Friday, 20 March 2015

Wide awake eye look using 1028 Macaron palette and a delicious thai dinner!

Wide awake eyes! It's been trending and popular for years and is always a look most ladies would wear! Looking bright and wide awake is always a plus. I find that korean/japanese make up trends that usually use sheer colors or bright neutral shadows really help to create this 'wide awake' type look which is really flattering on everyone. This look is easily achieved with one single shadow or more if you'd like! Here I'm using shades from 1028's Macaron palette!

Continue below for the look and dinner!

Wide awake eye look using 1028 Macaron palette and a delicious thai dinner!
Wide awake eye look using shadows from the 1028 Macaron palette!
Wide awake eye look using shadows from the 1028 Macaron palette!
A simple flawless bright eye look! You can create this look with similar shades from any other brand!
My base was a foundation from ZA! (my review here)
The completed look! Bright neutral eyes, a pinch of pink on the cheeks and a berry pink lip!
On my cheeks is a touch of Sleek's blush in pomegranate which is a gorgeous shimmery raspberry shade!
On my lips is Revlon's Colorburst Lip Lacquer balm in Whimsical!

Products used: ZA two way foundation powder, Revlon Matte (for brows), 1028 Macaron palette, Boots Tea tree witch hazel moisturizer, ZA True White foundation, Maybelline brow drama, Sleek contour kit, Sleek blush, Kiko long lasting eyeshadow stick, Lady Oscar eyeliner, Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes mascara, Revlon lacquer lip balm
I used the brown, cream and silvery pink shades for this look!
My wide awake eye look using 1028 visual therapy's macaron palette!
Dinner at Jai Siam (an affordable thai restaurant chain), this outlet was in Douby Ghuat xchange!
Their very large menu! I really love how there's 3 sizes to almost every dish! They food is really affordable for singapore prices! (Still crying inside because a small size in thailand would cost $1-4 singapore dollars)
Jai Siam's menu, besides ala carte items they have set menu items for one person up to 4!
Jai Siam's menu, their drinks and desserts! I've tried the mango and sticky rice before, it was nice but the rice was overcooked!
Le boyfriend and his handphone antics while waiting for da food! I do love that when we're out eating we never are both using our phones while sitting across each other. I don't understand why people go out just to be on their phones!
Fried pandan leaf wrapped chicken! A favorite since I was a child, I love the crispy texture, juicy meat and the sweet marinade!
The chicken, it was so tasty, well marinaded, more sweet than savory (which I love) and it was crispy on the outside but juicy inside!
We shared a tom yum soup! Their small size was such a generous bowl! This was so good!
Filled with lots of herbs and pieces of seafood! The soup was the creamy type of tom yum, not the clear type but just as good!
Lots of shrimp and squid and shallots! Delicious!
An assorted appetizer palette with fried tofu, spring rolls, fish and prawn cakes!
Lastly a pineapple fried rice! It tasted really good and I loved the addition of the floss meat and the shredded vegetables but this could have still used more pineapple bits! Otherwise it was fabulous!

Are you a fan of wearing bright simple eye make up?
When was the last time you had thai food?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Perfect makeup as always! The lip color is beautiful and the eyeshadow palette is so cute! And of course the food looks yummie! :)

  2. You're such a temptress, Sharlynn! Always teasing us with your make-up & food. I'm a sucker for tom yum & love the creamy texture of what you had. My manicure salon used to be in Dhoby Ghaut Exchange, but I've never seen this stall :<

  3. Lovely ! That macaron palette looks soooo cute :-)

  4. Gorgeous as always! love ur blush... gosh I want that pineapple fried rice :(

  5. Such a pretty look on you, Sharlynn! I'm a sucker for packaging and would snap up that macaron palette in an instant, haha. The food looks good too, I'm so hungry now! :)

  6. I love the neutral eyes, and your makeup is really beautiful! :) I also enjoy seeing what you eat, they make me drool. Hehe. Take care and hope you visit my blog too. :)

  7. WOW Sharlynn, LOVE the make up on you!!!! Your skin is so flawless :)
    The food is just.... Oh God I need to open the fridge now.. :P
    I like Thai Food esp their pandan chicken and tom yum soup ^^

  8. I love seeing all these colors on you, that palette is adorable. I'm having thai for dinner tonight ^^ one of my favorite cuisines!

    Chlo√©⎪ status.chlo

  9. You look lovely as always! Mhmmm! Is this Thai/Singaporean food?
    The assorted appetizers is a great idea c: Xx

  10. The places you go to always look so good! Your makeup looks lovely like always.

  11. I love that Revlon lip pencil on you! It goes so well with the Pomegranate blush.




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