Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Review: MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!

Pretty Power Pout! How many of you lady fancy a bold, glossy, deep and beautiful polished pout? I have been amazed by all the crayon lip products released the last two years and have been getting one from each brand's line to try how their formulas work for me! I asked for one from the brand MUA when arranging a swap with the lovely Pam from Jade in the Palace blog! See the swap here!

I was so excited when Pam picked out this deep berry shade for me and on my first few uses I knew this was going to be something I'd be 'Crazy in Love' with!

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MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!

MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!
Packaging & Product!

I quite am a fan of the crayon stick lip products! Most boost moist formulas and are glossy and usually leave a nice stain. Right off the bat I'd read and come across so many lovely swatches and reviews of this lip crayon being great for the price it's selling for and so I knew I needed one of the deeper shades from the line! I wanted the fuchsia but it was unavailable when Pam tried to get it for me and opted for this shade called "Crazy in Love.

The packaging is a plastic tube that is thicker that those from Revlon and it's a twist up stick so no sharpening required. I quite like how the color of the tube and cap matches the shade inside. it's super easy to carry around easy to recognize which color it is straight away! 

In terms of the product, it's a deep reddish berry shade from the looks of the stick but on swatch it's more of a sheer berry that can be layered to be darker but not nearly as deep as it appears to be! On the arm you can build up color but not as much on the lips.

This product has a light minty smell and has a super moist feel, it's very lightweight and doesn't make lip lines obvious but fills them up very nicely. I love the glossy finish and how there's a light berry stain after wearing this until the gloss and some of the color fades away.

MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!
Wearing MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!
Check out that lovely sheer berry punch of color! I love how easy it is to wear! This shade would go with almost all complexions and be complementary!

See how white this deep shade makes my teeth look?
MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!
MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!
Paid: Gifted to me in a swap! (Check out the Swap here!) Retails for £3 or about $6 SGD!

Recommend: Yes! The formula is super moist, glossy and leaves a lovely natural just-bitten stain. Although the color is not as deep as it seems in the stick!

Repurchase: Maybe! I love the formulation and how light it is but I'm planning to buy lip crayons from as many brands as possible to try one or two from each so I won't be getting another from MUA!

Bottom line: A super affordable a lovely moist lip crayon product! I totally would have loved to own the nude and fuchsia shade from this range too! Do check them out if you're keen on moist crayon lip products!

Do you own any crayon lip balm stains?
Tried this from MUA?
Let me know!

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  1. "nope" i said when i read the first two sentence of this post lol. glossy lip stuff isnt my thing really, but totally jealous with those who can werk it! this reminds me of the kissable balm stain by revlon, and it's so much cheaper!


  2. yay glad you love this one! I am also a fan of these lip crayons trend since they are usually light in texture and quite hydrating.. this color is so bright and bold, looks very nice on you!!

  3. Awww, such a beautiful shade, looking beautiful on your face! You look extremely cute, though I'm not a big fan of gloss but this one is really cute shade <3 Have a nice day honey <3

  4. I love this color on you a lot!! I really like deep red and deep pink tones and this one has just the right shade. I have never seen you with glasses before, like them too! :) Just purchased my first lip crayon from Revlon I really like the ones who look like pencils more I don't even know why.
    Have a good day!

  5. This looks really nice, good pigmentation too!

    http://www.leviniasbeautyblog.co.uk xo

  6. Glad you like this crayon lipstick c: The color is nice
    and it looks very moist as well ^___^ yay for the affordable
    price! Xx

  7. Oh I love this color and the formulation looks fab!
    Your skin looks amazing too btw




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