Monday, 28 April 2014

Food: Home made Tom Yum Seafood soup!

Home made Tom Yum Goong soup! How many of you are like me, love food, all types of food and especially fresh, tasty and very hearty food? I'm a giant fan of thai food, I would love to live in thailand just for the amazingly fresh, tasty, flavor bursting and wide variety of dishes! One of the most famous thai dishes is Tom Yum soup. The two most known is the regular watery tom yum soup and the creamy thicker one which uses coconut cream.

Here I have made the regular, classic tom yum goong soup! You can use all kinds of seafood and additional ingredients like fishcakes, fish balls, meat balls, vegetables and sliced meats!

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Home made Tom Yum Goong (seafood) soup!

Fresh giant tiger prawn heads!
On the left is a normal tiger prawn, the right is the super Xl sized I got from a secret place!
Look how freaking huge they are! I won't be able to get them anymore but normal prawns do the job exactly the same!

Step1: Make prawn stock by frying prawn shells/heads in oil until the oil comes out, becomes frothy and smells so damn good!
If you fry normal sized prawn shells/heads, after doing so, the shells are so crispy and yummy to eat!
The prawn oil! This is going to be combined and cooked with the stock herbs (sliced galangal, lemongrass, coriander roots, chilli and lime leaves)
All the ingredients for making basic tom yum plus more! For stock: Prawn shells, lemongrass, coriander root, chilli, lime leaves, lime juice (for adjusting taste), sugar/palm sugar and chicken stock/fish stock, fish sauce. For soup: Coriander roots, lime leaves, tomato, prawns (or other seafood), mushrooms, fish cakes, fish balls and additional vegetable like tomatoes/broccoli!
Combine the fried prawn oils with the herbs for the stock with either chicken/fish stock. Let this shimmer and then let it boil until foamy and let it reduce for about 15-20 minutes!
I love how this soup uses so many herbs! After this stock is reduced, strain it and add all the vegetable and meat ingredients, season with lime juice, palm sugar/sugar and fish sauce so to have a sour, salty, spicy balance in taste. Then serve hot with rice!
Finished product! Home made tom yum goong soup! The beautiful red color is from the prawn stock, the spiciness level is from the amount of small red chillis you put in the soup!

This dish is actually surprisingly easy and so delicious to make at home, it doesn't take very long and you don't need any special skills. I'm so grateful to have had an amazing thai chef at my school to teach us this thai dish. All you need to have tasted a very authentic tom yum soup to then be able to adjust the flavor when making this. Serve with hot steamed rice or even cooked pasta! 

 Do you like Tom Yum soup?
Spicy or mild?
Let me know!

Thank you so much!


  1. I'm not a big fan of seafood but this looks yummy!


  2. the soup looks delicious!


  3. Yum - totally bookmarking this!

  4. Oh I love tom yum soup!! and the king prawn is huge! they're unbelievably expensive here T-T
    I love my soup to be spicy! I love spicy food ^^

  5. yummy! thanks for the share ♥

  6. Though I don't eat prawns but love fish curries and fry fishes! This soup looks so yummy <3 You are so talented girl <3 Kisses <3

  7. Yum this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing ^^

  8. tom yum is probably one of my favorite food (especially my mom's). ironically my mom says tom yum in thailand doesn't taste as good? probably because of our indonesian taste bud lol. your post makes me crave tom yum so bad omg :c

  9. OMG, I can never resist a good Tom Yum!! You're making me drool with that gigantic prawn head. Now, where did you get that from?? Hahaha!

  10. Oh good gosh this looks delicious!! Even better knowing it's made fresh!




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