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Review: Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50!

Sunkiller BB cream! Besides good coverage that matches and looks flawless up close the most important thing about what we put on our faces should be sunblock. Buying a foundation or base product with SPF or wearing a sunblock beneath with protection factor is very important to prevent pigmentation and long term skin damage as well as wrinkles and dryness.

While I was browsing the pharmacy with my mother about a month back looking for a sunblock to bring on my Krabi Thailand beach trip I came across this! A Japanese brand called "Sunkiller" with several sunblocks and this one that's a BB sunblock! There was no tester but I just couldn't resist it!

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Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50
Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50 meant as a sunblock with BB qualities!
This formula is advertised to be lightweight, moisturizing and water resistant!
Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50
Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50
Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50


Hot pink, labelled simply, squeezy bottle and in a hand held size...what more must I mention or point out? I love everything about the packaging. So simple and pretty, girl and easy to use! Although this BB sunblock has the standard 30ml the product has been packaged into such a tiny and light easy to pack product.

My favorite and a very important part of this product is the nozzle and how the cap secures on. The nozzle is very tiny and for a good reason as the product is more liquid in consistency. More importantly the screw on and then click secure last turn of the cap ensure that this product will stay close and will never come off.

Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50
My bare face, I have darkness around the eyes!
My bare skin, for the most part very clear but I have light pigmentation and oiliness!

On first impressions this is a very interesting and new type of product to me. All of my foundations or bb creams in general have a thickest to them so when I first put some onto my hand and felt like thin and watery this was I really didn't have any expectations of coverage or how well this would look or last on my face. 

The consistency is very thin, water like, much like the Biore milky UV products except this is tinted to be a skin color. On one hand this texture is great for those who like very lightweight products and it's very easy to blend and you don't need to rush before it sets.

The color of this product is a light milky yellow shade, it would match a NC 15-20 best. At the time I wore this in my review photos I was about  NC 20-25 but the rest of my limbs were a NC 35! The texture is very thin and this blends incredibly well so if you're a tad bit lighter or tanner you could easily make this work for you although you might need to set with a powder for a better match.

One layer of Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50
This feels very light and refreshing on the skin, nothing like a sunblock, no nasty smell, no stickiness, nothing like a sunblock at all. The coverage is quite impressive too, looking at the photo right below, you can see that the darkness under my eyes are completely covered and my skin in general is much more even! 

I must say that my skin is very clear for the most part and I'm lucky I don't suffer from much pimples anymore. Overall I can say that this gives you maximum light coverage and can cover darkness and redness around the nose and mouth but will not cover up pigmentation/moles. I absolutely love how you can see your skin coming through this base, it's great coverage for such a thin product and yet it looks just like your skin but better!

To make this match and last longer as I always do with 90% of my foundations/bases I use a pressed powder. It's so important that my bases last looking great for as long as possible. I don't see a point of walking out of the house, with an average of 35 degrees and a humidity of at least 80% and above without a powder on! Therefore I can't say how this works on it's own but with a light powder or a powder of some sort to set this, it looks great even after many hours as long as you've got a solid powder to touch up with.

Last spot to apply to, my forehead! See how well it matches my yellow toned light skin!
Only layer of Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50

As you can see, one layer of this on my bare skin, no base or anything looks like I had my skin lightly airbrushed! I love the finish on its own but I set it lightly with a powder before leaving! I'm very lucky that with my lighter complexion I usually always match BB or tinted products without much problems with ashiness or shades being too light.

Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50
This is how the product runs naturally, it's very liquid like and thin in texture!

BB cream comparison!

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral, Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong, The Face Shop Power Perfect BB.    Out of the three, The Face Shop is the thickest and creamiest, followed by the Maybelline and then Sunkiller being the thinnest!
Maybelline Pure BB Mineral (my review), Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong, The Face Shop Power Perfect BB cream (my review)
As seen from my swatches above the Sunkiller is the most neutral yellow and lighter yellow between Sunkiller and Maybelline. Surprisingly, although this looks like the creamier lighter one, the coverage is better than Maybelline. The one from Maybelline blends out to be pretty sheer and almost all pigmentation on my skin can be seen and my under eye area is still a bit dark.

The Face Shop has the thickest and most coverage of the three, it can have full coverage whereas the other two have light coverage. It also has the most neutral coloring and isn't good for you if you're more yellow toned. I'd totally recommend this one though against the Sunkiller if you need coverage and want the longest lasting BB of these three.

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral (my review), Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong, The Face Shop Power Perfect BB cream (my review)
Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF 50!
Paid: $17.90 SGD or about $14.20 USD

Recommend: Yes! This is a very interesting products and is very worth a try for those who don't need much coverage and who want something lightweight and flawless at the same time. There's no resemblance of actual sunblock in this product which is a huge plus and if you match it, do try it!

Repurchase: No, I have nothing to say bad about this product and love the qualities of this as I have nothing like it but I don't need another one of this exact product. I'm very keen on getting more lightweight lighter coverage foundations to try but I want to try other brands!

Bottom line: A super product for something so lightweight, light coverage and yet it covers the most necessary flaws on my bare skin. The match is great for those with pale/light yellow toned skintone and this feels like nothing on the face and smells and feels nothing like a regular sunblock! Do give this a try, it's quite an interesting product and I look forward to wearing this more often!

Do you think you'd like to try Sunkiller BB?
What do you think of a watery texture?
Let me know!

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  1. This sounds like a good bb cream for 'base' ! I use the maybelline water gel BB cream you gave me mostly as a 'base' because of the light coverage and the lightweight formula..
    This one sounds similar like the Maybelline one!
    I've been enjoying the Sun bb cream you gave me as well! it has decent coverage and lovely finish! ^^

  2. Oh I have the previous packaging of this! I remember buying it for the high SPF, and the light coverage. I love the nozzle as well! It's so much more hygienic and well suited for the formula right?! I'm gunna have to pick up a new one of this- I've forgotten how easy this was to work with :)

  3. I love it the lightwight product because makes the face looks flawless and pretty, thanks for your review this product looks gorgeous! Comment to me back, to keep in touch~

  4. I love Sunkiller's older/neutral sunblock and so happy to read the tinted BB is just as good and thin and even better because it has a tint!
    I've been with a lot of sunblocks and the Japanese types (some Koreans) too are the best in protection: the French often let some sun in, which is fine but they should state in on their packaging: otherwise I have to be on the brightening serums again afterwards :)

  5. I love the shade of this but I do prefer BB's with coverage. But with your skin, it looks amazing! I'm so jealous of your skin. :P

  6. the shade looks so natural unlike other bb creams that have mostly pink undertones. if this weren't titled as bb cream review, i would have thought this is a skincare post lol!




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