Tuesday, 15 April 2014

FOTD: Vietnamese lunch and an Icy blue eye look!

Icy blue eyes and Vietnamese food! Nothing really too special or interesting on my eyes but here's  the quick frosty light blue eye look I did for a day out! After visiting a new vietnamese cafe with my mother and really loving the authentic and very affordable food, I decided to bring my boyfriend to have lunch there too!

Continue below for the look and food! 
 Vietnamese lunch, chinese dinner and Icy blue eye using MUA Dawn till Dusk palette!
Icy blue eyes using the MUA Dawn till dusk palette!
Super simple icy blue eyes using the MUA Dawn till dusk palette!
Products Used: Biore UV mousse (my review), Rimmel Stay Matte mousse, MUA Dawn till Dusk palette, Sleek contour kit in light, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, P2 Glam sheer lipstick, Maybelline color tattoo (my review), Revlon matte (for my brows), Sleek blush in antique (my review), K-palette eyeliner (my review), Maybeline falsies (my review)
On my cheeks is the very unique shade Antique from Sleek! I'm wearing it very lightly!

Without any lipstick, the frosty light blue seemed too over powering overall so I added a coral toned lipstick but I was still unsure of how well it paired!

This very wearable lovely pinky coral shade is called Mona Lisa Smile from P2, a Glam Sheer lipstick!

Vietnamese Lunch at 'So Pho So Good'!
My boyfriend had the chicken and chicken pate Bahn Mi sandwich! This comes in a set with a choice of Vietnamese drip coffee!
I ordered a rice noodle with grilled chicken that came with two delicious spring rolls!
This is the light sweet fish sauce that I mixed into the noodles with the raw vegetables and chicken!
Vietnamese prawn cakes on sugar cane! Very juicy, extremely well seasoned and the sugar cane sticks are so delicious to nibble on!
The drip coffee after all the coffee has transferred into the glass, I ordered it with condensed milk at the bottom!
My boyfriend really getting into his sandwich! We are both big fans of these Vietnamese baguette sandwich!
Our table after lunch!
After lunch, we went to venture into china town!
Walking past the Tin Tin shop!

The beautiful colors of the windows, different colored buildings and the people walking around!
An exposed mannequin!
People's Park Complex, an older shopping center in china town with lots of food stalls and eateries directly around!
See all those empty tables? They can be full at night!
The lovely colorful lanterns all still hung up from Chinese New Year!
I had to take this photo! Just look at how cute the dog and penguin toys are!

Dinner time appetizer at Lao Beijing restaurant! Crispy fried fish skin with chilli and garlic!
Hot and sour soup! My boyfriend's favorite!
A bowl of mince beef hand made noodle soup, we shared this tasty bowl!
What chinese meal is complete without a dim sum? My favorite, xiao long bao!
Our favorite dish of all that night, pig's ear and intestine jelly with spicy chilli paste and cucumbers!

Would you like to try Vietnamese food?
A sandwich or noodle soup?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. OMG that sleek blush IS super unique and gorgeous!
    and Bánh mì!!!!! I used to eat those almost weekly when I was younger, since a shop sold them right by my school, lol.

  2. Wow, Love the beautiful place, very colorful and neat! You look so pretty with ice blue eye makeup honey! Love your flawless skin and pretty lips <3 Those dishes look yummy and delicious <3 Have a nice day my friend <3

  3. My stomach actually growled when I finished reading this post. I am so hungry right now, and it's 1am here. I shouldn't look at your food posts until after having a meal. :P

  4. I love vietnamese sandwich! There is a small vietnamese sandwich stall near where I work so I often go there to get my lunch ^^
    Oooh I miss people's park! I always stay near there every time I am in Singapore since my aunt lives there!
    Your make up is gorgeous btw! you can def rock any color! the bright blue will look odd on me, but it looks gooddd on you!

  5. Your icy blue eyes look is so stunning <3 Love it <3
    And foodorn galore!

  6. This baby blue color fits you very well:)

  7. I love the makeup look and reading this post really made me hungry :D

  8. You look so gorgeous! I love what you've done with your eyes, the icy blue looks amazing. The lippy matches it well btw :) your meals look delicious! xx

  9. So in love with the look of the Sleek Antique blush - I have Pan Tao and Rose Gold from the line but this seems much more exciting to me! I also really like the sound of that condensed milk coffee - mmmm!

  10. That eyeshadow look looks like it's straight out of the movie 'Frozen'. I love it :D
    I almost always order vermicelli when I'm at Vietnamese restaurants because I LOVE the fish sauce and noodles together. I would eat that plain if I could :D (AND UGH, NIBBLING ON SUGAR CANE IS AMAZING)

  11. Definitely loving that Sleek blush.




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