Thursday, 19 March 2015

Food Post: All things eaten during January and February 2015!

Foodie round up time! For those who have followed my blog and particularly my food posts, every two or three months I will post a round up of things I've eaten/made at home! The last two months were quite fruitful with plenty of things eaten out and made fresh at home! My boyfriend and I enjoyed a few new snacks, ate at a fried chicken place well known that we avoided due to the long line and made a delicious rich beef stew in my new cast iron pot!

Continue below for the food post!

Ramen from Ajisen Ramen, home made pork tonkatsu and garlic fried rice, 4 Finger Crispy Chicken and home made beef stew with red wine!
Two breakfast platters, one with scrambled egg, beans, grapes, toast and lettuce for me and the other with ham, sausages, toast and beans for my boyfriend! A hearty portion of breaded pork chops with raw bell peppers and cucumber sticks and a plate of grilled sausages and waffle fries!
Frogs (on sale during Chinese new year in the supermarket already peeled), I made a chinese dinner with stewed frog's legs, stir fried leeks with crispy pork belly and a scrambled egg with salted pickles!
Another visit to the Jerry's BBQ grill near my home! My boyfriend and I shared a plate of their buffalo wings and a plate of fried goodies like cheese sticks, jalapeno peppers and pickles!
Ramen eaten at Ajisen Ramen! Very filling and tasty although I found the soups a tad bit diluted! Home made prawn wantons and a filling lunch of home made tonkatsus, fried garlic rice and raw cabbage/carrot salad!
Delicious orange marinated crispy pork ribs topped with fried garlic! First time making these and they turned out so well! Shoulder lamb chops with baked asparagus and mushrooms served with a wine sauce! Lastly a platter which I shared with my boyfriend at lunch with rice which included butter fried prawns, pan fried gyozas and pork strips!
Home made pizza time: YES, I have a new found love for making pizza at home! We could have split the dough into a third pizza for 3 smaller ones as the base was a bit thick otherwise we made the typical one all meats and the other all mixed ingredients pizza!
Our two pizzas fresh out of the oven (before it died about 2 months ago) I may have put a bit too much cheese this time (being overly excited)!
A giant 'quarter' looking was huge and I had two and was all full and happy!
Matcha (green tea) snacks from my best friend whose staying in Japan now! Rice crackers and biscuits with green tea cream filling!
Dark chocolates filled with matcha and a match doriyaki pancake filled with sweet red bean paste!

A local brand's version of 'twinkies', they both were really good and I loved the chocolate version! Not too sweet and a great moist cakey texture!
Finally after so many years of its opening in Singapore my boyfriend and I finally tried a 6 pc set of mixed soy, garlic and spicy winglettes/drumlettes with fries from 4 fingers crispy chicken! This fancy fried chicken joint sells the moist crispy chicken that's super tasty and they often have super long lines! It just so happened that we were a bit hungry and there was no line, totally delicious and we ended up going back a few weeks later for more!
A delicious pizza hut dinner with bowls of salads (trying to balance out the take out) with the boyfriend for a movie night at home!
Finally we made this delicious stew using beef cubes and tail meat! One bottle of 12 year old red wine that was still fresh, carrots, potatos, celery, whole red onions, roux and beef stock! All stewed for 5 hours in our gorgeous cast iron pot!
The large pieces of beef tail meat all soft and falling off the bone, the fat and cartilage so delicious to eat and the meat just completely flavored by the stock and wine! We ate our bowls of hearty beef stew with toasted chunky bread!
What has been your favorite meal this last month?
Do you own a cast iron pot in your kitchen?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Yum! We do a lot of cooking at home, too - I instagram food, but I never think to take photos of it for a post. We don't have a cast iron skillet, but we have some pans that can go from stove to oven, which is always handy!

  2. Love the look of all the things you cook and eat - so different to what we eat at our place and I love that! Waffle fries, yum, and you've got me craving for homemade pizza's and cheese sticks!

  3. I cannot!! I cannot resist! Hahahaha They're all so delicious to look at! ♥___♥

  4. hahhaha omg Sharlynn, I can't... haha those frogs poses are so sexy lmao ~ Love your food posts x

  5. Wow wow wow you are such an amazing cook! Your bf and family are so lucky, that's all I can say. Why did I look at this post at work, I'm so hungry now :(

  6. I love that pizza! There's definitely no such thing as too much cheese ^.^

    Chocolates with matcha filling = so close to Heaven!

  7. Oh good lord currently reading this while waiting to go out for dinner....THANKS, SHARLYNN, THANKS ~_~
    Ergh, not a fan of frog legs though! Makes me uncomfortable eating them, but GIMME ALL THAT RAMEN AND CHEESE STICKS.




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