Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Fish & Chip and vegetarian lunch! (Frosted forest green look)

Fish & Chips and vegetarian chinese food! It was some weeks back when I was craving for fish & chips and I wanted british style fish & chips where the fries are chunky and uneven and the fish was battered and not bread crumbed! My boyfriend and I ended up lunch hopping by sharing a portion of fish & chips and then going to another cafe to finish off lunch!

It was a super hot and lazy feeling day so I did a super easy and flawless one shadow look! I went for a more unusual but nonetheless very beautiful frosted foresty green cream shade!

Continue below for the look and lunch!
A double lunch at Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips shop and Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine!
A flawless matte finish face! Just the way I like it!
I used L'oreal Lucent Magique foundation (my review) and Vanill Pressed powder (my review!)
A one shadow look using StudioMakeup cream shadow in Frosted Spice (my review here!)
I just love how multidimensional these cream shadows are and how lovely one layer looks!
Paired this with a mauve cheek and pink lip!
Products Used: Biore UV Aqua Watery Mousse (my review), L'oreal Lucent Magique foundation (my review), Vanill foundation powder (my review), Milani Baked blush in Fantastico Mauve (my review) theBalm Mary lou Manizer highlighter (my review), Revlon matte (for brows), Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner (my review), Maybelline the False Lash (my review), Maybelline Color sensational lipstick in Warm me Up (my review here), Studio Make up Creme shadow in Frosted Spice (my review)
Wearing theBalm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter as my under brow highlighter!
StudioMakeup Smooth Endurance Creme Eyeshadow in Frosted Spice! It's a beautiful grayish forest green!
Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in Warm Me Up! One of my favorite pinks!
On the cheeks is a light amount of Milani Baked blush in Fantastico Mauve, it's super super pigmented so be careful!
I spent a quick 20 minutes and curled my hair with my new Babyliss conical wand! I finally have a hair tool that can do the job easy and the curls last!
Smiths Authentic British Fish & Chips! Our fist lunch stop!
Decked out really nicely! Love the high chair, counter top and all the help-yourself-to cutlery! They are also some awesomely funny comics up on the wall!
At the counter, here are pickled gherkins, onions and egg?!
The menu! Not the cheapest fish & chips but I do hope I did get the fish I paid for!
You get your fry up wrapped in a bake paper!
A delicious portion of haddock and chips! We ate it with chilli, ketchup and HP!
The fish was delicious, fresh and so tasty, love the fried batter! The chips were lovely too! Just like the ones I had in england!
Our next stop was a chinese vegetarian restaurant! Here's a bunch of vegetarian foods they sold at the cashier area!
Different types of vegetarian instant noodles!
Other snack food products! All vegetarian!
It was a vegetarian restaurant, they mostly serve chinese vegetarian but have a HUGE selection including some western vegetarian dishes!
So many yummy fried snacks! I love how chinese 'vegetarian' dishes are mock meat!
Lots of noodle soups and hot pots!
Typical chinese hawker dishes!
A small range of western food!
Stir fry pepper 'beef'! This was so delicious, the texture of the mock meat was very meaty and the pepper sauce so flavorful and yummy! We enjoyed every bite!
Sambal kang kong! The sauce was too watery but it was still flavorful and not too diluted!
Everything cleared and down the hatch!
Just a shop down is the famous Original Madeleine's Portuguese Egg Tart shop!
The custard is sooo soft and just baked to perfection, the tart is flaky, buttery and just falls apart!
North South Easy West Fusion Vegetarian and Madeleine's Egg Tart shops!
I dropped by the drugstore afterwards and just checked out what was new! BB creams! So many new brands and types!

Eyelashes! Super kawaii ones form Japan!
My husky and my boyfriend!
Having a 'moment'!
Qoo fuji apple drink! A super light tasting apple juice drink! This used to be soo popular!

A more unusual look! I quite liked how it turned out! Hope you enjoyed it too!

What do you guys think of this green look with the bold cheeks?
Have you tried chinese vegetarian before?
How about egg tarts?

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. OMG, you look breathtakingly cute in this lovely makeup Sharlynn, I really loved your eye makeup especially the winged eyeliner! You blush shade is a bit bold though but still looks stunning on your face with this lovely lipstick shade! Ahhh, all dishes are yummy my friend, you guys really enjoy your life(Touch wood) Kisses <3

  2. How gorgeous do you look! I have the babyliss conical wand too but it has been ages since I last used it.

    PS: I want portugese egg tart right now!




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