Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review: Stila it gloss lip shimmer in 07 Amazing!

Are you an 'It' girl? I just loved the name of this gloss when I saw it! 'It gloss', I straight away think of the term 'it girl' which to me would be the all around perfect glamorous well to do lady who wears a good amount of make up day to day! Anyway...! This was a lovely gift in a swap I did with the lovely Pam from Jade in the Palace blog! Check the parcel she sent me in our swap here!

I've owned very few Stila products but my past experience with their lip glaze was not amazing as I was young, didn't know what to do with make up and wore a lot of things that didn't suit me!

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 Stila it gloss lip shimmer in 07 Amazing!
 Stila it gloss lip shimmer in 07 Amazing!

 Stila it gloss lip shimmer in 07 Amazing!
 Packaging & Product!

To be honest, I am a fan of recycled looking cardboard packaging! It's something more interesting than a white of black box. In terms of the tube itself! I really like the clear tube and how you can see the product, I'm a huge fan and love how lots of glosses do this so you can see the product! The  brush applicator is also very useful and great at applying the product with ease.

This lipgloss is a thick and sticky product with a sheer to medium pigmentation. I'm a huge fan of how fine the shimmer is and this gloss is just so damn glossy! Due to how it's a stickier formula this can last for a long time on the lips and look glossy even after taking a drink.

I find this is very comfortable at first and for the first hour or two but as the hours wear on and it starts to dry up and patch off I find that I need to completely remove it and then reapply.

For those who don't suffer from the most dry or cracked lips this would probably work just fine although I much prefer a softer, less sticky formula. I find this looks and feels best over a lipstick/balm first on my lips.

 Swatches of Stila it gloss lip shimmer in 07 Amazing!
Lip swatch of Stila it gloss lip shimmer in 07 Amazing!
Love that sheer, shimmery and glossy finish from this shade! Perfect alone or better on top of another lip product!

Wearing Stila it gloss lip shimmer in 07 Amazing!
Paid: Gifted to me in a beauty swap!  Check our my swap parcel here! ( This retails at $22 USD)

Recommend: Yes! A lovely sheer shimmery nude, I love how this looks with dramatic looks, it's a thicker and stickier formula but it last very well and it's so glossy!

Repurchase: No. I do enjoy this but will not be keen on getting anymore. My often dry and peely lips prefer softer and

Bottom line: A high quality, long lasting and beautiful gloss that's thicker and stickier than most. This is perfect for layering or for a long lasting glossy finish!

Do you own any Stila lip glosses/glazes?
Stickier or non sticky formulas?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. This looks truly amazing on your lips my dear, so pretty. I love swaps too, I am always happy with makeup surprises.




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