Sunday, 15 June 2014

Empties: May 2014!

May Empties! Yes, yet again it is time for another giant empties post! Since graduating my diploma school course in May I've been picking up again on using make up more often instead of just once a week which was painful! Also I've been having more time to use skincare and get a routine back on so in the mean while as all of that is falling in place I've been clearing my stash!

Continue below for the empties!
Palmer's Olive Butter:  This was a free gift, an absolutely lovely scent compared to the regular chocolate one, I would repurchase this but I'm working my way through some others now!

Rimmel Stay Matte: This was an excellent mattifying and setting powder but this shade was too pinky for my skintone! It was too dark and too pink!

Lancome blush subtil: This blush was the reason why I love rosey shades so much, a pan like this part of a travel kit was my first ever blush and I have another intact in a kit so it's time to dump this!

Shiseido aqua label white up cream (My review here): In the past as it stung on my face and I thought it caused breakouts. I've been applying on new scars on my arms and it's seemed to work!

Topshop lipsticks: I picked up a deep red and purple, both are so dry, waxy and uneven, I don't know why I bought them even after testing them in store! I can't stand the formula on my lips!

Revlon colorburst lipstick: Picked up the infamous 'soft nude' but I look dead with it on!

The Body Shop Aqua Lily lotion: Free gift, a beautiful light lily scent and a super lightweight non sticky formula, I really liked it but I didn't use it for so long that it smells weird now!

Chapsticks: One from silky girl that's fruity and one from a shop on Etsy, both were lovely and I totally would order more Etsy! There are so many shops that sell home made lipbalms!

The Body Shop Rainforest balance shampoo: One of three products I've been repurchasing from them for years! I freaking love how cleansing this is and it smells sooo damn good!

Opti free contact solution: I've been wearing contacts since I was 12 but don't have a favorite brand of solution. I do like how this comes with smaller bottles great for travel.

Tao Kae Noi: This is a popular fried seaweed snack here! Freaking love this stuff! One big bag is about 250 calories compared to 10 potato chips at 140...and it's so damn tasty too!

Vanill foundation powder (My review here): I used up every bit of this! A super pigmented and perfect yellow tone for my skin, I picked this up on holiday in Bangkok last year!

The Face Shop Real nature masks (My haul here!) : Part of a big box set that I bought during their Christmas sale and they have been soo good!

Dewy Tree Honey moist black mask: One of the best masks I've tried, the sheet was so gel like and my skin felt and looked so smooth and moist after wearing this overnight. It's too bad I don't know where to get this in Singapore!

NuFresh facial cleansing wipes: My favorite wipes ever for removing face and regular eye make up. This is made in Singapore and I've used at least 20 packs of this so far!

The Face Shop Sleeping mask gel: A good sample size of their sleeping gel mask..a lot like laniege's famous sleeping pack and neutrogena has one in a tub too! I really liked it but no miracles!

Biore nose strips: My favorite brand of nose strip that does the job every time!

The Face Shop volcanic clay nose strip: A super tough and painful one, not a pleasant scent but it really does pull out a lot of white heads!

Crest 3-D white strips: Ordered these from ebay, after three uses the last few months I believe my teeth have whitened slightly! I hope to get more in the near future!

Cathay Doll Blackheads white clay mask: A sample sachet good enough for your whole face I picked up in bangkok. This is damn deadly! It is sooo painful to remove like super glue!

Wearing the cathay doll white blackhead mask! It's such a thick pasty formula, a bit difficult to get it to spread out even after working at it for more than 5 minutes on just half of me face!
Dried up completely, it's like a liquid plastic mask on my face!
peeling it off was horrible. Okay on my forehead and chin but so painful on the cheeks! I regret putting so much on!
See that pink color? It's from removing the damn thing! It was sooo painful because of how much it stuck!
My results whenever I use biore pore strips! It's all about application, staying still with it on and letting it dry completely! Don't do house work and sweat with it on!
Botanics Mattifying Toner (My review here): From boots in Bangkok, it's a lovely blemish fighting toner that isn't too strong and I'm a fan of the light scent.

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge: Basically the best make up cleaner for gels, foundation, sponges, brushes and all make up tools. This really gets all of the product out!

Ma Cherie Moisture Shampoo: Part of a duo sample of shampoo/conditioner I bought to try the formula, damn am I glad as this does nothing for me! My hair feels no different, no softer, no shinier, nothing much really!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer: A fairly thick sunscreen, I'm sure it works but I can't stand the sunscreen smell and how this stings my nose and mouth area. I'm very unlucky with sunscreens so I can't use this up. Got to toss this out!

Biore Pore Pack (My review here): Finished yet another box! I use nose strips at least once a week!

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Nose Strips (My review here): Finished my first box this! I repurchased in a different type! Hope it doesn't have the same weird smell!

Nivea hydro care lip balm: A good hydrating lip balm, not as moist as I like though!

Venus Gillette razor: My favorite and only brand and type of razor I use! I've bought a pack of refills a year ago and haven't needed to repurchase since! I shave at most once every two weeks.

Kiss Me Heroine make up eyeliner (My review here) : My holy grail eyeliner for liquids I love how black and smooth this goes on with one application. I already have another one open and this one is about to dry out!

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (My review here): My favorite foundation ever, this bottle is more than 3 years old but that's not why I'm throwing it out. It's too dark for me now, this is shade 53, set with a powder it seems to be too beige on me and I'm happy with my 52!

ZA two way powder foundation (My review here): My holy grail powder! Great coverage, matte finish and it lasts forever! I've repurchased like maybe almost 20 times! I've never counted!

Glade Scented gel in lemon: I love lemon scents and opening my locker at work was amazing with this coming out! A great burst of citrus always perks me up!

LactiCare Lotion: I used to use this a lot on my upper arms where I had a skin condition but it's naturally gotten better over time without any constant medication.

Biore eye & lip make up remover: I brought this little bottle was lasted me for my 5 day holiday in Krabi! You need so little to remove your super waterproof eye make up so easily!

Nail polishes: My favorite pink form etude house! There's a bit left and it's too dried out. The black is a crackle but after having not used it for so long, it doesn't seem to crackle anymore!!

Mosaic glitter: A bright blue glitter liner that was cheap as dirt. I never used it and now it's dried out!

Eyebrow pencils: Two brown liners, one for the eye and one for the brows but I used both for brows but not for me, for my mom! They're very old though and are too dried out.

All these Body Shop products I've been storing for the last 2-3 years, I meant to send them for recycling at their shop but have just never gotten around to it!

Nivea energy fresh deodorant: A very fresh smelling nature scented spray, I really dislike sprays actually so I ended up using this as an air freshener!

The Body Shop Rainforest balance shampoo: The only shampoo I've tried from them and I LOVE IT. I've not repurchased this for the last two years because I bought so much at one time. I freaking love the fresh sweet rainforest scent!

The Body Shop Tea Tree toner (My review here): A super effective and potent toner. It's full of alcohol though besides the tea tree and both will dry up your skin so it helps blemishes but at the expense of drying your skin out! It takes me forever to use up one of these huge bottles! You can't use this all the time because of how strong it is!

Nivea extra whitening liquid deodorant: My favorite deo is whitening and it keeps my armpits dry and smelling sweet all day!

The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing foot scrub (My review here): My holy grail foot scrub, used with a pumice stone this will smooth out any slight rough feet problems!

What have products have you guys been using up and throwing out?
Make up, hair care, skin care?
Let me know!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. What an impressive amount of empties, I must have been doing something wrong with pore strips because I never got results like that! :) Xx

  2. Wow tons of empties! I love tae kae noi too! Thanks for the heads up on the Topshop lipsticks. I like their blushes but was thinking about checking out their lipsticks.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. wow so many empties!!!
    I am glad I didn't buy the Topshop lipstick! the formula was too dry, I don't understand how a lot of people love it.. T.T
    I love the daiso brush cleanser, it is amazing, thanks for introducing me to it.. :)
    I bought 5 of them while I was in singapore, and use it mainly for sponges, it works very very well!

  4. dayum gurl. you really go through your products quite fast in a month! Ive been collecting my empties for the past few months and I haven't even reached as many as you :P

  5. Holy cow! You have so many empties here! I love paper masks and the Rimmel Stay Matte!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. HOLY SO MUCH STUFF. Did you get the translucent Rimmel powder or the coloured one? (Or do they even make coloured ones?)
    I'm actually using using the volcanic pore strips version, and I do like the smell. I don't know if it's the same smell as the other one though! And I've actually tried that seaweed snack too! SO GOOD. Somehow I always end up eating one pack in one sitting because I can't stop ._.




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