Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Glam brown eyes and a glossy fuchsia lips! (Indonesian dinner and durian dessert)

Glam brown eyes and date night dinner! I always try to eat healthy or try to cut out the fried and oily things but on the days I don't give a crap and just want to purely enjoy I really crave deep fried indonesian dishes! This was on a dinner date out with my boyfriend to the local famous indonesian restaurant "Ayam Penyet Ria"which is located at Lucky Plaza in Orchard road!

Continue below for the look and dinner!
Glamorous shimmery brown eyes, rose cheeks and a glossy fuchsia lip!  Indonesian dinner and durian ice cream!
My go to glam brown eye look eye look with winged liner, rose cheek and a hot fuchsia lip!
Using the beautiful shimmery neutral shades from my new 1028 Brownie Eyes palette!
White eyeliner in the waterline to 'open' the eyes and lots of thickening and defining mascara!
I love pairing a shimmery neutral brown eye with rosy cheeks and lips!
My holy grail mascara Kiss Me Heroine make up mascara! It always gives me thick, curled, defined and super black and waterproof eyelashes!
Products used: Biore UV mousse (my review), 1028 Brownie Eyes palette, ZA two way powder (my review), theBalm blush (my review), Maybelline color tattoo (my review), Revlon Matte (for brows), Benefit Hello flawless (champagne), K-palette concealer (my review), NYX eyeliner (my review), K-palette eyeliner (my review), Kiss me Heroine mascara (my review), MUA Power Pout crayon, Sleek contour kit (my review)
One of my favorite shimmery rose blushes, Cabana Boy from theBalm! (My review)
On my lips is MUA's Power Pout color intense tint & balm in the shade Crazy in Love!
MUA's Power Pout color intense tint & balm in the shade Crazy in Love! Such a glossy berry fushcia shade! I love it! Thank you Pam from picking this for me! ^^
What it looked like after 6 hours out and about, eating and drinking with some touch up, how it wears off is so even and lovely. No patchiness after touching up!
Inside Lucky Plaza! It's a shopping center in Orchard that's mostly filled with Filipino shops and stores! Lots of electronic stores, mini marts with local products and snacks!
Ayam Penyet (smashed fried chicken with fermented bean cake, tofu, chilli and raw vegetable side) My boyfriend's favorite, he always orders this everything we go! This is eaten with rice!
I had fried Catfish or 'Lele', it's fried so crispy that all of the skin, the fins and most of the head can be eaten! I love this so much although it's so greasy!
Delicious dinner! A fried fish, chicken, lots of chilli and everything goes perfect with the raw vegetables and hot steamed rice! I even helped myself to more chilli form my boyfriend's plate!
There! Dinner's all done! We had Indonesian sweet tea to go with the spicy tasty food!
The menu on four seasons durian stall! They have a wide range of durian desserts!
Durian Pancakes! We decided to order one to try since I've seen lines up to 20 people long waiting!
We also tried a cup of Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream...deliciously filled with durian flesh, chunky bits and yet so smooth and fragrant! Definitely real durian and lots of it!
Delicious durian treats! I haven't tried anything else but check it out! Durian puffs, cakes, puddings, mochis and more!
Durian chips, sticky cake and candies! I really don't know what took me so long to try something from them!
Watching them make the pancakes fresh! Filled with chunky durian ice cream! The pancakes are seriously amazing and nothing like pancakes!
The 'pancake' is crispy and perfectly cooked and crunchy, the ice cream is still cold and so creamy and tasty!
Don't you just love the design of cutesy asian designs? Always trying to make things cute!
Snapped by my boyfriend! He loves getting candid shots of me! No I wasn't waving to be cute,  I had just swung my hair back!
A photo together at the end of the night! See how the MUA power pout balm is still on quite evenly! Just a touch up and it would be perfect but it was the end of the night!
A feminine flirty outfit I put together for the night! A stripped body suit I bought from Forever 21 with an old Dorthy Perkins school girl skirt! My boyfriend sure loved my outfit!

Where do you go for dinner dates?
Tried durian before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
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  1. Your lips are unreal, they are soooo full and perfectly pouty! <3 You looked really cute. And all the food looks taaaaasty :-)

  2. You certainly caught my attention with Ayam Penyet & always craving for that. Lol! Always enjoy seeing your couple pix :) Just noticed you're posting everyday. Hard to catch up. Hahaha!

  3. when i saw the first picture i thought it was durian froyo and i was like "omg ew" but then i read the caption that it's a durian ice cream lol. durian ice cream is good but i could never imagine durian flavored froyo (ew, again). my mouth is now so full of saliva bc of your post omg those two are my faves.

  4. LOVE the look Sharlynn! The makeup...the outfit... totally on point! And more food looks delicious!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. Ayam and Lele penyet are my fave!! love them! oh so mouthwatering!!
    I love durian as well, my fave food in the world. lol! :D
    you have very nice full lips, Sharlynn! love the color on you :)

  6. Omg so cute! I would love to try the pancakes too they look like crispy crepes :)

  7. I love the outfit, the makeup and the food! I miss durian! You can get it here, but there's nothing like eating it in Asia (I was born in Kuala Lumpur).
    I also have to look into that mascara!

  8. ohmy the balm brand has the CUTEST products, love it!

    I’d really love it if we followed each other :)
    Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    I’d be glad to follow back! Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

  9. Gorgeous lip colour, I adore indonesian food, it's so expensive in australia.
    I'm still trying to get used to the taste of durian!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  10. Lovely . Impressed by the lipcolor !

  11. Thats a pretty look! Glad to have stumbled here!

    I recently blogged:




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