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Review: Covergirl Last Blast Length water resistant in Black!

Covergirl Lash Blast Length! Yes, which asian girl do you know of who doesn't want more length? Or thickness? Or curl? We really do have some of the wimpiest lashes out there but then again we also therefore have a reason to try out tons of mascaras! 

I already have my holy grail in the Kiss Me Heroine mascara (my review here) which I've been using the last 3 years and repurchasing before I finish as not only does it make my lashes amazing but it's super waterproof to the point of being able to swim with it on.

I had asked a friend to help me buy this as I was interested a while ago in trying this out. There's so much positive feedback on covergirl mascaras I thought I'd give this one a try!

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Covergirl Last Blast Length water resistant in Black!
Covergirl Last Blast Length water resistant in Black!
Covergirl Last Blast Length water resistant in Black!
Packaging & Product!

Right away when I was browsing the SO MANY mascaras covergirl carries I really liked how this tube is so slim and the bold yellow packaging is lovely. I quite enjoy how simple, sleek and bold the packaging is. I had no problems with the size or how the mascara worked. 

Unfortunately the mascara itself isn't as nice as the packaging. Although it looks pretty decent on my lashes and I have a good increase in volume, I found the formula a tad too wet and the super soft plastic bristle brush made it so hard to apply mascara. Due to how soft the brush is, the product doesn't transfer onto the lashes properly and I spent the same amount of time applying product to one eye as I would to both.

The formula is water resistant but unfortunately can also be wiped off the lashes easily with water. Compared to my waterproof asian brand versions where waterproof means only an oil remover will make a dent and I could go swimming and still wipe my eyes, this formula is a let down to my expectations.

I love waterproof formulas....unless the regular is quite resistant when it's dried down, which this unfornately is not. It might look okay on but if I have eyeshadow and eyeliner on, this would barely be visible. Lastly for those with oily skin even on the lids, unless you've got an eyeshadow on the lids, this will likely wear off as it's not very resistant to oils and water. 

The brush is plastic and has perfect slim pointy bristles! However they are so soft and don't apply product very well!
See how soft and flexible the bristles are! They are gentle yes, but are so soft that the mascara doesn't apply onto the lashes properly! I wish they were firmer or hard plastic!
My bare lashes! Short and wispy, thin asian lashes! They are naturally curled, here I have NOT curled them yet.
A heavy coat of Covergirl Lash Blast length! It's a super natural looking one on my lashes!
Left eye with Covergirl Lash Blast Length, Right eye bare lashes!
My holy grail mascara, Kiss me Heroine make up mascara in Long & Curl! see how thick, defined, fluttery and curled they are with one coat! I spend less them applying this than the Covergirl!
Covergirl Last Blast Length water resistant in Black!
 Paid: Gifted to me! (Regular price at $7 USD in the states)

Recommend: No, definitely not for asian ladies with tiny wispy's unlikely to make a big difference and even if there is some nice volume, it's not water resistant or proof at all! I won't risk it!

Repurchase: Nope! I'm curious to try the famous lash blast and the clump crusher because of their brushes but not this one ever again. The fact that it's wet and I need to spend so much time to apply to get a decent result is enough not for me to keep this around! I've thrown it out since!

Bottom line: A super lightweight and slightly volumizing and lengthening mascara, the formula is too wet for my liking and the super soft brush makes application a pain. Compared to my holy grail this falls flat in terms of wear time and being not water resistant at all. Don't like it at all.

Do you own any Covergirl mascaras?
Would you try this?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. i find mascaras that are kinda wet droop down my lashes (like maybellline the rocket, im prob the only one who dislikes it) :c i wont (and cant) risk buying non waterproof mascaras bc i have very oily lids and i want my curls to stay put!

  2. Definitely skipping this one then! My asian eyelashes needs a whole lotta love, and this mascara won't give that to me now!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  3. I have covergirl LashBlast too! It is awesome.
    L A

  4. Oh no what a shame! The brush looked so promising! I always find with mascaras it takes a good few weeks even month/s for the formula to become less sticky/wet so they perform better! xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. I have heard mixed reviews on Covergirl mascaras. This was a miss it seems. Nice review dear. Happy weekend :-)

  6. That sucks this was a letdown! Mascaras are such trial and error products. The one I'm currently using is the Maybelline The Falsies and it's quite good. I also like Benefit They're Real. CoverGirl LashBlast is pretty good, hopefully you have better luck with that one if you ever do get around to trying it :)

  7. Sorry to hear it didn't work out. It looks natural on you.

  8. I've had nice results with CoverGirl mascaras in wp formulations, but always wished they were in deeper intense black color. Somehow they all look a little mirky.
    Sorry to hear this one is not for you. Better luck next time! :)

  9. I don't own any Covergirl mascaras, but the wand for this looks perfect! I would have preferred if the bristles were a bit stiffer (I hate flexible wands!), because otherwise this looks like it would have done a good job of depositing mascara for me. (I really like small and thin wands)
    But the Heroine mascara looks amazing on you!




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