Friday, 2 May 2014

Food: Home cooked meals for April 2014!

Bright, fresh and tasty! Those are the words to describe all the yummy meals prepared the last month plus in my home by myself, my boyfriend and my mother! I've saved some of my more special meals for individual posts but this collective one is filled with a lot of yummy meals made at home and eaten at home!

Continue below for the delicious post!
Fresh delicious foods for the month of April: Pomegranates, smoked tuna salad, korean bim bim bap, Indian rojak!

To start off, check out these beautiful pomegranates growing at the house next to my boyfriend's!
The last two months have been mango season in singapore! All the mango trees are having maturing fruits!
Check out this Jambu fruit tree! Omg, I'd never seen it grow on a tree before!
Eaten out at a small swiss cafe, it's was a simple tuna melt sandwhich that did leave me wanting more! I would add chopped onion and a dash of honey and tobasco into the tuna mix!
Home made dinner: Pan seared marinated chicken with roasted pumpkin, sweet corn, broccoli and carrots!
Home fried mee goreng noodles with egg, carrots, ham and fish balls! It's sweet sauce noodles, my favorite ever!
Smoked tuna bought at the factory itself in Singapore! Check that that rainbow sheen on the flesh!
A simple salad, chopped salad, the smoked tuna with chopped red onions and a lime for dressing!
Deep fried prawn shells with chilli for flavoring an oil for pasta!
These shells were so crisp, my boyfriend and I were munching our way through them!
A creamy seafood pasta, cooked with chilli prawn oil, with baby scallops, mussels, squid and shrimp! So flavorful, rich and quick to prepare (besides the oil)!
A super meaty, chunky, tasty salad with smoked tuna, baked baby potatos, grilled shrimp and mussels and blanched baby scallops! All topped off with a lemon dressing!
Instant tom yum noodle soup with seafood for my boyfriend! (he requested instant mee)
Home braised vermicelli noodles and cabbage!
Two thick well done omelets with coriander for porridge!
Stir fried pork liver with ginger and pork pieces!
Take away lunch dad brought home: Indian Rojak which means 'salad', it's a mix of shrimp fritters, squid, fish cakes and different vegetables!
The sweet peanut gravy that goes with the rojak!
My mom's home made korean side dishes for bimbimbap!
Sweet baby potatos!
Lightly braised lotus root!
Dark sweet sauce chilli and peanut crispy anchovies!
Braised raddish and carrots!
Blanched sweet peas!
Orange juice marinated chicken cutlet, baked beans, cheesy creamy herbed mash, blanched assorted veggies!
Authentic indonesian tempeh all the way from indonesia given to me from a classmate who came back with a big block of this!
Tempeh is fermented soya beans held together by the natural healthy mold! To prepare, you slice it up and fry it!
The finished deliciousness! Deep fried tempeh and fried hotdogs!
Home made tom yum soup with a dash of coconut cream!
We soaked the raw tempeh in a garlic and shallot salted water paste for a while before cooking, this enhances the salty flavor!
One of my favorite home made meals with my boyfriend! Tom yum soup, fried tempeh and hotdogs and fried egg rice! It was sooo delicious, we both ate and drank every drop of the soup in our bowls and were so stuffed!

So that was my month of yummy home made meals and a few brought home! 

Which was your favorite dish?
Let me know!

Thank you so much!


  1. OMG :)))) so yummy yummy food!
    Nom Nom Nom ;))))
    Great pics dear ;)

  2. Everything looks mouthwatering. I would love to try that salad.

  3. You just taught me what Tempeh is! Now I need to find some to try. Looks delish!
    L A
    . RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

  4. This all looks so yummy!
    I've nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award :)
    Details are on my blog xx


  5. Oh sweetie all looks delicious~

  6. That tuna looks amazing!

  7. Delicious stuff! You definitely have some culinary chops if these pictures are anything to go by! I don't really do well with cooked food. My "skills" mainly only encompass appliances and the odd pan fying and salad assemblage, lol.

  8. omgosh all these looks so delicious!!!
    A Beautiful Zen

  9. I need to get over to your place for all this food!!!!!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  10. Annnnnnnnnnnd now I'm hungry.
    But no seriously, if I ever go to Singapore, I'mma hunt you down for food place recommendations. And then clear out your fridge BECAUSE I JUST WANT YOU TO COOK 4 ME PLS ;-;




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