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Skincare: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam!

Rice Bran cleansing foam! I'm a fan of products using extracts or natural ingredients like vegetables, fruits and other things like such. Being chinese I've been told by so many fellow family members and hear about how rice, rice water, rice milk are used and how they can help. Personally I do enjoy using things with 'natural' ingredients although I know they are only garnishing the main ingredients most of the time.

While browsing The Face Shop some time back, I was just strictly looking at the skin care and decided that since I was almost done using up all my cleansers I though I'd get this rice bran foaming cleanser to try!

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The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam

Packaging & Product!

Cream colored, simply done with rice grain/bran design on the bottom of the tube, I really appreciate and love how The Face Shop have designed their products with so much thought. It's great to have a good product that does what it says and more but having products with such appropriate, fun and well designed packaging makes the product a plus!

This cleanser comes in a very decent 150ml size which I personally consider as a larger sized cleanser. I personally like sizes between 50-100ml as cleansers take a long time to use up! 

The product itself was quite a surprise but in a very good way. The texture is thick and creamy and has a pretty opalescent finish. At first, it looks like a regular face wash but when you look closely and rub the scrub on your skin there are little scrubby bits that are suppose to be the bits of rice bran inside the wash. 

Once wet and rubbed between the palms and applied to the face this wash does foam up but not like the  foam pump type of washes, it's very soapy and refreshing and the light milky rice smell is very nice. The bits do not melt and work as a good light scrub in this cleanser however there's not enough of them to really consider this a scrub.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam
I love how this feels on the face and how your skin feels right after. Very soft and a bit tight from oil being removed but not too tight or dry like how some can be over drying. I find that this is great when brought down onto the neck and chest area too as it really feels so nice, soapy and smooth.

Another great thing about this wash is that it's so soapy that combined with a rough scrub it can remove face make up really well! I often mix thick creamy washes with a scrub for removing the rest of my face make up at the end of the day!

The rice bran ingredient in this wash and in this line of products are meant to be naturally brightening. My mother has told me since I was younger that her mother used to keep the water from washing rice that's milky to wash her hair and face with! We also used to water plants with that water as it's full of the natural dust from the rice and isn't dirty. I personally haven't noticed any improvements in my pigmentation but my skin always feels great after using this!

I really think that the girls who would love this are those with normal to oilier skin as the bits of grains also helps improve the texture of your skin besides removing make up. The scent is very pleasant and I believe this wash is a very affordable and lovely pick for a wash using rice. 

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam

Paid: $14.80 SGD or about $11.75 USD (Their skincare is so affordable! Much cheaper
                                                                    than products from L'oreal/ Garnier/ Neutrogena)

Recommend: Yes! This product is has a lovely consistency, feels great while being used and leaves your skin feeling just right after being used. I think this would be best for those with normal to slightly oily skin. I love how this product using rice bran as the ingredient should be helpful to naturally brightening your skin.

Repurchase: Unlikely, not because there's anything I don't like about this product but because I want to try other products from this line and their other skincare lines! I'm always trying new cleansers and only repurchasing those that made an amazing difference.

Bottom line: A very interesting and great product, I've never used rice products but am super eager on trying more from this line. The scent, texture and quality of this product is lovely. My skin always feels great after and I'm always looking forward to using this to remove my face make up! 

Have you used any skincare products with rice?
Want to try this rice bran cleanser?
Let me know!

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  1. For this reason I love it the Korean Skincare products because are more cheap but has better resulst on my skin than others brands. I´m exciting because I´m awaiting a cream from this line of Rice from The Face Shop. Omg I really want this cleanser but I have so many. Many thanks for your review.

  2. Bits of rice bran mixed into the cleanser?! That sounds so awesome! But having said that, I'm not sure this would be the best product for me! I can only get away with exfoliating once a week otherwise my face feels way too stretched!

  3. This product sounds lovely and I would definitely try it. I wonder if it's available in the UK.. I haven't heard of this brand before. I love the look and sound of the formula!

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  4. I haven't tried any rice skin product before but this ones interesting thanks for sharing!

  5. This product sounds very impressive! Would love to give it a try if I can get hold of it somehow!

  6. I haven’t tried any skin care product from TFS yet. I think this is a nice one.
    ~Pauline @Aveeno Philippines




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