Monday, 7 April 2014

Food post: Things I ate for the month of March!

Delicious asian food! All I've been craving the last few months have been asian dishes. Noodles, fried rice, tofu, stir fries! It's not as if I don't eat asian food every day or at least once a day in some form, food or drink but I'm just such a lover of the cuisine in general from Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese...all types of asian food I love!

I don't have as many photos of the food I ate during March but here's a good solid bunch of the best things I had. I also made a couple meals at home which I want to share below!

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Food post for March: Home made fried wantons, vegetarian crispy floss tofu, vegetable hor fun noodles, home made tom yum seafood soup!
Stir fried mixed vegetables: button mushrooms, sweet peas, baby corn, carrots, water chestnuts!
Home made char sui! My mom marinated and made the sauce from scratch! It was very good! It's not burnt, it's just the dark sauce!
Stir fried broccoli with wolf berries!
Home made wantons! Filled with mince pork, water chestnuts and prawns!
Boiled for wanton noodles with shanghai green, broccoli and fish cakes!
I had to fry a bunch, I couldn't resist, it was so damn good!
Prawn, mince pork and diced water chestnuts...!
A coffee shop corner at Bishan my mom brought me to near by Grandma's new flat!

Mix organs herbal soup! It's very tasty, rich, peppery and full of pieces of intestine, meat balls, tendons and pieces of pork! The soup is flavored with salted pickled vegetable!
Intestine and liver! So yummy! I wish there was more organs!
Vegetarian fried hor fun noodles, lots of vegetable, cubes of fried tofu and a very well seasoned sauce and delicious rice noodles!
Crispy floss tofu, the crispy bits on top are made of tofu and seasoned with seaweed, the tofu is fried but very soft inside. This was so damn delicious! I need to go back just to eat this alone!
Pink Guava! A fruit I enjoyed as a child from our own fruit tree but unfortunately this guava wasn't very sweet!
A super filling, tasty, wholesome morning breakfast! Pan grilled tomato, red onions, seared spam, rice and lettuce!
Home made tom yum soup! Filled with straw mushrooms, prawns, fish cakes, broccoli and lots of fresh herbs like lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, coriander root! The red color is from prawn shells I had to fry to make half of the stock!
I had a great month for food in March, made lots of dishes at home, lots of fried rice, tom yum soup twice and went out to try new places to eat with my mother and boyfriend! I really love food, can't imagine a world without tasty quality meals!

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  1. this looks so good. i'm starting to miss home, haven't had asian food in ages. <3

    Check out my latest lifestyle (food) post! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  2. You get to eat soooo many goodies! You're an impressive chef too. Jealous!

  3. This is all looks ridiculously delicious..!

    Jodie Marie
    à la

  4. I should be asleep, but now I'm hungry again!
    I want those wontons!

  5. Asian food is just so tasty! The fried wontons look so delish, as well as the char sui :) Believe it or not I've never tried the guava fruit. The colour of the flesh is so gorgeous though!

  6. wow, above food were homemade!! those dishes look like restaurant would serve on their menu!!! those look really tasty and yummy ;)

    Even though my blog name has 'guava' in it, I don't think I've ever tried it before! THE SHAME ;-; (I mean, I've had guava juice, but that stuff is all artificial flavours probably)




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