Monday, 7 July 2014

Home made food for June 2014!

Home made Nosh! For those who love food and hearty home made dishes this post is for you! I love cooking at home and it's something that might not be as active when I go overseas to study in the near future! I will always love preparing my own food but if I'm tight for budget or time I don't think I'll be able to carry on at the level that I do things until I get settled!

Until then, please enjoy the yummy bits from last month that were cooked up at home! Either by myself, my mom or mostly me and my boyfriend!

Continue below for the food post!
Home made chicken schnitzel, stir fry broccoli, bacon spinach quiche and curry potato samosas!
Chunky tomato sauce angel hair spaghetti with ikea meat balls and seared scallops!
This type of spaghetti is very fine and yummy, my parents like this compared to regular spaghetti!
Pork liver pate on plain meji crackers topped off with balsamico reduce!
A delicious dinner for my boyfriend and I! Garlic bread bun, roasted tomatos, mix vegetables with butter and thin chicken schnitzels!
Home made apple crumble pie!
Our husky Sirius coming into the dining for a whiff of my quiche!
Home made spinach and bacon quiche! The crumbly pie dough was a bit too soft though!
Bacon and spinach quiche, yum!
Steam boat dinner at home! Marbled pork belly slices, fried tofu, prawns, scallops, fish, korean frozen dumplings, assorted fishcakes and spinach! Our soup was made with soybean, red dates, cuttle fish, dried scallops, raddish, carrots and soy sauce!
Orange honey glaze chicken with an onion and cheese portobello mushroom and sauteed mushrooms and carrots!
Home made garlic and onion bread! Chop the onions and garlic, mix with salt and butter and dried oregano and thyme or mix spaghetti herbs then spread and toast!
Home made roasted char sui pork belly with steamed rice!
Simple stir fried broccoli with wolf berries!
Home made chicken curry! We added yoghurt which made the curry pale!
Curry potato samosas! The filling made with frozen mix veg, potatos, onions and curry powder and chilli powder!
Toasted french loaf for the curry!
Frozen pratha bread cooked on a frying pan for the curry!
Chicken curry!
A delicious, oily, filling and tasty dinner!
The samosas we made were sooo delicious! Curry powder and chilli powder is what's needed for that delicious aroma and taste! Just cook everything until the potatos get mushy!

Sous vide wagyu steaks with roasted vegetables and chunky mash potatos!
We made a super thick mushroom sauce that was cooked using the steak juices and the liquid from deglazing the pan from searing the steaks with wine!
For my grandma and mom who weren't having beef, I made them terriyaki orange glaze pork collar chops!
A nice bowl of butter head lettuce, grapes, corn an strawberry salad!
Not a home made meal at all! A set meal at Ichiban Boshi! I ate everything but left a lot of rice and soup! Too much food!
My boyfriend had this pepper beef set with sashimi!
Lastly a photo of my mom and grandma! Slightly blurry for some reason but can you tell she's turning 80 next week? She has incredible skin and keeps herself looking pretty!

Some exciting news is that I maybe starting my uni course a lot sooner than planned due to some things being changed. This may mean less frequent posts and maybe a short break some time in the coming months but until it's confirmed I'll be blogging as usual. Do wish me luck that everything goes through smoothly!

What have you been cooking in the last month?
Care to eat anything I've got here?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Omg!! Your mum and grandma have amazing skin!!!! I always envy my mum's nice skin and she doesn't use anything! Once again, I'm coming over for dinner!! I can't wait to move back to my apartment and start cooking again.

  2. Wooooow! I think it's a bad idea to read this entry while I'm in the middle of office work. LOL I'm hungry again. Haha! Good luck at uni! :D :D :D

  3. seriously these photos made me mad hungry even though i just ate my dinner!!! those home made dishes looks so gourmet on me!!! how i wish i could like that ( nearly impossible!! :(] okay, time to grab some toast bread cuz im feeling supah hungry nowwww......

  4. ohh the stuff looks delicious and healthy! looks awesome!

  5. Damn, I want to try everything out, it's looking really delicious! I just had my dinner but you made me hungry already, haha ;)


  6. Hi Sharlynn,


    If you are doing a blog post specifically for your curry chicken or curry potato samosa, please link your post with us at

    We are cooking / baking with potato for Little Thumbs Up event in this month :D


  7. My goodness, you literally left me salivating :p All the chicken dishes look sooo yumm!!!!

  8. I would like to officially join your family please

  9. Girl you have to cook for me someday, I'm so so so
    hungry! Xx

  10. OMG, I am dying of hunger.
    We made chicken curry tonight, except that I added chopped lemongrass (which I browned a bit with the garlic before adding the rest of the ingredients) and coconut cream (the stuff in the metal can).

  11. Whatttt...I didn't know you studied overseas! (I skimmed through this post a few days ago...and immediately got hungry. Now I'm prepared--I'm feasting on a bowl of pesto pasta so I don't get hungry because of this post!)
    I much prefer angel hair over spaghetti too! Might be just in my head, but I think the thinness of the noodle means you get to taste more of the sauce!
    But omg that cha sui pork looks SO AMAZING @_@
    Holy sht...your grandma looks like, 20-30 younger than the age you gave us...ASIAN GENES, MAN.
    Anyways, I realise you haven't posted in a while, so I hope things are going smoothly for you regarding the course!




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