Saturday, 3 May 2014

Visiting Dinosaurs 'Dawn to Extinction' exibihit! (pink and gold eye with Urban Decay)

Day out to the Dinosaurs! A few weeks back when my boyfriend and I were free we decided to travel down to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands where the Art Science Museum is for the Dinosaur exhibition is being held for some months! Like any other child, we both loved dinosaurs and still are fascinated as ever!

We decided to have lunch at Thai Express, a franchaise thai chain which I haven't eaten at for my years and we had a really great experience! I really want to go back for my food and a dessert!

Continue below for the day out!
Thai Express lunch and visiting the 'Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction' exhibition at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands!
My 3-4 shades tanner skin after returning from my Krabi beach holiday trip! (See here and here) I chose not to put sunscreen on my chest, upper arms and back to purposely tan them as my body has 7 different shades! Believe it or not, my face is only a tick darker as I wore bb cream and powder almost every day!
Wearing Rimmel's Stay Matte Mousse foundation (my review here) with my holy grail ZA two way powder (my review here)! Brows done too!
A super simple pink and gold eye!
No winged eyeliner! Just loads of mascara! You can see more lashes without the eyeliner!
On my cheeks, my favorite blush for the last few months from Kiko (my review here) Gifted to me in a swap from Pam from Jade in the Palace!
Products used: Rimmel Stay matte mousse foundation (my review), Urban Decay Duluxe shadow box, Kiko blush (my review here), theBalm highlighter (my review), Perfect eyeliner (my review), Kiss me Heroine make up mascara (my review), K-palette Kuma concealer (my review), Revlon matte (for my brows), Maybelline color tattoo (my review here), Maybelline lipstick in totally toffee (my review), Annayake lipgloss in 04 petale (gifted from Pam)

Just loving the pairing of the light eyes and neutral lip and brownish pink cheek!

Totally loving the lip combo for a MLBB shade that's more brownish and glossy!
Absolutely love the Kiko sun bronzing blush with the lip color! Love the warm neutral shades and the fine shimmer! See my review of the blush here!
The delicious dessert menu at Thai Express! I regret on ordering at least one to try! I haven't eaten at a Thai Express outlet in years!
The boyfriend giving me a VERY photographic face! Isn't he lovely?
My favorite thai noodle dish! Their famous seafood Pad Thai! It was delicious but the sauce could've been a bit stronger!
My boyfriend ordered a seafood tom yum! It's a classic clear version that looks very deceiving! It's actually super deep and tasty and spicy! Nothing like the clear color it has!
A super yummy steam rice roll with mince pork appetizer! It was great but could've had more sauce! I do wish we'd ordered a dessert instead, it was super filling although really good!
Making the 'chinese eyes' face! This always makes my boyfriend laugh!
The entrance of the Art Science museum at Marina Bay Sands! The exhibition for these few months is Dinosaurs 'Dawn to Extinction'!
Yeah...that's me trolling the dino!
Full scale model skeletons!

Absolutely stunning and detailed WATERCOLOR! It looks like the photograph!

Yeah, I'd admit, that was MY idea! Hehe

It was yet another great exhibition to visit and I always like going to the fancy 'shoppes' every now and again!

What was the last exhibition/place you visited?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you!


  1. I took the kids to the North Carolina Natural History Museum... it was a blast!
    My favorite piece is the ombre top!
    L A
    . RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

  2. I <3 Dinosaurs! I know, geek out much Julie? lol...I remember one of my grade school field trips was to a dinosaur/fossil museum and it was one of the BEST days ever as a kid! So nostalgic so I'm definitely partial. Looks like the perfect day with the perfect look Shar! Happy Weekend love!

    Thanks for the blog visit, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. Great fotos <3 I love your makeup look <3
    Happy Weekend

  4. Your outing looked so fun!!! My arms soooooo much darker than the rest of my body haha
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  5. Great educational date you 2 c; You look pretty as always ^_^
    My arms, feet and face are the tannest part of my body :c

  6. Looks like an exciting place to visit. Love your makeup! It looks so romantic! <3

  7. Oh good, I was going to be all like, "BUT SHARLYNN, IF YOU TAN, WON'T YOU NEED TO BUY A WHOLE NEW ARMY OF FOUNDATIONS?" but hooray for bbs and sunscreen! I have the opposite problem though, my face is lighter than my body BUT I DON'T WANT MY FACE TO BE DARK ;-;
    Dinosaurs are pretty cool and I've been to a museum devoted specifically to dinosaurs, so that was pretty cool :D
    The last exhibit I visited was to the new aquarium in my city!




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