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Review: Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder in 031 Warm Beige!

Skin Finish Compact Powder! Everybody needs powder, maybe unless you suffer from very dry skin a good powder as a foundation or for setting your base is so basic and needed in any make up collection. For those who don't wear sunblock having SPF in your foundation or powder is a good replacement. 

Here, I've picked up a very sheer coverage powder for everyday use. There are only a few shades in this range but they are so sheer it's easy to blend them out to match most pale to medium skin tones!  

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Skin Finish Compact Powder in 031 Warm Beige
Skin Finish Compact Powder in 031 Warm Beige
This shade is a beautiful neutral beige, it's medium looking in the pan but worn sheer it does look lighter! I was tempted to buy a lighter shade but ended up with this slightly tan one compared with my bare skin.
The compact is in a clear packaging, the hinge is fragile and could break if dropped by accident. I do like the exterior a lot though! It looks so much like Shu Uemura eyeshadow packaging!
My bare face! I have slight darkness and puffiness under my eyes!
Wearing Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder in 031 Warm Beige!
Wearing Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder in 031 Warm Beige!
Packaging & Product!

Much like their single eyeshadows and single blushes, the basic range of their compact products are clear! I quite find it refreshing compared to all the black compacts most make up have but the only downside is that the hinges on these clam shell plastic packaging are not very sturdy. Another con is that there is no mirror because of the design of the compact but it doesn't bother me at all!

I've accidentally dropped my single shadows from them and they didn't shatter because the packaging is nice and thick but the hinges cracked and broke. I'm not concerned about that happening with this powder as I'm going to make sure I'm careful!

The powder is really quite straightforward. It's a light coverage, lightweight, mattifying pressed powder! It's great for touching up your T-zone and for those who just want sheer coverage this is quite perfect for you. 

Using a dense buffing type powder or kabuki brush is best for applying this for more coverage. I use only this powder on my face for days when I want light coverage, it's also very good over foundation but it can oxidize slightly. I do wish I'd bought a shade lighter because of that!

Note: It seems like this powder is no longer available from Catrice displays in Singapore, there's a new round pan pressed powder in place of this one!

Wearing Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder in 031 Warm Beige!
Paid: Approx. $6.90 SGD or about $5.40 USD

Recommend: Yes, but only for those who are either looking for a touching up powder, very light setting powder or sheer coverage. It's not good for those who need real oil control or who want more coverage!

Repurchase: No, it's a decent powder and I'm more than half way through now but it's not amazing, even for an affordable product that does what it's meant to do. I'm always trying new powders so I'll be back with more to share!

Bottom line: A super affordable and simply sheer and light powder. I'd recommend this for those on a budget, those who love trying out powders and those who are just getting into make up and don't want to have anything heavy. You can definitely skip this though as it's nothing special!

Do you use powder to set your foundation?
Tried any powders from Catrice?
Let me know!

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  1. I have to agree with you, this powder is good but not amazing! I have recently tossed away mine after 3 years in my possession but I barely used it..
    Catrice took out this one from its permanent collection and replaced it with another powder which supposed to be very good and waterproof.. the powder has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from the beauty community here.. But I haven't tried the new one because I have so many powders already! lol

  2. ooh it looks like the powder matches your tone perfectly! and ugh I hate it when I drop my eyeshadow and it cracks... worst feeling ever lol




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