Friday, 11 July 2014

Simple peachy eyes and lips! (FIFA meal at McDonalds)

Peachy Perfection! I'm not a girl who does one shadow looks very often but when I do the color has to be smooth and shimmery! I went with a peachy frost shade for the lid for a brightening and eye opening look! Paired with a pink satin blush and a peachy glossy lip this look is great for a simple pretty look for a casual out!

For lunch on the same day, my boyfriend and I decided to hit McDonald's and we had a delicious lunch that included a FIFA world cup chicken burger and yummy banana pie!

Continue below for the pretty peach look!

Simple peachy frost eye and a glossy peach lip!
Simple peachy frost eye look using one eyeshadow only!
I'm using the beautiful eyeshadow from Red Earth in Forever Ever! (My review here)
This one shadow peachy eye, rose pinched cheek and glossy peach lip is perfect for any casual day!
Products Used: SANA Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder, Sleek contour kit in light, Revlon matte (for brows), Manhattan Powder Rouge in Elegant Violett, Biore UV Aqua Mousse, Peripera I Love BB cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation, Maybelline color tattoo, Red Earth eyeshadow, NYX round gloss, Korres mango butter lipstick, K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner, itCosmetics hello mascara, Kiss me Heroine Long & Curl mascara!
See how a dark winged flick of eyeliner can pull the whole soft look together into something more crisp?
On my lips is a beautiful lipstick by Korres, the Mango butter, it's so balmy and has a great natural color! You really don't need to add anymore gloss on top but I felt like it!
My OOTD! An awesome pink/purple plaid shirt (Denizen) that's shorter than normal with baby pink denim shorts (Bershka) and a small red sling bag (shop in Bangkok)!
Check it out! Another round of hello kitty themed toys have been releasing in Singapore every few weeks! My cousin as managed to collect all of them! I haven't even got one but it's okay! I'm a bit pissed I missed out the yellow dog and penguin though! These toys are a HUGE deal here!
The special meal for the FIFA world cup! The Chicken Caramba, Beef Picante, Samba Spicy Drumlets, Lime McFizz and the mouth watering Copa Banana Pie!
The last and most recent release toy from McDonald's! I love how hello kitty's blank face looks with all these outfits on her!
Check out the lunch we had! I had my favorite fillet-o-fish in a double for once! My boyfriend had the Chicken Caramba and we both had a copa banana pie each! We shared the drink and fries! I don't want to eat too much calories even when I eat fast food!
McDonald's Chicken Caramba burger! For the FIFA world cup!
I think this burger has the most vegetable I've seen! Raw carrot, cabbages and lettuce! YUMMY!
My double fillet-o-fish. I've wanted a double one forever and this is my first and just look at that! They were definitely having a busy day!
McDonald's Copa Banana Pie! This is soooo delicious! It's a warm, sweet and heart warming gooey and delicious pie! I could've eaten two!

Enjoying a casual pretty day! And loving my newly trimmed shorter fringe! This is my hair naturally, the only bit that gets some styling is my fringe!

Update: I'm a process of getting things ready to attend uni so I've been extra busy, I'm afraid there maybe a short break for blogging in the near future when I travel but I'll be letting you guys know when it happens!

Would you guys sport my simple peach and pink look?
Tried any of the FIFA burgers yet?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. That is such a beautiful lipstick!!

  2. Beautiful! Love the peachy eyes and lips, also, your hair looks amazing! :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Love the makeup look, you look gorgeous ^^ and those Meccas burgers are so big! They used to be as big as awesome in NZ, but after 10 years, our burgers are now very tiny and squashed!

  4. looking cute♥ love their apple pie

  5. love your blush! looking lovely as always! And yummm at the maccas burgers - i love it when they bring out limited edition things. I think our ones have the bun in a soccer ball shape with the hexagon patterns on it

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  6. Soo pretty from head to toe! Really why every other country has better McDs!? That chicken sandwich looks almost gourmet!

  7. You look lovely, Sharlynn! the lipstick is so gorgeous!!
    I think McDonalds Asia has the best happy meal goodies! I don't see a lot of cute happy meals goodies here, even though I am no longer supposed to order happy meal. lol
    the banana pie looks delicious! We don't have it here but we have apple pie which is very yummy! ^^

  8. Beauty lip butter and YUMMM, McD fillet-o-fish

  9. Nice lipcolor and OOTD c:
    Seeing this Mcdonald post, made me realize that
    I haven't been to the Mc for quite a while! We Holland
    also got special World Cup burgers ;P too bad I'm a
    vegetarian, however that banana pie I would love to
    eat! I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty toys as well :c Xx

  10. lovely blog :)

  11. Aaah I haven't been at McDonals for ages and this makes me too hungry xD

  12. That lipstick is gorgeous on you! I'm really sad that they've discontinued the Korres lipsticks though. I have the Coral one, and I love it because it's so sheer (aka perfect for me/non-lipstick wearers!) I was planning on picking some more up, but that's obviously not going to happen, hah.

    And oh my...I WANT A HELLO KITTY TOY!




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