Thursday, 12 June 2014

Review: 17 Whitening BB Foundation Powder SPF 20 in Beige!

Whitening BB Foundation Powder! In this day and age, BB products are both being made by asian and western brands. There are the sheer ones and the super full coverage ones. There are BB creams, concealers and powders! The term 'BB' has been exploited to the full extent and I'm not surprised if just a regular powder is being called 'BB' so more people would want to buy it!

I picked this up while on holiday in Bangkok last year! We raided boots, korean make up stores and their local beauty stores like the asian version of Sephora while there! Check out my shopping haul here!

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17 Whitening BB Foundation Powder SPF 20 in Beige!
This bulky thick round compact has a nice thick fluffy sponge!
17 Whitening BB Foundation Powder SPF 20 in Beige! Lifting up the lid, here's the powder!

A very simple round compact, white with silver text and a motif in the front, I really have no qualms really over the simple and straightforward packaging. I'm more interested in the quality of the powder than how neat or cool the packaging is.

For those who don't carry a retractable brush, this round compact has a section for a thick round sponge which is great for touch ups. However I always carry a separate brush so this compact is extra bulky for me to carry around. Not a huge downside though so I wouldn't be concerned, I like having another sponge! ^^

17 Whitening BB Foundation Powder SPF 20 in Beige!

The shade I chose is this light yellow tone called Beige! I actually meant to get a shade lighter but it was sold out! I believe there were only 4 shades for this line!
You get a huge 11.5g of products! For those who don't know a lot of Boots products are made in Thailand!
My bare skin! Slight unevenness and darkness around my eyes!

Wearing one buffed layer of 17 Whitening BB Foundation Powder SPF 20 in Beige!

This is just a straight up great powder. The shade is just right for my NC25 skin and it's a pale yellow on swatch and just blends beautifully into my skin. This powder is medium coverage and is evens out the skin and even covers up under eye darkness on its own!

This powder has SPF 20 although I usually wear a base or have a base with sunscreen in it. There's a light sweet smell and the consistency of this powder is super silky, smooth and very blendable when on the face. When I wear it as a foundation by itself, I use a dense medium sized powder brush. If I use it to set my base, I use a less dense brush to pat it on.

I've had no issues at all with this powder and the pan just seem to just disappear so quickly because I used it so often! I wore it most days densely packed on with a kabuki brush and this powder does amazing for oily skin or for when you're getting sweaty because this still looks great after a long day.

As you can see, my bare face has slight darkness under the eyes and my skin has pinkness around the cheeks and nose/lip area. As you can see my natural skin color is quite fair but my body is 4-5 times darker no kidding.

The coverage is fantastic, it feels so nice and matte and I'm not worried about the coverage slipping!

Top: 17 Whitening BB powder in Beige       Bottom: ZA two way cake powder in OC10
Blended out! The 17 BB powder matches my face much better! At the moment I'm actually one shade lighter in ZA which is more yellow than beige!

Paid: About 250-300 Thai Baht or $9.50-$11.50 SGD 

(this is sooo affordable considering foundation powders sell here for $20-$25 SGD in the drugstore!)

Recommend: Yes!  I totally would recommend this powder to ladies who want a solid medium to full coverage matte powder! I'm not sure if this line is currently being sold at all outlets selling 17!

Repurchase: No, but only because I've got my holy grail powder and that I won't be able to buy this as it's only sold at Boots which isn't here in Singapore.

Bottom line: A super silky and great powder, I've worn this as a foundation by itself, no concealer or anything else below! I do love how it's such a great match but there are only 4 shades!

Have you ever tried a BB powder?
Have any products from 17?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you!


  1. I love matte powders, and for this price it's a great product for sure!

  2. Wow this powder has great coverage!! I love foundation powder for touch up since they're convenient and sometimes blotting powder is not enough for touch up..
    My HG powder so far is MAC blotting powder, for foundation powder I loooove Tarte airbrush foundation powder.. you should give it a try! but it is loose powder so it is not convenient for touch up..

  3. Great review! This looks great on you dear! Too bad this isn't sold in Singapore, seems like a good product!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  4. This looks great on you! The product looks so natural on you!

  5. ive been loving powder foundations lately, i just realized how easy it is! ive yet to find the ones that have full coverage though D: im thinking to get the za one and this particular one from maybelline but i have 2 powder foundations in my stash that are still quite full (one of them is from revlon and ive been using it for a year and half and it's just barely dented!! you prob have to make a post on how to use up powder foundations faster lol) this product looks like it had full coverage! too bad its only available in thailand D:

  6. I've only heard about BB creams right, never heard or
    seen BB's in power form :o but it sure looks great!
    Wow so natural look after one buff c; Xx




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