Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My perfect pinky brown eyes! (Peach Garden dim sum lunch)

Pinky brown eyes! One of my favorite combination for go-to quick and pretty eye looks is a soft pink and brown! I love the combination on the lids and how soft, feminine and easy it is for me to do! I've done this type of look using high end and drugstore shadows and here I used wet n wild shadows for this easy and pretty look for my new passport photos!

On the same day, mom brought me out for an all dim sum lunch at a restaurant I hadn't visited in years in a local shopping center! It was so nice to just eat nothing but dumplings and buns!

Continue below for my perfect pinky brown eyes!
My perfect pinky brown eye look using wet n wild trios in Sweet as Candy and Knock on Wood!
Pinky brown eyes using all the shades from Sweet as Candy and the dark brown from Knock on wood!
See how beautifully they blend together and how flawless they are on the eyelids! Love the formula!
On the cheeks is a beautiful sheer shade by Manhattan! (check out my review here!)
Products used: Estee Lauder Idealist serum, Biore UV aqua mousse, Peripera I love BB cream, Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong, Vanill powder foundation, Revlon matte (for brows), Wet n wild trios in Knock on Wood and Sweet as Candy, Manhattan powder rouge, Maybelline color tattoo, Maybelline baby lips, Kiss me Heroine liquid eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine long & curl mascara

A kiss for my lovely viewers! Please excuse my always dry and sensitive lips!
See all those bits of white bits? That's skin that peels off my lips from light rubbing! Happens everyday no matter what!
The completely look, pinky brown eyes with wet n wild eyeshadows! Love how soft it is!

This is the inside of Peach Garden, a very old and long running chinese restaurant that's a bit pricey! I would never pay more than $15 SGD for stir fried vegetables, unless there's scallop or meat in it!

Yummy yummy dim sum! Shrimp siew mai, spinach skin mushroom dumpling, black bean short ribs, shrimp and chive balls!
Black bean pork short ribs! One of my favorite dim sum of all time! It was so tender, lots of meat and the black bean taste was there!
Juicy prawn siew mai! Chewy, bouncy and nice large pieces!
Crystal skin shrimp and chive balls! So damn juicy, tasty and I love chives in my dumplings!
Vegetarian spinach skin mushroom dumplings! Something more unusual, the mushroom filling was the last thing but bland and it was really a pleasant surprise!
The dim sum, baked and fried came in this trolley. All things crispy aren't soo crisp because of this way of serving but I love how they still use a service trolley! The steamed items come on a trolley that's keeping them hot and steaming!
Raddish cake! Tasty and full of bits of dried shrimp, mushroom and the texture was firm and lovely!
Eating ma dim sum with some garlic chilli! I usually never add any extra sauce as I like the natural taste of dim sum!
We also ordered this smoked slice goose and jelly fish salad to share! A dish that we rarely eat! It was delicious!
A tangy vinegar and chilli dip for the 'salad'!
Oooo...does anyone else LOVE eating asian style cold jellyfish?
As you can see, the prices aren't exactly expensive but not that affordable!
Seriously high prices for the duck! It's cheaper at other chinese restaurants here!
Their main courses were seriously too pricey for what they are, you can get a delicious plate of seafood hor fun noodles for under $15 here easily!
Last but not least, baked char sui sou or char sui in a flaky pastry! Mom and I love this!
Flaky, buttery and filled with the sweet meat, it's such a great addition to lunch!
All the sambal my mom wiped out while eating!
Peached shaped lotus paste filled buns they are selling in their display fridge!
Chinese people eat these at celebratory times, they are 'longevity bun' that are meant to bless you!
And I had to take a photo of's one HUGE bun!

Hope everyone enjoyed my simple, easy look!

Do you like the pink and brown combination?
What's your favorite simple eye look?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. i was going to buy sweet as candy but got walking on eggshells instead :( kinda pissed out bc it wasnt as pink as i want it to be. it always happens to my lips too! thats why i have this bad habbit to peel my dry skin on my lips (gross i know) but i just cant stand it! DIMSUMS OMGGGGG I DONT EVEN KNOW WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I ATE DIMSUM PROBABLY LIKE 6 MONTHS AGO OMG IM SALIVATING A POOL OMG ;;;;;;;

  2. Black bean short ribs are my favorite dish to get at dim sum! So delicious!

    Also, how do you like Maybelline's Baby Lips? I want to try them, but I'm not sure if it's worth it or what color to get it in.

    1. Yes they are! Or at least the asian version, I love the clear ones and have repurchased every one we have here at least twice but the colored ones are lovely too! Moist and lightweight, not waxy at all!

  3. Amazing pictures!! You look flawless as ever. The blush look natural yet striking. I liked it a lot on you and those cute buns are interesting. Would love to try them out!

  4. Ah your eyeliner looks gorgeous.... I love liquid liner xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. I've yet to step into Peach Garden altho I've heard a lot about the place. I like dim sum in trolleys as they remind me of good-old-days.

  6. Love the blush.. love the eyes! So so pretty :-)

    TheConscienceFund | Bloglovin'

  7. Envy your cheekbones! :) I really shouldn't be looking at anymore of your foodie posts at this time of the night... Can't help it!

    For the dry lips, try using Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. Apply every night (or as often as you remember) at bed time and hopefully it should improve over a couple of days? It works wonder for me. :)

  8. ALRIGHT, so I finally managed to skim through this post this morning and I ended up buying the Sweet As Candy trio today because this FOTD has convinced me ;) (but then again, I did buy it for a swap I'm doing with another blogger, so...) BUT I LOVE THE EYESHADOW LOOK--very soft and feminine indeed!
    AHHHH siu mai is literally my favourite thing to eat at dim sum.




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