Tuesday, 17 June 2014

May 2014 Home made Food Post!

Delicious food for the month of may! The month of May was a big one for me, my final school project for my culinary course and then two weeks of resting and then now starting some part time work before continuing studies next year! My family cooked a lot of home made meals this month, stir fries, noodles, meats and my brother made his own birthday dinner!

Continue below for the yummy food!
My brother's self made birthday dinner: Roast rib eye with parsnips, carrots and baby potatos, baby spinach and raddish salad, mustard mayo potato salad and roasted cauliflower and pineapples
Baked chicken thighs, fresh salad, home made coleslaw, blanched potatos and sweet corn!
Sous vide skirt steak sandwich! Home made super fluffy buttermilk pancakes!
Vietnamese fresh spring rolls! Soak the rice paper in water for half a minute and then add ingredients, hoi sin or plum sauce and then ingredients before wrapping up tightly!
Belgid'Or Dark Cocoa filled Seashells! My favorite chocolate ever since I was a child! I freaking love seashell shaped chocolates! Indian steamed rice noodle dessert with red sugar!
Stir fried pepper pork with capsicums, take away Geylang beef kway teow, stir fried dark sauce yellow noodles and chicken, egg fried rice with dried spicy shrimp!
Take away crystal jade soya sauce chicken with garlic coriander sauce and soy sauce!
Pan seared bratwurst, english and spicy italian sausages, pan seared salmon, balsamic vinegar roasted tomatos, creamy polenta and deep fried bread crumbed cheese stuffed jalapenos!
Stewed herbal spiced duck! The whole duck is stewed for at least 2 hours with spices and herbs together with tofu and eggs! Eaten with fragrant rice and stir fried long beans and peanuts!

Lastly my brother's cherry rum chocolate cake from Awfully chocolate!

Care to try my stir fried pork, noodles or my sous vide steak sandwich, herbal duck?
What's your favorite dish you've eaten this month?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Aww this looks all so yummy and most importantly it looks like it was all made with love :) The Spring rolls look so interesting, I never at these! This month I had so much yummy food as well, I can't even remember what I cooked for myself and liked best ;)

  2. OMG Sharlynn!! your foodie post is always a torture for me!!! lol
    I can't even pick one favorite , everything looks so yummy and mouthwatering!
    Is your brother's name Alastair? very scottish, isn't it? love the name!

  3. Hi Sharlynn,

    I can see that you have cooking and eating a lot in May... Your baked chicken thighs dish look homey and yummy.

    My son and I love eating the Indian string hoppers and hope that make these too one day.


  4. Looking at this at 1am in the morning.... I hate you with love T.T

  5. Oh my goodness. So much deliciousness!!! I totally want to try these especially the stewed herbal spiced duck!

  6. i wish i have at least 10% of your cooking skill bc i really cant cook D:

  7. Gosh your homemade food looks like it came from a restaurant! I want to try everything I see.

  8. FOOD PORN ;-;
    I'm coughing up a storm over here (only I would get sick in the summer) and you have made me crave all these foods. LOVE THE BEEF ROAST AND THE VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLLS. (I seriously can't get enough of Vietnamese spring rolls--so amazing dipped in fish sauce!)
    Also, Alastair is such a fancy name :D




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