Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Empties for March 2014!

Empties time! March was an amazing month for empties for me! I've been steadily finishing face scrubs, washes, conditioners and lots of face masks and body washes! My goal is to finish up any extra back up purchases I have stored away so that I can free up space to buy new products to try! 

March has been the first month of many where I've really tried to use more face masks over night to refresh my skin! I've been going through my assorted box of masks from The Face Shop and they have been awesome!

Continue below for the giant empties post!
Empties for March 2014!
Herbal Essences long term relationship conditioner: This red raspberry scented rich conditioner is one of my favorites. It smells amazing, so sweet and berry like and it really makes your hair soft, shiney and the scent lasts forever!

Boots Mango & papaya body scrub: A medium grain jelly textured scrub. I'd totally buy this again!

Ducray Keracnyl face wash: A chemical exfoliant wash, this has a lovely scent free scent (ironic right?) and works great at keeping the texture of your skin even.

Himalaya Neem scrub: A slightly herbal scented scrub, this is good for moderate exfoliation.

Eversoft Apricot scrub: A very lovely rough scrub, it's like st.ives but slightly finer and thicker!

ISIS Teen Dream Aqua toner: A very lovely french pharmacy toner! Nothing amazing but lovely!

Diaso brush detergent: This is a holy grail essential brush cleaning liquid from the $2 shop Diaso!

Herbal Essences Dangerously straight conditioner, Scentio Pomegrante Pearly Cream Bath, Boots Collangenese cleansing make up removing wipes!
Herbal Essences Dangerously straight conditioner: Another absolutely favorite conditioner from them, this is just so sweet and floral! It works wonders as well as being so nicely scented!

Scentio Pomegrante Pearly Cream Bath: A super luxurious and pearly creamy bath wash. This smells beautiful and sweet and is such a pleasure to use, this line from Beauty Buffet is wonderful!

Boots Collangenese cleansing make up removing wipes: They are just straightforward make up removing wipes. These are meant to be enriched but this stung when it wiped around my eyes! I didn't finish this pack and had to throw it out!

Tony Moly Cucumber mask, The Face Shop  Blueberry and Bamboo masks, Dewy Tree Hyaluronic Acid Nutrition focus mask, Pore Control Essence Mask
Tony Moly Cucumber mask: A lovely mask, super moist and the mask fits so well! I wish I got more!

The Face Shop  Blueberry and Bamboo masks: Absolutely soothing, I got these in a christmas box set from them (See here!) and I really hope they help boost my skins condition over night!

Dewy Tree Hyaluronic Acid Nutrition focus mask: A stand out mask, this smells amazing and feels so gel like and hydrating, I really need more from this brand!

Pore Control Essence Mask: From a korean brand which I can't remember though (as I've thrown it away since!) but this is meant to tighten pores, I haven't seen real pore tightening but it's soothing to use!

Nivea In shower  intensive skin conditioner, Biore limited edition nose strips in Cherry blosson and Green tea, Biothern Pure-fection hydrating gel
Nivea In shower  intensive skin conditioner: This is like nivea's creme but turned into a thinner texture for a body wash! It really smells great but I wouldn't buy this in full size.

Biore limited edition nose strips in Cherry blosson and Green tea: Got these special scented ones while on holiday in Bangkok in the supermarket! They work just like the regular ones but are intensely scented of cherry blossoms and sweet green tea!

Biothern Pure-fection hydrating gel: A gel textured product for hydration, gifted to me in a swap, I quite enjoyed the light gel feeling and would consider buying this type of product again!

Free gift make up bag from Etude House
A thick plastic make up bag, it looks like a gaudy, girly for a 7 year old type of pencil case that should be filled with crayons and pencils! It's ridiculous, who would use this for make up if you're not under 12?
Catrice Multi Colour powder for light skin, Biore cleansing strips pore pack, Pore control Essence Mask and after sun-stress!
Catrice Multi Colour powder for light skin: This powder has too much pink blended into it, you end up looking a bit burnt and a bit too pink, this would be a good light contour but the staying power is very low. This is better for medium skin tones than light!

Biore cleansing strips pore pack: My favorite brand of nose strips, I've been using Biore's pore strips for more than 5 years and they always work amazingly for me. The trick is to get enough water on your nose and then apply and do not touch. Make sure to have the fan/aircon on so it dries quickly.

Pore control Essence Mask and after sun-stress: I'd bought these boxes of face mask now almost three years ago and after using as many as I could (I bought 3 boxes of each!) I think its time to throw the rest away! They were really affordable and I don't want skin irritation if they are too old!

Wearing The Face Shop Real Nature mask! It's a great fit!
The Face Shop Real Nature masks in Honey, Mung Bean and Green Tea, Biore nose strips in Green tea, cherry blosson and regular, Crest 3-D White strips
The Face Shop Real Nature masks in Honey, Mung Bean and Green Tea: All these are from a christmas gift box with one of every mask from the line! I've been enjoying using them so much, they feel so freshening and I wear them overnight!

Crest 3-D White strip: I ordered these online from ebay and absolutely have been seeing results! I got a pack of 5 individual strips and kept 3 for myself to use and gave 2 to my boyfriend. I've seen light whitening on my teeth and definitely want to buy more to use!

As seen above I've had a great month of empties and using products up! It was awesome to get through so much in a month and I've got so many things to review as well in the up and coming months!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Wowww you collect so much empties :D!! Good job!
    It is awful when makeup remover wipes sting. I still think netrogena produces the best drugstore remover wipes :D!!
    Why you dont like the Nivea In shower? I havent tried it but it sounds so gimmicky and somehow tempting to me :p

    Xo Denise

  2. i've been eyeing those herbal essence shampoos and conditioners bc of the raves! i will want to purchase that right after i finish my current shampoo~ lol you have been keeping all those sachets all this month?


  3. I tried Himalaya acne spot treatment, which was really nice.

  4. Nice set of empties dear. I love sheet masks too. I have emptied many of them :-)

  5. YAY! Another empties post =) I love Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners... =D Currently I'm obsessed with the hair mousse!

  6. wowow, great job on some much empties!!! ;) ive wanted to try the daiso brush cleaner but we dont have that here :( regards with the etude free makeup bag, loloooolz, i guess koreans at 12 started wearing makeup already ;)

  7. I LOVE that Daiso brush cleaner! Wish I could get it for just $2. No such luck being international. :)

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  8. Woah! A lot of empties! I've been wanting to try The Face Shop masks. Great post! :) The bag makes me think of barbies lol.

  9. absolutely love the daiso sponge detergent! it is life changingggg

  10. Good job on finishing up so many!
    I absolutely love Herbal Essences, one of my fave haircare brands! And wow so many masks. Asian face masks are so refreshing but sadly, I don't see them do anything more than moisturize. I really want to start getting whiter teeth, maybe I should try the crest ones!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  11. WOW! This is such an epic month of empties... you did amazingly well :D xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  12. I totally agree on the Daiso brush cleaner being really amazing. Whatever soap and detergent cant wash from my make up sponge, Daiso did it in a jiffy. I had wanted to buy the Nivea body wash off conditioner as I read good stuff about it. You wouldn't buy it in full? It isn't that fantastic?

  13. LOLOL I LOVE THAT ETUDE BAG! hahaha. It's so anime-ish.
    Great post, I like seeing products from other countries (and it makes me a bit jealous as well, all the variety you have readily available to you!)

  14. Oh geez, you got through so much stuff! That's awesome!




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