave! the color is so vibrant and more importantly love how buttery it is! totally lives up to its name ;)

  5. I've tried two colors and one of them was Berry Smoothie. I ended up giving it to one of my friends because it turned a very cool toned pink on my lips and I didn't like that look. I also had a sample of a different color and it felt gritty from all the glitter. I dont know... I feel like I have not great experiences with loved products. hahaha I really wanted to get Wild Watermelon or something because it looks like a perfect bright red.

  6. Love the names that Revlon has given them!
    Does the color last long on the lips? Xx

  7. I love these! The texture as you say is really fantastic although I found some shades to be more sheer than others. My favorite is Sweet Tart!

  8. I love love love Revlon lip butters. I have Candy Apple and Tutti Frutti and love both of them. Cherry Tart looks stunning !

  9. I have tried these and I think they are great quality for a drugstore product!

  10. I would LOVE to try these but sadly Revlon has not been sold here in Finland for many years. I honestly do not know why but all of a sudden every store had a huge sale when it came to Revlon products and then they were all gone!
    I love the look of these... Pink Truffle is, by the looks of it, my favorite :)




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