Thursday, 12 March 2015

Burnt soft pink eyes, neon pink lips and claypot rice dinner!

Bold lips and lights! Hey there ladies! Believe it or not, this post was intended to be post by earlier January earliest but it went unnoticed and here we are with a belated post that was meant to go with the Christmas festive period! Here I'm using a stunning neon hot pink lip crayon from Tony Moly which I received in the Special #42 OMG 3 memebox!

I went out for dinner with my parents and dad brought us to a local restaurant that is famous for their claypot rice! It was our first time eating there and the food was great! After dinner, we took a drive through the heart of Singapore to check out the Christmas decorations before heading home!

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Burnt soft pink eyes, neon pink lips and claypot rice dinner at Geylang!
Burnt soft pink eyes! Totally wanted to play up the depth of this look's shadows by laying off my usual liner!
I used all 3 shadows from the Kate "Brown shade eyes" palette! The deepest shade is a great smokey burnt purple pink!
On my lips is  Tonymoly Delight Tint Crayon 06 Neon Pink! I received this in a memebox I reviewed! (see here)
Wearing Tonymoly Delight Tint Crayon 06 Neon Pink!
Products used: Biore UV Aqua whitening cream, K-palette Kuma Concealer, Cyber Colors powder, Revlon matte (for brows), Maybelline color tattoo, Kate eyeshadow trio, Maybelline the false lash mascara, Art Deco brow gel, Tony Moly lip crayon!
The inside of the Chinese restaurant, a super basic place, open air, with typical hawker center type tables and chairs. The entire menu is on those two boards!
Their seats extends to the wide side walk on the exterior! The place was packed and we were lucky to get a seat when we arrived! Sit at any empty table once it's free and then call someone to order!
Waiting for our dishes! The scoop is for the claypot rice! The drinks mom and I had were both freshly brewed but it's very popular in Singapore for drinks to be sealed like this before sale!
Cereal fried soft shell crab with basil! Omg, this was so damn fragrant, savory, crisp and delicious! Every little bit was finished up! Totally want to eat this again!
Stir fried tofu with prawns! I love double fried egg tofu like this with a skin from having been fried before. The sauce as tasty and the prawns were just nicely cooked!
A claypot rice to share! It only comes in one size and it's either a full meal for two (or you will have extra) or just right for 3 or 4 to share with an extra dish or two! Beautifully made with a layer of chinese sausages/liver sausages, marinated chicken and some vegetables! The rice on the entire bottom of the pan was so crispy and delicious, not burnt at all! We drizzled dark sauce over the rice and mixed it up before digging in!
Our table after dinner! Everything completely wiped clean by three hungry adults! (me being the most hungry!)
Christmas decorations up along Orchard road! This is between Ion Orchard shopping mall and Tang Plaza!
A huge christmas tree outside Ion orchard shopping center!
This year's more simple decorations up on the trees lining our main streets! Love the fairy lights!
Every year our main streets in the city center are decorated like so!
The side of Tang Plaza! Completely decked out with so many lights! Looks like a layer of jewels!
The exterior of Paragon shopping center and their big christmas tree! It looks like an over done traditional tree!
The pretty pink lights and bunches of stars along Orchard Central/Somerset area!
Driving further past the Orchard area! Street light decorations changing slightly!
Love these small fairy lights draping over the entire wall!
The super pretty pink decorations! I couldn't take enough photos of this section!
Just look at those pink starts and that decor hanging from the ceiling! So pretty and pink!
My favorite shot from downtown! Loved the pinks, stars and those draping lights!! Ugh! Sooo pretty! Once christmas and New Year's was over, our streets were decked out with Chinese New Year type decorations!
So that was basically my family's little 'stroll' through downtown last year in December! I totally want to sit down and have another portion of that fried soft shell crab right now and some piping hot savory claypot rice! Nothing makes Singapore better than our huge variety of cuisines and countless places to eat at, all day and night!

Does your family like to go out and about into the city?
Do you like the festive lights in Singapore?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I really miss Christmas in Singapore! And all that food looks delish, especially the crab and claypot chicken rice. Reminds me of a claypot chicken rice shop near my house which I love too. :D

  2. The food looks so delicious! My sister has the same lip crayon/tint from Tonymoly and she loves it! The color is beautiful!

  3. The Christmas decoration in Singapore is really nice! My family used to visit Singapore a lot during Christmas time hehe.
    The food looked so yummy! I love comfort chinese food the best, and the tofu OMG it's one of my fave dish ever!
    You looked lovely as always, btw ^^

  4. That Tofu dish looks delicious! and you look gorgeous in pink ~

  5. YUmmy, you've made me so hungry.
    Beautiful eyeshadow work x

  6. So beautiful, I've heard such great things about Singapore. My godparents moved there a few years ago and we have always said we would like to visit them before we have children, and let them lead us around the city :)

  7. It's been such a long time since my family and I just wandered / drove around to view the scenery. Now, my boyfriend takes me out because my parents don't get the point of it? hahahaha The places you went to look soooo gorgeous and so is your makeup look!

  8. At first, I'm impressed with your gorgeous makeup look especially your hot pink lips! So sexy girl! After that you made me hungry with those delicious food and then the decoration made me happy. Such great post with so many interesting things. Have a great day honey. Kisses <3

  9. I love your posts because I think it gives great insight into your lifestyle and culture! Obviously, me being asian means that we have lots of overlaps but it also seems very different!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo




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