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Rave Review: Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!

Five Essence BB Powder! Here is another awesome face product from the Japanese brand Brigitte! A fairly newer drugstore brand in Singapore, the quality of their make up surpasses more common brands like L'oreal and Maybelline but are priced similarly here. I originally purchased a gorgeous set with an eyeshadow palette, lipgloss and false lash from them (review here) and since then have purchased another palette and recently was provided a BB cream from the company to try which was fantastic (review here)!

In the last year I've been trying different combinations of powders to set my foundation/base as it's just so humid and hot in Singapore that setting your face is a must with some type of powder. I used to purely use a foundation powder but have been trying out different loose powders. I was very excited to receive this to try and it's been yet another fantastic product from Brigitte!

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Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!

Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!
Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!

Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!

 Much like the Five oil BB cream the packaging of this powder is  delicate looking, pretty and has just enough touches to resemble something princess like but not too over done or 'cutesy' looking. The main informational points are all clearly and very well stated on the front of the exterior packaging and I always appreciate having a clear english translation of the description, ingredients list and the information in the back!

The actual product comes in a typical tub like many loose powder come in but this tub unlike most other standard sized tubs is 2/3 the size and therefore is slimmer and smaller and good for traveling wtih! You also get a puff inside onto of the shift which I prefer to use as a stopper to the powder rather than for application.

Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!
Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!
Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!
Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige! Look at that gorgeous soft matte finish! It's great at blurring fine lines and making textured skin look smooth!

 This BB powder boosts five 'essences' much like how their BB cream has five oils in it! This product has Eucalyptus, rosemary, aloe, jojoba leaf and chamomile essences! It's suppose to have oil control properties, improve your skin tone and have UV protection. At first I was not sure how it was going to work on me as I have slightly oilier skin and love to pack on a heavy foundation powder on top of my foundation when I go out. I was concerned that this powder which seems very fine would not keep me matte for long but I was wrong!

On first swatch and impression, this isn't your typical loose powder, it's super fine and so silky in texture. So nice to touch and feel, it just melts when you touch it and applies on so evenly. There's a slight super fine shimmer in the powder maybe hence the 'pearl' in the name but this shimmer is not visible at all on the face and instead gives your face a beautiful glowy finish which is great for blurring imperfections and textured areas on the face.

This shade Pearl Beige is pretty much almost translucent but it's best for those of NC 15-20 as it matches my face pretty damn good. However you could still use this more on the cheeks and center of the face as a brightening setting powder if you are darker!  I have used this only to set my cheeks (which are not oily) and on my entire face and both times the powder holds up after a hot humid day and doesn't seem to transfer!

Unlike my regular matte foundation powder I use to set my face with, this powder gives my face so much dimension and glow. It keeps your skin matte all day, lasting just a bit shorter than my heavy duty face powders and has this beautiful soft focus look which makes it look like your skin is just naturally perfect. The finish is unlike what I expected, plus the powder is basically weightless on the face. I've tried a few loose powders, some fine texture ones like this but none had the lasting power and the same awesome finish.

Wearing Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige to set my BB cream!
Before, my face wearing Brigitte's five oil BB cream! A semi-matte finish!
After setting my BB cream with Brigitte Five Essence BB Powder in shade 02 Pearl Beige!
Check out my review of Brigitte's Five Oil BB Cream in shade #02 Natural Beige! (see here) It goes perfectly with the BB powder so I'd totally recommend everyone to check them both out!
Paid: This was sent to me to try! (Retails for $26.90 SGD or about $19.70 USD)

Recommend: YES. This is absolutely the best loose powder I've used so far. I haven't used too many but about 5 now and this is the best. Best for those with slightly dry, normal to slightly oilier skin. I'd recommend this for those of fair-light skintones.

Repurchase: YES. If and when I finish this I would totally want to repurchase it. It's long lasting soft focus matte finish and gorgeous silky weightless formula is just fantastic for those who need a good setting powder without the heaviness.

Bottom line: A powder worth every penny, it's the answer for those people who would like a setting powder that isn't too flat which will last and not exagerate any dryness or fine lines. This is an awesome powder that really does live up to everything it says. I used to use pressed powder 99% of the time setting my make up but now reach for this every other day!

Are you a fan of using loose powders?
Tried any Brigitte products before?
Let me know!

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  1. this looks super impressive esp since it has oils and can control. again, wish we had more access to asian things in canada.

  2. It looks like a very great powder. I would really like to try some of the brigitte products. I saw them at ichibankao, but never bought anything yet. The BB cream sounds great too!

  3. I have always seen this type of powder BB at the shop, but I didn't think it'd work as good as a BB cream! Your look absolutely flawless wearing this product Sharlynn ♥

  4. It looks really fine and great to read that this works well for you!
    Love that they have English translation on the packaging as well c:

  5. This powder looks great on you! I love that it gives you such a nice finish without being super flat. I also generally like loose powders for some reason and so this one looks really cool!

  6. This powder looks really nice on you. It has given you a perfect finish. I love loose power on my face especially in summers. Nice review honey, kisses <3

  7. Nice review, Sharlynn! The price range is well suited for many, & being a Japanese brand, I'm sure it's gaining popularity! xoxo

  8. Hi Sharlynn,

    Awesome product! It looks so smooth on your face. Love it :D


  9. Sounds awesome! Looks fantastic on you

  10. You have such great luck with BB creams! I tried so many I didn't like that I just gave up!

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