Monday, 4 May 2015

Review: Innisfree Mineral single shadow in shade 09!

Earthy rich burgundy mineral shadow! For the ladies who have followed or seen my reviews and snap shots from my make up collection I have plenty of palettes and the majority of my shadows are from palettes! When I first got into make up I used to buy more singles, duos and trio shadow palettes but as I got older I lusted after larger palettes but now have reverted!

Larger palettes are gorgeous and I still get all happy when I see so much variety in colors but I realize that there's no point in collection large palettes when I don't use all the shades or rarely use them. Hence now I'm keen on purchasing more single and small shadow palettes! I've had my eyes on single shadows from Etude House and when I saw Innisfree's I just HAD to get one!

Continue below for the review!

 Innisfree Mineral single shadow in shade 09!
 Innisfree Mineral single shadow in shade 09
 Innisfree Mineral single shadow in shade 09 up close! Such a beautiful rich brown burgundy!
Packaging & Product!

Much like the majority of Innisfree's line of products, the packaging of this eyeshadow is simple and clean. Most of their make up items are white with clear plastic and I've got qualms about it. This single shadow is very compact and I love it, the last thing I want is a bulky single shadow! Despite looking very simple the packaging is very sturdy, no need to be concerned of the clear cover popping off or cracking!

When faced with the display of all their mineral single shadows in store I had to swatch all the shimmery rich neutral ones! I know that I already own plenty of bronzy neutrals and golden as well as light brown shades but I knew I had nothing like this. The texture of this shadow is smooth, slightly buttery and super easy to apply and blend out. I love that the shade is so richly burgundy although still earthy. The shimmer is gorgeous, not chunky and reflective which makes it so pretty!

This shadow looks beautiful applied lightly so that it's still a bit sheer but also can be layered up to a richer deeper shade! I love wearing this all over the lid or on the outer part of my lid! This is the type of shade that gives smaller lids more dimension and can make a seriously quick pretty smokey eye. Also this shade has the ability to change colors slight when worn over a purple/pink base or a brown base as this shadow will allow the color below to peek through.

Swatches of Innisfree Mineral single shadow in shade 09!
 Innisfree Mineral single shadow in shade 09!
Paid: $8 SGD or about $5.8 USD 

(This is a great price considering drugstore singles, duos, trios and quads retail for usually $15-25 SGD)

Recommend: YES. I'm actually not the biggest fan of eyeshadows from main stream asian brands but there's something beautiful about these shadows being both rich and pigmented but having the ability to layer and be worn sheer-full!

Repurchase: Yes, I totally will be considering picking up another single shadow from them!

Bottom line: This line of shadows is great for anyone, if you want neutrals or pinks, wearable blues and greens there's a bit of everything in the line. These shadows wear beautifully sheer to opaque and are great for beginners to make up as well as those who are expereinced.

Do you own any burgundy neutral shades?
Tried make up from Innisfree?
Let me know!

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  1. Very nice plummy brown shade. I love mineral shadows! Glad you got on with the Innisfree ones. Makes me want to pick up a few myself. :)

  2. Eyeshadows are so good looking in their close ups! I love this shade, so vampy ;). I'm still in a large palette phase because I just like having one thing to reach. I never end up using my single shadows! Glad to hear these were a hit! Will keep them in mind as I'm also wary of Asian brand eyeshadows.

  3. This colour looks gorgeous ;) It's such a shame this brand is not available here where I live.. But I'm sure I can find some really nice dupe if I search thoroughly ;)

    If you'd like you could check out my new blog - I'd be honored ;)

  4. Such a gorgeous plummy shade, the texture and pigmentation looks great. i love mineral eye shadows <3 Nice review honey! Happy Monday! Kisses <3

  5. I love the shimmers on this. They are really iridescent and beautiful. I'm gonna check out your giveaway post next!

    My Mandarin isn't exactly fluent too but I could still survive. Hehe... Well, they often just mistake us for Japanese until my hubby opened his mouth. Then they would be shocked and asked where we were from though some could pick out our Singlish/ Singapore accent and guess it right. You know, you can look like a mix so they might probably just think you're a mixed and hence not fluent in Mandarin. I think I would be going Bali this May or June. Where did you stay? Is it just 1 resort or did you all move around? How exciting if I could see your Bali post before I go.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  6. Gorgeous shade, right up my alley!

  7. So pretty and shimmery. It has been ages I've worn eye shadows but so tempted to try these!

  8. Happy Blog-versary! I think Burgundies are the complicated version of Taupe: they look stunning with any eyecolour (and enhance eyes) but they need slightly more effort to make them look brilliant. But if they do, they are even better than taupes.

  9. love the shimmers on these palettes!!

  10. This shade looks so pigmented and nice! I do like the color especially. I have a similar one in my small Visée palette and I love using it!

  11. Such a beautiful shade, it looks very nicely pigmented and not overly shimmery either but still has that complexity and lustrous finish. I've never tried Innisfree shadows though I recently ordered one of their BB cushions - sadly it is waaaaay too light for me :(

  12. Is this part of the new line with the matte, shimmer and trend sublines or the old 2014 line? I'm looking for it but can't seem to find it among the new ones.

    1. Hey there, I bought this only this year and it's available at the innisfree stores in Singapore. I'm not sure exactly when this shade was released but you can always ask the staff in store or contact sellers online!




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