Thursday, 5 March 2015

Food post: Mini banana chocolate muffins and home made pizza!

Straight out of the oven! Here I bring you just two things I baked sometime ago! I love using our big wall oven but it's been out cold and not working for the last two months so I haven't been able to bake any cookies, cakes and whole chickens! Really bummed but it should be fixed in the next month so I'll be bake baking! We have a small table top oven which will make do!

Here my boyfriend and I made pizzas and I made mini banana muffins to bring to work! The boyfriend loves making home made dough, the type that is meant to rise over night slowly in the fridge and then proofed again the next day giving us a strong, lovely crust!

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Home made mini chocolate chip muffins and pizza!

Using my tried and tested favorite recipe for a moist fluffy banana muffin, here I made mini ones to bring to work!
Enjoying our first bottle of Arizona Iced Tea which we bought from Tott, ever since then we've bought the large canned version from a local convenience store near my home!
Our ingredients! My boyfriend used Alton Brown's recipe for the pizza dough! We had sliced onions, peppers, cherry tomatos, pineapples, mushrooms, ham and salami for our toppings!
Prepping the rolled our pizza bases! First with oil, then with sauce, then herbs and cheese before a layer of ingredients and more cheese!
A pizza with a mix of everything and lots of pineapples and the other with mostly ham and salami and tons of cheese! Actually almost too much cheese! :p
The pizza covered with mixed toppings! All the vegetables and meat and pineapples most importantly! Yay! Cheesy and crusty and sooo good!
The meaty pizza, covered with ham, salami, some onions and cherry tomatos and a ton of cheese!
Check out how well the crust was baked! The bottoms were golden and crunchy, while the crust has a good bite!
Our two beautiful pizzas! Two fifth slices for each of us and we're full and happy! Freaking love having leftover home made pizza to eat!

 When was the last time you had pizza?
Do you make your own?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I just had pizza last week xD! I am not a fan of original thin italian pizza because I prefer thick american pizza like pizza hut :D but your pizzas look so yummy!!! Home made is always better :)

  2. I LOVE homemade pizzas! Yours looks so deliciously cheesy, I'm craving one now!

  3. How good is that homemade pizza look like! Xx

  4. Those pizzas look AMAZING. It's been years since my family has made an entire pizza from scratch (because like, WHY BOTHER WHEN YOUR LOCAL PIZZA STORE SELLS $5-6 FOR ENTIRE PEPPERONI PIZZAS??) but those are seriously some of my favourite toppings!! DUMP ALLLLLLL THE PINEAPPLE AND CHEESE!!




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