Thursday, 1 May 2014

Review: Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin 010 Rose Beige!

Multicolor compact powder! Having seen a multi colored pressed powder from so many brands, drugstore and some high end brands I've been drawn to how it would work. Most of the time these multi color powders are either corrective, for setting make up or for light coverage. I saw this at the Catrice stand and couldn't help but to get it because it's so cheap!

I chose the shade for lighter skin and as you can see I was really excited to see how it would look on my yellow skin tone as there's a great spray like blend of colors that make up the powder.

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Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin 010 Rose Beige
Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin 010 Rose Beige

It looks beautiful in the pan, the different colors blended together!

Packaging & Product!

Sleek and slender, I really liked the compact of this product. You get a nice large 8 grams of product and I quite like how the edge of the compact is shiney and the compact cover is clear so you can see the pretty product beneath the cover. I'm quite a fan of packaging where you can see the product underneath. There's nothing I can fault this simple packaging for!

The product however I have a mixed review and experience of as although I picked up the lightest shade which was for, "lighter skin" it wasn't a very good match for me. The color of this product in the shade "Lighter skin" is a pinkish toned beige color which would probably match someone with stronger pink tones with the skin color of NW 10-20 in Mac.

Texture wise, this powder is super smooth and silky and feels very comfortable. The powder has a light coverage and would be ideal for setting foundation as the coverage is so light and the lasting power of this powder isn't good unless it's together with another product.

Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin 010 Rose Beige

I did try to use this by itself but found that the coverage was too light and then when I buffed more of the product onto my face the rosey tone in the powder became so obvious and too pink. I then wore a more yellow toned foundation and then used a light layer of this on top but then the color changed into a beige with a pink overcast! 

In terms of color, it's very difficult to find matches in this line, there are three shades I believe and because they all are made up of mixed pigmented you really need to do a good swirly swatch to see which shade might work for you. Then again, although they all are mixed in color, every single powder's mix is unique! 

Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin 010 Rose Beige and ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation in OC 10 (my review here)
Here's my face with a thick buffed amount of the powder! It looks okay in this photo!
See the color of my shoulders? This powder is too brown, too rose and makes me muddy! If just a little bit wear off because of sweat, my lighter yellow skin underneath would be very obvious!
This is what a really good matching yellowish powder looks on me and this works perfectly with my actual skin tone underneath and goes with my neck and shoulders!
Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin 010 Rose Beige
Paid: $6.90 SGD or about $5.50 USD  (it may have been a dollar or so less!)

Recommend: Yes, if you have a more pale pink tone to your skin and you want a light setting powder or have clear skin and want a very light powder. Otherwise if you need coverage, oil control and don't have pink undertones, skip.

Repurchase: Nope. This does not work for me. Not the right shade, no oil control, too little coverage and just not something I could use in a different way so it could be useful to me!

Bottom line: A not very impressive product in terms of color matching, oil control and coverage although the product itself was very smooth and soft. I'm a huge lover of Catrice products, however without a good color match you can't wear it and even if I went a shade up I most likely would've had the same issues or worse!

Do you use any multi color powder products?
Think they are really any good?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Sucks that the color isn't so versatile! But I love Catrice products. We don't get much here though. Boo.

  2. Awww, so sorry that the shade doesnt work on your skintone, i havent tried any multicolor compact powder as i am safe and more comfortable with a just 1 solid color conpact ^_^*

  3. Too bad it didn't work for you! I have this one as well and I feel the same.. I tried to use it as bronzer but it is not pigmented enough T-T..

  4. Awww! Sad face for not matching your colour! I guess it does happen sometimes.




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