Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Night out with pinky red lips! (Vietnamese dinner in Chinatown)

Night out with Sleek on my lips! This look was done a few weeks ago when I went for a long night out for drinks with my boyfriend and a group of old classmates. I needed something simple, pretty and long lasting so I decided to go brown on the eye with my favorite winged liner and then a Sleek lipstick!

Do check out my review of my collection of (Sleek's true color lipsticks here!)

Continue below for the night's look and dinner!

Smokey brown eyes, pinkish red lip and a vietnamese dinner!
A super simple flawless brown with lashes! Can you see how tiny my lids are? You can't even see what shadows are on them! Typical asian make up problem...!
This super simple flawless brown eye is from my 1028 Brownie eyes palette!
On my lips is the very pink toned red shade from Sleek true color lipstick in Candy Cane!
On my cheeks is a heavy amount of Catrice defining blush in Sunrose Avenue!
Products used: 1028 Brownie Eyes palette, Sleek contour kit in light, Revlon matte (for brows), Maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, Catrice blush in Sunrose Avenue, ZA two way foundation powder, Peripera I Love BB Cream, Bourjois Healthy serum foundation, Sleek true color lipstick in Candy Cane, NYX lip liner in Hot Red, K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner, Kiss me heroine mascara in Long & Curl!
One of my favorite design of eyelashes from Star Lash!
On my cheeks is a heavy amount of the sheer but sooo beautiful blush Sunrose Avenue from Catrice! (My review here!)
It looks hot pink here but it's actually a very pinky red! (see my review here!)
The simple range of vietnamese dishes at Yummy Viet Cafe in Chinatown!
Dry noodle boys, rice sets and baguettes!
The boyfriend and I both had ice coffee with condensed milk! It was very good but I really didn't like how they filled up the glass with so much ice, you get so little coffee in turn!
Delicious fried vietnamese spring rolls! These are rice paper skin which is a favorite! It's extra crispy compared to normal springroll skin!
I had a bowl of dry rice noodles with marinated beef pieces, a spring roll, roasted nuts, fried shallots, chopped lettuce, cucumber and pickled vegetables!
It comes served with a sweet dipping sauce that you pour over and mix!
My boyfriend's mix ham baguette! It came with a big fat short toasted baguette, there was lots of ham and pickles although the pickles needed to be pickled more!
My boyfriend giving me a funny face! Hehehe!

Wearing just one of my many new striped t-shirts from H&M! Paired with a simple black mini skirt! Hope you like the look!

Would you wear this shade of lipstick out for a night look?
Tried dry vietnamese noodles/spring rolls before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. This lippie is soooo pretty and you have such gorgeous full lips! Jealous. :')
    I looOve egg rolls too. Crunchier, the better! 8D

  2. Absolutely love that pink lippie! It goes really well with your entire look. :)

  3. You look lovely. That lipstick is so flattering on you.

  4. love your makeover, that lip color quite reminds me revlon sweet heart lip balm;looks pretty on you.

  5. So pretty! I love the combo of the eyes and lips, super cute! Those lashes also look gorgeous!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. I swear every lip color looks amazing on you! Your lips are so smooth and plump :S Do you use any special scrubs?

  7. I think all lipcolor suits you well girl, you look stunning
    as always c: and I'm always down for Vietnamese food!

  8. You are so cute!
    You know, this is totally irrelevant to you, but you totally look like one of my cousins, lol.
    Anywaaay...that looks like such a delicious meal, I should make it tomorrow (minutes the sandwich, just because there are many Vietnamese sandwich places around here, no need to make one myself, lol). Mmm...yum.

    *Stares sadly at her bowl of macaroni & cheese*


  9. Nothing beats Vietnamese noodles when you have the craving! I kinda feel like some now too! :) I'll probably be getting the pho though since it is butt cold here in Australia :)
    Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  10. Love your lashes, very well done! Would love to try putting on these lashes someday.......... maybe for a special occasion. Hahaha! Nice lip colour, sweetie!

  11. wow wow wow! This lippie is so gorgeous on you<3 I love it<3

  12. Awesome makeup, the lipstick is fabulous on you!

  13. THAT LIPSTICK SHADE THOUGH....YUPP, I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO NEED THAT. I love Vietnamese spring rolls and vermicelli! (Love drowning those in fish sauce...SO GOOD! My inner Viet is showing, haha) Coincidentally, I also had Viet food today, but I had pho.

  14. You have beautiful lips! That pink lipstick is perfect on you.




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