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Review: Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!

Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow kit! Hello ladies! Today I've got an exciting product to bring you! This eyeshadow palette was kindly sent to me and is from a leading Taiwanese cosmetics brand which is widely sold in Singapore and Malaysia currently. I've purchased an eyeshadow palette from them in the past (my review here) and I've always been curious about their gel pencils and other products as they're brand is super fun, creative and has plenty of bold shades in the eyeliner/eyeshadow department! 

In Singapore this brand Solone can be found at John Little, Sasa outlets and a few other independent beauty shops. Do check them out as in Singapore the price of their products are equivalent to other western drugstore brands and I've much rather purchase from Asian brands at times honestly!

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Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
Size comparison of the palette! Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit! It's a very small sized palette, super cute and easy to bring around if needed!
The eyeshadows inside the Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
The only downside that I came across was one of the larger eyeshadow pans fell out the first time I opened it. I put a bit of double sided tape and it's all fine. I'm okay with shadows that come out easily so that I can depot them in the future but I'm also lucky it didn't break falling out!
Packaging & Product!

First off I'll be honest to say that the exterior packaging does look a bit young in a sort of teenage way. I don't think it looks bad but it isn't a look that most adults or working women would gravitate towards although I'm a huge fan of the tin metal box packaging which I really love. Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised by was the size of this palette! It's a very lovely slightly larger than palm size which makes it perfect for traveling and doesn't make me feel like I have too much product and won't ever finish it! 

A mirror on the inside of the lid would have been the only thing which would have elevated the packaging for me. I always enjoy and use the mirror in palettes and they make it even better for taking on trips. However the packaging overall is lovely and in the photo above you can see how compact the size is!

On to the shadows! I used to own a pretty neutral palette from Solone a few years ago which had neturals with a purple and a navy shade. It too was a small and compact palette (my review here) however the shadows weren't all consistent in quality and one or two were quite sheer although I could work them over a base. Hence on receiving this palette I was definitely looking forward to improvements or changes to the formulation/shade selection!

Let's just say after swatching, testing and using them for a few weeks I'm blown away by the improvements to the formulation and I absolutely love the range of shadows in this kit! Expect a palette filled with beautifully shimmery shades, including two super chunky shimmery shades! Those who prefer matte or more natural finish shadows look elsewhere!

Swatches of the eyeshadows from the Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
As a lover of shimmer shadows I'm completely happy. Not only are the textures of the shadows in this palette consistently smooth and easy to blend and quite pigmented but the shade range was put together very well. I really appreciate having a good mix of light, mid and deeper tones of colors although I could make the complaint that this palette could use one much darker shade such as a black brown or deep chocolate. However it's not an issue as most ladies tend to use one to three shades max when doing eye make up and the shades are perfect for day time looks that don't need deep/dark shades.

Overall I really love the shade selection and how it's neutral but not boring at all! You have a gold, a peach, a burgundy and browns of different tones! Below are three different looks I created with this pretty small palette I used either a light white or brown base for the looks!

Golden bronze eye look using the Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
Using the shimmery cream on the inner corner, gold on the inner lid, walnut dark brown on the outer V, warm mid-tone brown in the crease!
Peachy pink bronze eye look using the Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
Using the shimmery light pink on the inner corners, salmon on the inner lid, mix of walnut brown and warm mid-tone brown in the outer V and crease, touch of the burgundy in the crease to blend out!
Shimmery bright taupe neutral eye look using the Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
The shimmery cream shade on the inner lid, walnut brown on the outer V and crease and the sandstone grey in the crease!
Comparison of 1028 Visual Therapy's Macaron palette and Solone's Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow kit!
This palette once swatched, immediately made me think of another palette from the brand 1028 visual therapy (coincidentally also from Taiwan). The shades have a similar look but are completely different in coloring! Either palettes are great choices for fun interesting shimmery neutrals!

Comparison of 1028 Visual Therapy's Macaron palette (bottom) and Solone's Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow kit (top)! Both palettes have similar looking shades but they aren't same at all!
Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit!
Paid: This product was sent to me! (Retails for $21.90 SGD or $16 USD)

Recommend: YES. For those who have access to this brand or want to order it online, I'd totally recommend you to especially if you love a fun range of neutral type shades that are shimmery! Also, for the price you're paying it's is the same for other drugstore duos, trios or quads in Singapore!

Repurchase: No, not this exact palette! I would love to try other products like their gel eyeliner, lip products or blush! I would however buy this as a gift for someone, definitely!

Bottom line: An awesome palette and a great product for anyone to try from Solone! If you're happy with a variety of eyeshadows over quantity, prefer shimmers and fun neutrals this is for you!

Would you like to own a palette like this?
Tried anything from Solone?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. i loove the packaging n how pigmented the shadows are! I wish I can find the brand in Malaysia I'll def love to try out a few of their products.

  2. Wow! I've read a few reviews of Solone's palettes and this one looks gorgeous! Gotta go check it out when I'm in Singapore coz I haven't seen it around anywhere here in Malaysia.

  3. Eeeps another sweet looking palette! And I agree that it
    looks on the teenage-ish more :P Anywho, it's the
    eyeshadows that really matters right? Glad that you're
    happy with it c; Xx

  4. Wow the shades are intense! love the reddish copper shade there ^^
    I agree with you on the packaging design. It is cute, but mature audience or even mid 20 women wouldn't give it a try as it might look unserious in a way.

  5. Definitely not the biggest fan of the packaging but the shade selection is stunning. That first shade is so pretty and unique! love the looks you created with it too. The layout of the shadows remind me of the too faced palettes

    ChloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  6. The packaging is a bit teenage-ish , but I like it! haha The colors are also so pretty, but I feel like I have so many of these shades that I wouldn't buy it. It seems like a great palette for the size and color for people starting with makeup though!

  7. I have some Solone products and I do like them. the alice collection is so pretty! The eyeshadow colors are pretty, too.

  8. that looks gorgeous! The packaging is a bit childish but the looks you get from it makes up for it!

  9. What a great selection of shades! I would've been turned off by the childish packaging, so its good to know that the product actually works well :)

  10. OMG, I die of cuteness...My innerchild is totally about this but I guess my sanity would be questioned if I'd apply my eyeshadow in the train with this palette.

    Your eyes look really stunning with these metallics and how lucky you are they send you these pretties for free?

  11. Oh the packaging is so cute but maybe not for me! haha The eyeshadows are surprisingly pigmented, love the copper shades!

  12. Wow, the pigmentation and shimmer factor of these look quite strong! I do love me a good neutral palette and this seems to fit the bill :) The packaging reminds me a bit of Too Faced, at least in terms of the layout of the shadows!

  13. Holy crap, your swatches are drool worthy!! :O
    I personally love the packaging, I love the cutesy childish feel :)




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