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Review: Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Pearly Cream Bath & Body Gel Scrub!

Pomegranate passion! How many fruity scent crazy people do I have here? Are you like me and just about love every single fruity, fresh and sweet scent? I love fruity smells and the more natural it smells the more I love it. Beauty Buffet in Thailand carries a great range of fruit/vegetable skincare bits and I fell in love with the super strong sweet and complex pomegranate scent and had to pick up two different body products!

Check out my beauty and skincare haul from Bangkok here!

Continue below for my review of the duo!
Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Pearly Cream Bath & Body Gel Scrub!
Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Pearly Cream Bath
Packaging & Product!

Don't you just love the packaging! The color, the design, the pomegranate on the front! Ooo...everything about the packaging was just so pretty and practical and I loved seeing the pearly looking wash through the bottle! You get a great 260ml in this bottle and this was a great affordable price too for what you get! Huge fan of everything about the outside except that one pump dispensed very little product! I would use at least four pumps for my arms and torso!

This product was such a dream to use, the thickness of the product was a thick, smooth creamy feeling wash. The color was a beautiful cranberry red with a beautiful pearlescent glimmer throughout the product! I'm so sorry but I never took a photo swatch of this wash before I'd used it up!

Besides the beautiful color and feel of the wash, the smell hits you like a rich blend of berries besides the fruity tangy pomegranate! I was almost afraid that bugs might be attracted to me after I used this as it was so sweet smelling and was so much fun using! I personally don't pay too much attention to how the washes make my skin feel as long as they don't dry out my skin or irritate it I really just enjoy the feeling and the scent!

Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Pearly Cream Bath
My skin definitely felt  smooth and supple after using this and very replenished. Other ingredients included Grape Seed Oil and Rosehip Oil which helps to moisturize and make skin glowing.

The instructions say this would make a great bubble bath and I completely think it would have done so although I have a shower so I had no chance to try making a bubble bath!

Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Body Gel Scrub!
Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Body Gel Scrub!

Packaging & Product!

I feel exactly the same about this packaging as I do with the pearly cream bath soap! Love the coordinated packaging and how pretty it is. The quality of the tube is great, a lovely thick squeeze tube that allows for such easy use and ease to pack if you want to bring this around.

This product is an absolutely darling to use! It's a delicious thick solid jelly texture and as you can see below it holds it's shape when it is squeezed out onto your hand! Although it looks like a plain jelly, there's a scrub that's dispersed all inside the jelly that's of medium roughness! It's a lovely texture and it's rough at all on the skin but does a moderate job at exfoliating.

The scent of this scrub is the same as the creamy bath wash but it's not as strong and is a lighter version in terms of smell! Otherwise it feels like a lovely smooth jelly when you apply it on your body! I love using this and had to slow down my use otherwise this tube would've been done already!
My skin feels lovely, soft and lightly exfoliated!

Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Body Gel Scrub!
Isn't that jelly blob just the cutest thing!! It has a lovely consistency and the moment a bit of water mixed with it it turns into a lovely scrub! It's best to already have damp skin when applying this! And do leave it on for a while to enjoy the smell!

Paid: 190 Baht for the Pearly Cream Bath/ 195 Baht for Body Gel Scrub 

($7.40-$8 SGD or about $6.50 USD) These are incredibly cheap prices!! Crazy cheap!

Recommend: HELL YES! If you are ever in Thailand or get the chance to buy Scentio products here in Southeast Asia do pick up something fruity and something from their Milk line! So affordable, so yummy and so fun to use!

Repurchase: Yes! A bunch of scentio products are actually now sold in Singapore at Smoochiez beauty booths throughout the Island or online at their shop!

Bottom line: Super yummy scented, moisturizing and such a pleasure to use! Both of these products are an absolute joy to use! Love that they are made in Thailand!

What's your favorite fruit scent for bodycare?
Scrub or body wash?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. HAHAHAHAH THE OMG THE SCRUB HOW CAN IT STAND LIKE THAT idk i find that funny omg am i weird. i love fruity scent too!! i much prefer fruity scent than those musky mature scent which i dont get why people like such scent that gives me headache. this reminds me of the body shop products! but much cheaper!

  2. The packaging is really too cute and I love pomegranate smell in beauty products!

  3. This looks like such a nice product. The packaging is really cute too! I'm glad that you like it :)

  4. oh look what you did to me ? Now I want to buy it and I said I have to start my no-shopping theraphy xD haha. Love this review ;)

  5. Holy crap, that gel scrub looks delicious! Lol.

  6. I use both scrub and body wash, but I don't use the scrub in daily basis :D
    Pomegranate is definitely a nice smell <3 I'd love to have this in my bath room :)





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