Sunday, 1 June 2014

A blue pop on the eyes and a pink pop on the lips! (Lunch at China town)

Blue pop, pink pop! I was going to have a yummy lunch date with my boyfriend and was going to be romping around Chinatown on a hot and humid day. You'll almost never see girls here, young or older wearing colorful eye make up but the most common way girls wear color on the eyes is with one sweep of a brighter shade or a slick of colored eyeliner.

I decided to whip out a beautiful super pigmented and long wearing cream shadow that I asked for a in swap with Pam from Jade in the Palace for this look! (Check out my swap here!)

Continue below for the look and lunch!
Shocking Kiko blue cream shadow in 06 Lagoon Blue and cupcake NYX butter gloss on the lips!
Shocking blue eyeliner with Kiko color shock long lasting cream eyeshadow in 06 Lagoon Blue!
Just a simple iridescent wash of light taupey brown on the lids! (Catrice I Like to Mauve it shadow)
A pop on the lids, a pop on the lips! I love it!
I used scotch tape for a clean edge, applied my black eyeliner and then the blue! A good clean layer of mascara and pow!
Products Used: Estee Lauder Idealist Serum, Biore UV Aqua Rich watery mousse, Peripera I love BB cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52, Catrice single shadow (I Like to Mauve it), Vanill powder, Sleek contour kit in Light, Revlon Matte (for brows), Kiko color shock eyeshadow, Bourjois Blush in Lilas D'or, Kiko stick eyeshadows in 01 and 04, Kiss me Heroine eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine Long & Curl mascara
Wearing a heavy layer of Bourjois  Lilas D'or! It's a beautiful pinky with golden peach shimmer!
On the lips is my new NYX butter gloss in Cupcake! Such a beautiful shocking pink!
NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake!
After applying the lipgloss even though my lips weren't peeling, the skin started to peel after applying! I have to use tweezers to remove the skin from below the gloss!
This is the type of peeling I get when I wear lipgloss, balm and listick, this will eventually happen almost all times I wear a thick lip product!
After the minor tweezing, ta-dah! I love how it makes my teeth whiter and shinier!

Lunch at Chinatown Complex! A great place for tons of delicious fresh chinese food!
Selfie with da boyfriend! He wore a super cute shirt I got him some time ago!
The rows of soya sauce braised chicken at a very popular stall! The line was at least 15 people!
Hand made steamed vegetable and pork dumplings!
A plate of roast pork and char sui rice! The best and cheapest roast meat rice is from china town!
The dumplings are juicy, fresh and all hand made there in the shop! You can see them making the dumplings!
Shredded ginger and black vinegar makes them perfect!
Lunch is complete with sambal for the roast meat rice and a giant sugar cane juice for me!
For dessert we shared a fried butterfly dough fritter that's sweet, chewy and crispy!
Soursop on shaved ice! The fruit was so yummy but too much ice!

The famous steamed fish head stall!
The dim sum stall! They hand make their delicious dumplings!
One of the many dessert stalls! See how many types there are!
Lots of mattresses and clothes and towels being sold downstairs in the market area!
My boyfriend checking out the knives at Sia Huat industrial kitchen ware shop!
So many types, so many models!
From industrial kitchen metal ware to cookie cutters, gadgets and utensils!
A water circulating device for sous cost $2,601 SGD!!!
Another water circulator for sous vide...cost...$1,782 SGD!!
The INOVA water circulator my boyfriend order that cost $300 SGD in total...a steal ain't it?

Poking Mr. Handsome! I love his toothy smile!

Would you wear this blue and pink look?
Roast meat rice or dumplings?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Hey, I love that touch of striking blue! Certainly something refreshing! Didn't know that part of Chinatown tho I visit the hawker occasionally.

  2. EMEGERD THE DUMPLINGS LOOK SO TEMPTING :( i wish i could be as dare as you to wear colors on my makeup. the eyeliner looks so clean and pretty!!

  3. Love the look you created :D Your blush and lips look stunning! I need to try blue eyeliner on myself! So many delicious food here D: I haven't had Chinese food in a couple of I'm craving it again!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  4. Blue eyeliner is sooo cool for summer! I need to buy one for myself ;)

  5. Omg love the blue liner! Works well with your pink gloss

  6. you look GORGEOUS! love the blue & pink it reminds me of barbie hehe!! oh man i'm salivating that roast pork & char siu look SOOOO good!!

  7. I'd like to wear that look too! So cute! I love the pop of blue and the lippie looks so fun! :D

  8. That blue looks absolutely fab on you !

  9. Love the pop of colour that the electric blue gives! I'm not daring enough to wear such a bright colour like that, but I might if I go out :P Love the base eyeshadow shade you're wearing though, and your skin is always flawless! I absolutely love the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, I'm a 52 too. That sucks that your lips peel whenever you use lip gloss- I find that it can happen to me too :( And all that food is making me so hungry!

    Also lovely, do you have facebook? I'm staying in Singapore for a couple of days in July for a holiday and would love to talk to you about it! Email me at :)

  10. Love the blush and butter gloss! Pretty in Pink ♥ Oooh and the food looks so yum! *drools* over the cha sui pork on rice!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  11. HOLY that bright blue is insanely gorgeous!! ...and something I would try out actually....
    I love how your boyfriend is just casually checking out knives (and weapons in your Thailand post XD)

  12. Love this makeup look! The Bourjois blush looks amazing. I've never heard of lips peeling from lipgloss/balms. Has that always happened to you, or is it just this NYX one?

  13. Great makeup! I love the bright and beautiful colours!




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