Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Din Tai Fung lunch and Sous Vide Sirloin dinner! (Orange golden eye look)

Dim sum, sous vide steak and an eye look! Hope you all are doing well! I've just finished my 18 month diploma culinary course and am ready to relax for a short while! I'll be doing a proper post on the ending of my course soon! For now, here's a day of food!

I went to the famous Din Tai Fung outlet for lunch and then we made sous vide sirloin steaks for dinner! I also had did a fun and bright orange golden eye look using the lovely MUA Heaven and Earth palette!

Continue below for the food and glowing look!
Din Tai Fung Lunch and home made Sous Vide Sirloin dinner! (Orange golden eye look using MUA Heaven and Earth palette)
Orange golden eye look using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette!
Orange golden eye look using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette! I used 3 shades, a highlight, a warm reddish brown and the bright orange golden shade!
I love how the shades just blend together so flawlessly!
Product: Vanill powder (my review), MUA Heaven and Earth palette, Peripera I love BB cream (my review), Sunkiller BB perfect strong (my review), Maybelline color tattoo in Gold Rush, Bourjois blush Lilas d'or (my review), Revlon matte (for brows), NYX round gloss in 11 Strawberry, Kiss me Heroine mascara (my review), Kiss me Heroine eyeliner (my review)
The glowy orange golden eyes paired with a coralish blush with a fine golden sheen!
I had Bourjois blush in Lilas D'or on the cheeks and NYX round lipgloss in 11 Strawberry!
NYX round gloss in 11 Strawberry, a super sheer light pink with tiny shimmers!
Lunch at Din Tai Fung!

Thinly sliced ginger in black vinegar! The dipping condiment for dim sum! I have extra ginger here because I took my boyfriend's portion too!
We ate the the Din Tai Fung at NEX Serangoon. It's a very big space inside! This is one half of the restaurant!
Here's the other half! It was about 50 % full when we were there, it was late afternoon on a weekday! They can be packed at times and they are open all day which is awesome!
The menu!
They have lots of noodles and rice dishes. They specialize in steamed dim sum so there aren't many pan fried or deep fried dim sum!
Wantons in chilli vinegar oil sauce! This is spicy, sour and super refreshing! However this dish is done better by Crystal Jade! Their sauce is stronger and tastier and the chilli oil more flavorful!
Noodles with pickled vegetable and mince pork! Unfortunately this dish came without the veg and meat, I checked under the noodles and nothing! So the kind service checked and brought us the toppings! There was likely a mix up and ours was served to another table! LOL
Eating the chilli vinegar wanton with more sliced ginger! So yummy!
The noodles with mince meat and pickled vegetable eaten with some chilli oil and paste! So damn good! Spicy, chewy, salty and sour!
My boyfriend mixing up that noodle with extra chilli oil! It was so yum and the noodles so perfect!
Beautiful chive and pork dumplings, the skin was thin and soft and the filling so fine and delicious in the mouth!
The chive and meat filling was super filled with chives which we loved!
Add chilli oil, ginger and vinegar and NOM!

Giant glass bottle of nutella anyone?
Mantis prawns! My absolute favorites! i love these fried with garlic and chilli!
All the seafood in our bigger local supermarket!
The calamansi lime plant we planted outside our house is full of limes!
My boyfriend and his INOVA water circulator system. It's basically how you can do sous vide cooking at home without buying the actual $1000+ sous vide machine system. Most start at $800+ onwards but this cost $300 plus shipping from the scientific equipment site he got it from!
Super simple and straightforward. Set the temperature, set the time and start!
My two dogs napping in the late afternoon! Fatter here in the front is older and always sleeping. The young one always watches her rest!
Thin pork shoulder cuts for circulating!
Our ingredients for the pork and beef dinner!
Our sirloin steaks and pork cooking!
When removed from the bags! They are rare inside and all even! That's the beautiful benefit of sous vide cooking, even cooking!
Roasted cherry tomatos, local sweet potato mash, creamed spinach and sous vide sirloin with a chunky mushroom sauce!
See what I mean! You will only ever get this even cooking with sous vide cooking! The steaks were cheap meat and cooking them like this reduces how uneven they are when you cook them normally! The meat was so tender and soft although very lean!
Barely 10% of the steak on the outside was 'well done' because we don't need to sear them for very long since the inside is cooked so evenly! Such a great home made steak! I need to eat beef more!

Yes, it was a day of food! I realize I love food, I love eating food, tasting food, the act of eating, the feeling of it...everything! I'm crazy and am usually planning what I'm going to eat before I do just because the thought of food makes me happy!

I'm also a lover of dim sum and can eat it anytime! I don't think I'll ever get sick of chinese dumplings, I can have entire meals of nothing but them. They aren't a starter to me but a main!

Have you eaten sous vide steak before?
Like to try?

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Nice orangy look ! You lokk fab with oranges ! And that palettes from MUA looks so nice , i can't find it in Belgium :(

  2. I loved ypur glowing look and the food!!nom nom! You had a really great day hun! Keep up! :))

  3. This restaurant has nice looking noodles c:
    And omg this water circulator thingy looks nifty! :o
    I want one haha, love your makeup look with
    orange ^__^ Xx

  4. All of the food looks delicious! And that eye look is fabulous on you. You look so pretty!

  5. Soup dumplings! My FAVVVVVE! That steak looks super sick too babe, fashion food and beauty! Love this post :D

    Thank you for visiting my blog doll, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!
    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. I love chili oil on everything, especially noodles and dumplings. I am currently trying not to drool over my keyboard.
    Your eye makeup looks pretty! The orange-gold really warms up the eyes.

  7. What a cool sous vide cooking gadget you have! $800 plus postage for that!!! I would rather spend this amount of money on clothes shopping and bags :p

    Well, as long as your bf is happy... why not?

    Nice din tai fung meal :D


  8. All looks very delicious~ I love it your makeup, your blush is so soft and pretty!

  9. Sharilynn dear, you always makes me hungry by posting yummy foods. eee. ♥

  10. Your eye makeup looks beautiful! And the food looks so delicious...I'm getting hungry right now D:

  11. Mmmm it just looks all sooo gooood.
    I had no idea you were taking culinary classes! Congrats on completion! =)
    The color combo you chose for your eyes works so well together. I wish I wore more orange...

  12. Beautiful eye makeup (totally something I would wear!) and the food looks delicious!




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