Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Review: Ai Mei Eyelashes #B20 from the Born Pretty Store!

Plush, luscious and beautiful lashes! I've never been a false lash lover but when I was approached two months ago by a representative from the Born Pretty Store to try products from their store for review I jumped at the chance and immediately knew I wanted to try some lashes! There were lots of designs but I settled on this natural looking yet super bold flirty style!

I've seen plenty of mixed reviews on products from the Born Pretty Store. They are an online store selling wholesale nail art, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, accessories and many more item! Lots of people have loved their nail art and accessories however when it comes to the make up, things seem to be more hit or miss. 

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 Ai Mei Eyelashes #B20 from the Born Pretty Store! (Link to the product here)
Ai Mei Eyelashes #B20 from the Born Pretty Store!
There's no english labeling on the box except on the front, although the model number B20 is on the back!

The box is seriously super cute! I'm a big fan of the super cute pink flower wall paper packaging and the lace ribbon print across the front is adorable too. I've never cared much for box packaging but this one is definitely adorable to death. 

My only issue was how it was packed and sent, I'm not sure if they always send small packaging like this without wrapping but the fact that it's possible for the product to get squashed while in transit is not a good thing. If the box had to squashed more, the lashes would have been damaged to the point of not being worn but luckily only some pairs had bent or splayed lash ends that I could cut off as the lashes are too long.

For the price you pay, a slight issue like this is still okay I guess but it's risky to order something if the product could likely come damaged. It's not the store's fault but the packaging choice could have been better.

Unfortunately I received the box of lashes sort of squashed in the envelope! The box only just fit into the manila envelope and so there was no wrap around the box. I was worried about the shape of the lashes inside!
Ta-dah! The lashes are beautiful! Luckily on three pieces on the left column were slightly damaged, the outer lashes splayed because of the weight of something squishing the envelope while in transit.
See how the first pair on top have been flattened compared to the pair on the bottom? Up close these lashes are really dainty and frilly, they are very long though and I need  to trim both the inside and outside to make them a better fit.
This is how much I had to trim off one pair so that they would fit onto my medium sized eyes!
After being trimmed, applied with glue and then a light coat of mascara to blend my lashes in, they are soooo amazing!

The lashes are actually very lovely quality! The design I picked looks like natural lashes x10! They are super defined, flirty and the curve on the lashes are perfect! The band of the lashes are super soft so it's very easy to adjust and adhere the lashes to any curve of eyelid whether or not your eyes are deep set or not like mine. These are made of artificial fibers and the length of the lashes range from 0.5cm-1.2cm!

I'm quite happy that the lashes are too long because then I can trim it nicely to a size that works best for my eyes. I need to trim quite a lot off in total but I trimmed both the inside and outside as the pair is super bold! After applying them and letting the glue completely dry, a light coat of mascara helps to blend my lashes into the thick plush pair of falsies.

I wore these out the whole afternoon and they were so comfortable. The band is so soft and if worn properly just above your lashes and not too far into the inner corner although this pair is so big, they feel like nothing! Often I remove lashes once I'm home because I can sort of feel the band, but these were so soft and comfy.

At the end of the day, it's both a pro and con that the lash band is super soft, on one hand it allow those who have experience to adjust it easily but for those who are not experienced this might make it harder for them to get it to fit. The length also might be a problem for those who aren't experience as many girls wear lashes too far into the inner corners and it causes discomfort so it's crucial to trim.

 I decided to wear this pair with a taupey nude look so that they would pop on my eyes! I don't have huge eyes but more medium sized and these lashes are just the perfect glamorous pair for a date, ladies night out or a super dressed up look! It totally makes your look so much more sophisticated and made up! This has been one of the biggest and boldest pair of lashes I own and I love them!

Wearing the Ai Mei Eyelashes in #B20 from the Born Pretty Store! Aren't they the perfect bold glamorous pair? (Link to the lashes here!)

Paid: This was sent to me for review from The Born Pretty Store! 

 (This retails for $6.65 USD or about $8.35 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! I totally would recommend this pair, you need to trim them but they make the perfect full and plush lashes for that glamorous going out look!

Repurchase: Maybe, I don't often wear lashes and they aren't part of my normal make up routine but I would definitely consider buying a different model to try from them!

Bottom line: A super beautiful, bold and simply luscious pair of lashes that are great for those who love big lashes or need a special pair for wearing out! The band is super soft,  they look thick naturally and have a super lovely fit when trimmed!

The Born Pretty Store were kind enough to provide a 10% off coupon of your purchases! Do use this coupon code when checking out if you're keen on purchasing from their online store!

Have you ordered from the Born Pretty Store before?
Would you wear this pair of lashes?
Let me know!
Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. These look fabulous on you, and it's great that they're comfortable!

  2. Such beautiful lashes you have here! I don't wear eyelashes much myself, I consider myself a beginner so I probably won't pick them up... BUT they look SO pretty on you!

  3. Love the lashes! Looks so natural but at the same time pretty glamorous on you x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  4. I adore how full my eyes look after some lashes! Too bad the packaging is quite cheap. I had the same issue from the budget brands!

  5. Pretty! I love Born Pretty for nail stuff ;-)




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