Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lunch at GRUB's and a smudged black eyeliner look!

GRUB for you? Having always a long list of different indie type cafes or lesser known restuarants on my list as well as very popular eateries that I just haven't tried's always difficult to choose where to eat next! I decided to try out this cafe located at one end of the very large park in Bishan! 

It's called GRUB and is known for their very affordable food and their yummy sides like their fries with japanese mayo dressing and shredded seaweed!

Continue below for the lunch and my smudgy eye look!
GRUB's sous vide pork shoulder and pineapple burger!
My smudged black eyeliner look! Using Urban Decay's Perversion (the only black eyeliner that will not smudge even with my teary, watery eyes)
I was trying to go for the light/dark contrast but I wished I had more black on the top lash line to balance out the heavy lower lashline!
Products used: 1028 Brownie eyes palette, Sleek contour kit, Sleek blush suede (my review), Maybelline color tattoo bad to the bronze (my review), Barry M Dazzle Dust in mushroom (my review), Bourjois Healthy mix serum (my review), Shu Uemura Poreaser UV mousse, ZA two way powder (my review), Maybelline colorsensational Totally tofffee (my review), Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion, Kiss me Heroine mascara (my review), Art Deco Dita Von Tease eyebrow gel
Wear the beautiful warm neutral blush from Sleek in Suede! (my review here)
Completed look! Smudgy black lined eyes, and a netural warm blush and lipstick! Maybelline totally toffee on my lips!
The exterior of GRUB! It's a beautiful and very comfy and not warm at all!
Outside the seating are long wooden benches like picnic benches! I love the feel of the place!
The glass walls are so lovely! We sat outside on the long benches as they were full house and we waited 15 minutes for our seats!
Their super affordable yummy menu! I had come for the GRUB burger and the mentaiko fries but their deep fryer unfortunately broke down before we ordered so any fried items couldn't be ordered and french fry sides were replaced by salads!
A great simple, one page menu, loved it! I wish I had a conjoint twin so I couldn't eaten another portion of something different!
My boyfriend had a chicken chilli dog! It wasn't spicy which was a let down! We like spicy!

I ordered two drinks for myself, an ice lemon tea and a lime tea! Both delicious and both for me!
My sous vide pork shoulder and pineapple burger with salad and vinaigrette! Love how they serve it on a wooden chopping board!
Absolutely cooked to perfection. The pork was so juicy and well seared and the pineapple so beautifully grilled!
Chocolate Pot or their home made chocolate pudding with chilli praline! The pudding was fantastic but the praline was burnt tasting and terrible!
Solid, creamy, mousey and not too sweet, delicious!
Pudding all gone! YUM!
GRUB! A very beautiful and unique location in Bishan Park!

Overall I was very happy with my dish, although my boyfriend would've liked his chilli spicy and fries instead of the replacement salad because of the deep frier break down! I definitely want to go back to try another burger and their yummy fry sides! 

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  1. This looks sooo good! I'm going to live vicariously through your fab lunches, as I just ate a granola bar while my daughter threw mac n' cheese on the floor! LOL!

    L A

  2. Super pretty makeup and the food looks soooo good :D

  3. Love love love the smokey eye link, so gorgeous ;) pairing it with the specs makes it look more sleek ^_^~ super pretty ^_^~ btw,the food looks delishtoo ;)

  4. oh man *epic drools* i love how they put a salad in a cup haha. Also totally digging the decor and atmosphere of the place! roomy, lots of sunshine and so chill~ definitely makes us want to visit sg :3

  5. (I was going to ask if you got a new camera since your photos as of late are looking super amazing and then realized you got a new one for Christmas)(But I like your photos as of late!)

    Oh man, I LOVE your eye makeup look here. So edgy and ~dangerous~ ;)
    And the design of GRUB is stunning! I'd love to visit a restaurant like that one day...and the pudding served in a pickling jar? Too cute! :D

  6. love the makeover♥ foods look so delicious♥♥

  7. Your skin looks fabulous and this is such a perfect look for glasses! Your eyes totally pop!




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