Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Haul: Forever 21 dresses and Bershka denim shorts!

April haul time! Yes, I promised to save money! Yes, I need to save for university courses! Yes, I have bought some make up this month! Yes, I ended up buying a few things this month! Oh it just a lack of will power or because as a girl I can't go so long without getting a few things for myself? 

I rarely go to Forever 21 anymore, I dropped by their big store in town in January and didn't like a single thing and walked out but this time when everyone was picking up printed tops, jeggings, stretchy colorful jeans and simple tops I went straight to search for dresses!

Continue below for the haul!
April clothes haul: Dresses from Forever 21 and denim shorts from Bershka!
BershkaNeon coral denim shorts! They are more orange in person!

Why Berskha? They are a sister company of Zara, and I personally think their quality of trousers and jeans are better than Zara and SOOO much cheaper. I've own several pairs of jeans and trousers from Zara but the ones from Berskha have been the same or a lot better in fit and lasting over time! These denim shorts are amazing, they fit so well and sit an inch under your belly button and the material has a bit of stretch!

Bershka: Bright mint green denim shorts!

Wearing the shorts with an all seafoam, teal, green outfit! I do love green and blue shades!

Dresses from forever 21! They were all unexpectedly improved in quality! The white and daisy print are the only two which are made of stretch cotton, the other two are a much thicker, stretch material!

Super cute and girl mini daisy print skater cut dress! The back has 3 knots and it has nice back exposed areas that aren't too much!

Forever 21 Super cute mini daisy print dress!

The sexiest and best dress for a night out of the bunch! A nice thick, stretchy, super soft and silky dress with silicone lining down the front deep V! I was hoping to get a smaller and tighter size but this was the smallest size left in the whole store but it's fine too!

Absolutely love the rose print! Not gaudy like how a lot of rose prints can be!
All the dresses were an affordable under $30 SGD ($23 USD)

This white number was a more risky piece for my wardrobe. Having been much fatter than I'd like to be the last few years I'd never think I'd want a white stretchy dress but I figured I don't have anything like this and black was too simple and I promised myself I would rock this piece!

The light and fun black and white number of the bunch! I have very few pieces with back cut outs or that are backless! I've already worn this out and absolutely love it!

All eyes on the most fun, sexy piece! I can't wait to wear this on a night out! Finally, a dress that I am confident to wear without a bra (as shown), the material is thick and stretchy and my chest feels comfort and I can finally know how it feels like to wear a backless dress without a bra!

A super simple and fun striped piece! It's a coral color in person and the material is the same thick, stretchy and silky cloth like the deep V rose printed one! I wore this straight away after buying it!

I used to splurge a few hundred bucks at a time on shopping hauls but nowadays it's a $30-100 dollar buy every two months or so. I've improved in terms of actually buying pieces that I will wear and will enjoy wearing again and again instead of pieces I bought just to satisfy a trend.

What is your favorite dress of the bunch?
Let me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Your figure is so gorgeous! I love how the dresses look on you, the floral ones are so pretty :) It's great to hear that you're controlling your spending a bit better now, I have problems sometimes... but luckily I tend not to by too many clothes :P I'm heading to Singapore in July too, I'm so excited!

  2. The daisy dress is really cute and I'm sure you WILL rock the white dress ;) Also I really appreciated your insightful comment on my last post. Finding you style as a teen really isn't easy and you're so right when you say that buying new clothes won't make you a new person!

  3. I like the prints on those dresses, and love how they look on you! I don't think I could pull off those dresses, especially the low V one due to lack of chest lol.
    I went to F21 last time I was in SG but couldn't find anything, hopefully next time!
    I've never heard of Berskha before but they sound good!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. Those blue shorts are so cute!!! I love brightly coloured shorts for summer xx

    Gemma //

  5. I love that black and red dress on you!!!!! I need to stop spending too!!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  6. OMG, those shorts are so sexy! Love the pastel colours too! Great pick, Sharlynn!

  7. Lovely pieces :)
    I love the shorts too and the lovely seafoam green top :)




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