Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pastel berry toned eyes with creamy pink lips!

Pastel hues and a creamy pink lip! Unlike those in places with four seasons and weather that's more temperate, here in sunny always hot Singapore there's no real shift of seasons or change of weather! Hence I dress the same all year round and wear all kinds of colors all year round without any sense of my choice of colors having to go with a certain time of the year! 

Currently it's getting to the hottest and also wettest part of the year and I've had to switch over to gel eyeliners and a thick layer of powder in order to keep my make up looking good all day long. This pretty pastel looking look was done a few months back when I picked up my Sleek i-divine Candy palette and wanted to do a blue/pink/purple look!

Continue below for the full look!

Pastel berry toned eyes with creamy pink lips!
Wearing 3CE's Back to Baby BB cream! It has a dewy finish on its own!
3CE's Back to Baby BB cream set with my holy grail ZA perfect fit two way powder!
Pastel berry toned eyes with creamy pink lips! (Sleek's i-divine Candy palette)
Bon bon on the inner corner, Apple Sour on the lid, Blue Fizzle on the outer V, Parma Violet in the crease!
Loved how the shadows blended together so beautifully!
On my lips was a combination of a lipstick from P2 and YSL for this creamy pink shade!
I absolutely loved how this look was colorful but still soft looking! Nothing else but a soft light pink blush on the cheeks!
Products used: MUFE HD base, Revlon matte (for brows), 3CE Back to Baby BB cream, Maybelline color tattoo, ZA perfect fit two way powder, Art Deco eyebrow mascara, P2 Pure color lipstick, Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupte radiant, Lady Oscar eyeliner, Kiss me heroine mascara, Sleek i-divine candy palette, Canmake marshmallow powder
The very pretty Sleek i-divine Candy palette! Filled with lovely pinks, blues and purples!
Whilst I was doing my make up, this is how my cat just naps nearby! Isn't she adorable?
The completed look! Not a typical look but super fun and girly!

Have you been wearing any pretty pastel shades?
Do you like the look of this palette?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. My pastels are from Sleek too! I love them! Mine is the Snapshots palette.

    By the way, this look is gorgeous! I know the focal point was the eyes but your lip shape is amazing...

  2. Loved your eye makeup dear!! You look very beautiful. <3

  3. I love the eye look! It kind of has a duochrome, metallic look, as well. Very beautiful.

  4. So beautiful, I love how you did the crease and lid shades. A very subtle showing of the lid colour when your eyes are open. Super pretty!

  5. Super pretty use of color x

  6. Have I ever told you how envious I am of your flawless skin? Just gorgeous! I love your eye look and your kitty is so cute. I love how cats can sleep just about everywhere and every way they like.

  7. Your eye makeup blend so well together!
    Love the color use ^__^ Xx

  8. Aww this make-up is so pretty so as you! Love the color combination!

  9. This makeup looks so forgeous n you!
    Love your pastel lips <3

  10. This look would be so fun for clubbing! Love the colors you combined for the lips.

  11. Love your YSL lipstick colour! I have that sleek palette too, one of my favourite colourful palettes out there!

    Macarons and Mischief

  12. Ooh your eyeshadow reminds me of a mermaid/rainbow! So pretty, I love how they're not super pale pastels, and actually somewhat wearable! Because I really can't pull off pastels haha.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  13. Such a beautiful makeup look sweetie :)
    That palette is a true gem :) I have a new series with my Sleek palettes coming soon with reviews and makeup looks.. have to do it all over again cause of the "tiny" accident involving my blog where all of my posts were deleted... oh well ;)
    Your cat is so darn adorable.. she reminds me of our Kimi :)
    That lip combo is so darn beautiful <3




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