Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rave Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash!

Shadow stash! For those who haven't tried any eyeshadow sticks before you really need to jump on the bandwagon! I've tried eyeshadow pencils from Kiko and Urban Decay only as we don't have Milani or Jordana and I haven't bought any from any others. I really would love to have some from cheap brands that apparently have very good formulas.

This set was a complete steal as I got it on sale for $30 SGD from an online store "Doll to Doll Cosmetics" run by local beauty blogger Juli! I have been absolutely loving this set to death!

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Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash! (Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin and Clash)
A photo of what the packaging looks like! This is not my photo! I had thrown my packaging away!
Packaging & Product!

I have no qualms over the box packaging! Quite fun and pretty, I like the '24/7' design with the metallic color gradient and how you can easily see all 5 shades through the plastic case over the cardboard holder. Each eyeshadow stick is the same color of the product itself which I really like. It makes it so much easier just to grab for a certain color without having to check the name of the product!

These shadow pencils need sharpening though as they aren't the twist up type. Each product holds 2.5g which is not much but you need so little each time you apply onto the lids as a primer or as a shadow so I've very happy with this small size!

From the first swatch to all the use I've gotten out of these every single one of these are creamy, pigmented and blend out like a dream! Just a few motions back and forth on the lids and a fluffy blending brush turns any of these colors into the perfect smoky shade that will last and be oil and water resistant for hours!

I've used all the browns by themselves on the lids without any powder shadow on top and I've used both the bold colored shades as bases for cold looks! They all perfect beautifully and combining the pale champagne with any of the browns makes for a simple two shade look!

Swatches of Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash! (Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin and Clash)
Using the shade Juju as a base with the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (my review here) for a 3 shadow smokey brown look!
Using Clash as a base for this blue pop with a smokey navy crease!
Using Delinquent as a base for this strong purple gradient eye! Shadows from Coastal Scents Smokey palette! (My review here!)
Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash! (Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin and Clash)
Paid: $39 SGD or about $31.50 USD (Purchased on sale online from

(Each travel size pencil sells at $11.50 SGD online hence I made a $18.50 saving)

Recommend: YES! If you manage to find these selling and you're wondering about trying it do give them a go! They are so long wearing and are so creamy, pigmented and have a beautiful finish!

Repurchase: No, these are fantastic quality but I'm going to take a while to use them up. Also these are no longer sold on Urban Decay's website anymore!

Bottom line: Amazing quality and ease of use all around, these are perfect for travel and are high performance cream shadows that will not budge once they set. Great for wearing alone or as a base, these are worth every cent!

Do you own any creamy shadow pencils?
Tried this from Urban Decay?
Let me know!
Feel free to comment!
Thank you!

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  1. I LOVE the purple-pink look you put together! I never tried these, but I do like the vibrant shades. Laura Mercier makes my favorite cream shadow sticks - and they came out with new shades recently, too, so I'm excited. Mostly neutrals, though, but I find those to be the most versatile for me.

  2. They look amazing. What a great deal. I love e/s pencils x

  3. Wow they look gorgeous! I like the look of Juju and Sin. The looks you created are pretty too :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. pretty! and very good deal as well! i think the quality is expected for urban decay. sin is the shade that i would totally use. i love that kind of pinky shade. your eyeshadow make is so pretty!! youre the queen of eyeshadow in this blogger world tbh <3

  5. Very nice UD shades, they look so vibrant and well pigmented.

  6. Gosh, you're really good in catching bargains! I've to admit they're in deed value for money.

  7. UD makes such great products. A little goes a long way and you'll have these for so long :)

  8. They are on my bucket list!! I love chunky eye shadow pens, my favorite so far is the one from Rimmel Scandalous. they are amazing for the price!
    these ones look very nice and bold!! love the purple eye look you created!

  9. the pigmentation looks amazing, i like the purple one :)

  10. I'm becoming a fan of eyeshadow pencils because sometimes I'm just too lazy to use a brush.
    I adore this set - the colours are beautiful and you wear them so well!

  11. I have this set. It's awesome!

  12. Your looks look great! I'd love to get my hands on Sin and Rehab. :D

  13. WHOAH, I didn't even know UD did eyeshadow pencils??? But then again, they pretty much are eye makeup experts. Rehab, Juju, and Sin look AMAZING, and this post has reminded me to buy the MUA Heaven and Earth palette because LIKE, LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THAT SMOKY BROWN LOOK IS.

  14. I like the purple look with Delinquent!




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