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Empties post: April Empties 20141

April Empties! Yep, it was another great month of using up products and throwing out products that I haven't finished because they don't work or because they're too old! Not much else to say except I really have cut down on my stocking up of products as in the past I would buy two of something if I liked it a lot but now I don't do that as skin changes and your preferences do too!

Continue below for the big empties!
Herbal Essences weighty and strong (old formula), John Frieda Frizz-ease conditioner, Sunsilk silky smooth & manageable hair mask, Banana boat suncreen, Sunsilk smooth & manageable shampoo!
Herbal Essence: The old formula which I assume still has stock being cleared! It's the old and one of my favorite conditioners of all time! Repurchase: Yes.

John Frieda: A conditioner that really really softened my hair crazily well but it was more expensive than I'm used to for a drugstore brand! Repurchase: Maybe.

Sunsilk hair mask: A lovely super effective hair mask, it smells sooo damn good! Repurchase: Yes.

Banana boat sunscreen: My boyfriend and I used this tube up during our beach holiday! I applied it strategically to get a tan on my chest, back and upper arms and holy, it worked! I only burned/tan where I didn't apply! The rest which was covered did not change! Repurchase: Yes for beach outings!

Sunsilk shampoo: Lovely stuff, smells amazing, I don't know why I don't use this brand more. Repurchase: Yes

Banana Boat Sun wear Ultra sheer sunblock, Crest 3 D white luxe toothpaste, Boots Cucumber cleansing wipes, Dove conditioner, L'oreal Gentle lip & eye remover, Scentio Milk Plus Whitening facial scrub!
Banana Boat sheer sunblock: I used to use this a few years ago and like the very light scent and light texture, not sticky or white or thick like normal sunblock. However this tube is 3 years old! Time to chuck! Repurchase: Maybe

Crest 3-D toothpaste: Ordered from e-bay in hopes of it whitening my teeth, I haven't seen a difference and I used the whole tube up! Repurchase: Maybe

Boots Cucumber wipes: I bought this during my holiday trip in Krabi thailand because I didn't bring any and surprisingly I loved them so much and want to buy them when my normal wipes are done! Repurchase: Yes!

L'oreal gentle remover: My holy grail waterproof eye make up remover, I've repurchased this at least 15 times the last two years. Repurchase: Yes, already have.

Scentio facial scrub: One of the most interesting, unique textured scrub, seemingly smooth and creamy but actually with super fine rough scrub particles, it smells like vanilla ice cream! Repurchase: Yes, when I can find the traveling beauty booth that sells it!

4U2 Symphony pressed powder, Catrice Skin Finish compact powder, Maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, Korres Jasmine lip butter
4U2 Symphony powder: A great light/medium coverage powder I picked up in Beautrium in Bangkok. Repurchase: No, I don't repurchase powders unless they were amazing and I'm not in Bangkok either!

Catrice powder: A sheer/light powder, the coverage is virtually nothing and its best as a setting powder but has very little oil controlling/long last matte finish qualities. Repurchase: No.

Maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze: My favorite and I believe the finest milled shadow of the bunch found here in singapore. I used this as a base for all types of looks. Repurchase:Yes, already a long time ago and I cracked open my new one already!

Korres jasmine lip butter: Hate the caramel scent, hate the pasty color on my lips, those two things are bad enough. I could use this before I sleep but otherwise never during the day. Repurchase: No.

Pamolive Aroma Therapy lavender body wash, Avalon Organics Bath & shower gel in Lavender, L'oreal Kids swim & sport shampoo, L'oreal white perfect milky foam, Sunsilk shampoo, Crabtree & Evelyn Rose water shower gel
Pamolive body wash: Amazing thick lanvender scent, its very light and moisturizing and jelly like! Repurchase: Yes.

Avalon organics lavender shower gel: A thick slightly oily and creamy textured wash very real and musky lavender scent. It's lovely and I would've finished this up but it started smelling funky as this bottle was really old. This formula is great for drier skin. Repurchase: Maybe.

L'oreal swim & sport shampoo: A good chlorine removing shampoo for after swims in a pool! Repurchase: Nope, I almost never swim in pools except on holiday.

L'oreal white perfect milky foam: Smells lovely, it does foam up but is not milky at all in scent of texture, it washes off leaving your skin feeling very tight and too dry for me (coming from a slightly oily skinned person) Repurchase: No, I threw this away after using it 3 times. (Luckily I bought  this small size)

Sunsilk shampoo: Great scent, does what it's suppose to do, I don't know why I don't use sunsilk! Repurchase: Yes.

Crabtree & Evelyn rose shower gel: A super intense rose scented body gel, it's great and this came in a set with mini products! If you love a strong rose scent, try this! Repurchase: Maybe

Three Beauties pressed powder, The body shop loose mineral powder in 03, NuFresh facial cleasning wipes, Jabs Make up remover wipes, Cala bamboo synthetic blush brush, Maybelline the magnum mascara, Ducray Keracnyl creme!
Three Beauties powder: I bought the lightest chalkiest shade for a photo shoot and this powder is a huge 15 grams! The color is of medium coverage and this powder smells like baby powder! Repurchase: No

The Body Shop mineral powder: A super soft, finely milled powder, this shade 3 is unfortunately way WAY too dark for me now! Like 4 shades too dark! Repurchase: No

NuFresh cleansing wipes: My favorite and also a super cheap make up wipe made in singapore sold in our supermarkets! I've bought so many of these in the last 3 years! Repurchase: Yes, I already have 2 back ups!

Jabs remover wipes: Picked up in Boots Thailand, these stung my eyes! Repurchase: No way.

Cala bamboo brush: A dupe for ecotools, I've used this brush for buffing on powder for almost two years and although I could glue the brush head back on, the bristle are so dispersed now compared to a brand new one I bought to replace this one! Repurchase: Yes, already have!

Maybelline mascara: One of my favorite volumizing mascara from them the last three years, I still have another two tubes of this in brown and black at home. Repurchase: No, I have other holy grails.

Ducray creme: This is a product that's like the famous Duo Effaclar La Roche Posay, however despite trying this multiple times on my face, the cheeks, the forehead, then just the matter where on my face, this made my skin itchy and sting! I'm throwing this out without thinking twice, it's not for me. Repurchase: No.
Biore limited edition green tea nose strips, Biore regular nose strips, The Face Shop raspberry roots depuffing eye gel, The Face shop Aloe volcanic clay nose strip!
Biore Pore Pack nose strips: Whether the limited edition scented ones or the regular plain ones these were my first nose strips I tried and I still repurchase them all the time because they do the job very well! The trick is not to use too much water and to only remove when super hard and dry! Repurchase: Yes, always!

The Face shop aloe nose strip: New to me, I picked this out not realizing how good this would be. These dry to such a hard strip and remove soooo much gunk! Repurchase: Yes, soon!

The results I get using The Face Shop's Aloe Volcanic Clay nose strip! The best strip I've ever used!
It dries down to a super hard and painful to remove strip but the results are so worth it!

So happy that it was another month of amazing empties! I have also been throwing out old bits of make up that I've held on to hoping to use them some day! Also I've been sorting through my closet and getting rid of pieces I don't need or want anymore!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Wow, you went through a lot this month! I'm the same, I never buy two of any product anymore because it takes ages to go through one as it is and I like to try new things all of the time. I'm impressed that you've gone through a whole one of those Maybelline cream shadows. That's dedication right there .x

  2. The nose strips look like they work really well! Also I always had Herbal Essences shampoo as a kid :D Loved to see it again here :)

  3. Wow the nose strips really did a good job! It's so satisfying seeing the gunk haha! It's a shame you don't like the Korres lip butter. I quite like the scent and the colour doesn't show up on me much. That brush really does look like ecotools, I thought it was at first! And I've heard so much about the Crest toothpaste, shame you didn't see results though! Great empties!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. Loved the empties. I miss all sunsilk hair products in US.




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