Friday, 6 March 2015

Enchanting Gradient Golden Berry eyes! (Japanese dessert and chicken dinner)

Enchanting eyes with golden berry tones! When I think golden browns and purple tones I always think of fall and winter but these shades honestly are perfect year round especially on us ladies with dark brown eyes! This look was inspired by the cranberry dress I wore. I wanted something that was complex and had multiple tones but yet subtle and colorful. This look wasn't planned out so I totally was in love when it turned out so well.

On the day I did this look my boyfriend and I headed into town for a movie! Before the movie I had a craving for a soft hot waffle so we did stop by a casual Japanese cafe before the movie. Afterwards we had dinner at our favorite Indonesian Ayam Penyat restaurant that's famous for their fried smashed chicken rice dish!

Continue below for the full look and food!
My enchanting gradient golden berry eye look! (Japanese waffle dessert and ayam penyat dinner)
My enchanting gradient golden berry eye look! Using a mix of warm neutrals, purple and pink tones and a good blending brush!
My enchanting gradient golden berry eye look! One of my more complex looks using 7 eyeshadows in total! I was going for a rich complex warm golden and berry look!
My enchanting gradient golden berry eye look! I cut a lash in half for more lusciousness and ran a bronzey gold gel eyeliner in my lower water line!
On my lips is Maybelline's Watershine Pure lipstick in shade B23! Love how this formula is pigmented but very hydrating and moist! A perfect brown nude on me!
Growing out my fringe so I'm tucking it aside! My look was totally inspired by my cranberry dress!
Products used: ZA two way powder, Revlon matte (for brows), Sleek contour kit, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Biore Uv aqua whitening cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, Urban Decay shadow pencil, Clio Gelpresso eyeliner, Lady Oscar eyeliner, Lancome virtuose mascara, Kiss me heroine mascara, NYX lip liner, Maybelline water shine pure lipstick!
Neutral eyeshadows used: matte cream from Too Faced Natural eye kit, rusty brown from MUA Heaven and Earth, Salmon tone neutral from Urban Decay Vice 2 palette!
Colorful shadows used: matte bold purple from Sleek's Snapshots palette, purplish pink from Sephora, creamy bronze and cranberry shade from 4U2 Impressionist palette
I was soooo IN LOVE with this look after finishing it that I took so many photos! Love how the colors in my eyes, go with my lips, cheek and dress! Subtle, well paired and the tones just all are similar but not in a matchy way!
I didn't intend or plan this look so as I slowly worked on it and made the gradient of colors I consistency blended and brought the color up on my lid! Love how smooth the gradient of color turned out!
On my cheeks is a combo of the warmest reddish terracotta shade and a touch of a lighter peach shade from this GORGEOUS blush palette from the Indonesian brand Make Over which I bought on holiday! It was SO CHEAP and SO AMAZING.
Posing with my 'child' Dodo! He's the first of two of these square bear toys I've gotten and have LOVED like a maniac crazy old lady the last few months! Although I had two, they both look slightly different (different batches), I will introduce his brother Doodoo another time!
My 'where is my food? I am so HANGRY' face! To begin the afternoon out, we headed to a Japanese cafe for a mid-afternoon dessert!
Playing with my cutlery while waiting for the dessert!
Trying to grab the camera from my boyfriend! He loves to take candid photos of me when I'm not posing or not ready!
The minor 'oh you' face from the boyfriend! I was the only one eating the dessert and we were there only because of my craving! He was just going to watch me eat!
Freshly made hot and chewy waffles on a bed of chocolate sauce served with a scoop of green tea ice cream, strawberries and a biscotti!
Making a funny face while waiting for me to take my food pictures!! HEHEHE
Indonesian fried cat fish! I know some people avoid catfish because of the muddy tasty or how it's a fish that's at the bottom of the river eating mud and rubbish but I love how soft and tasty it is! I'll never get tired of this!
Indonesian fried smashed chicken! A classic and I eat it at least once a month! My boyfriend typically orders this! Love their chilli paste so much I usually take half of his portion!
Another close up of my eye make up! I was just so amazed by how well it turned out that I took sooo many photos of my eyes! Love how gorgeous these tones look on dark brown eyes!
By now my fringe has really grown out so I can tie it back! I really hope you ladies loved this look! I totally didn't expect it to turn out so well! Have fun with your make up!

What do you think of this golden and berry eye look?
Would you pair it with a nude lipstick too?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. ur makeup looks so gorgeous! love ur lashes :)

  2. That's a really, really gorgeous golden berry look! I super love the colour combinations. ^_^ You were right in taking lots of pics; I would too, hehe~

  3. You guys are adorable! <3
    I really like your hair style here not to mention that berrish pink hues look great on you.

  4. This eye look is amazing! I love how you used so many shades to create a more complex finish. The lipstick is also amazing on you.

    Your posts always make me so hungry :( My roommate and I have been talking about getting waffles for a couple of days and this post reminded me of that craving hahaha

  5. I love this semi-natural look on you Sharlynn, especially that lipstick color and the eye makeup really match! and the waffle looks so delicious! I am hoping to find a MAC lipstick color similar to the lipstick shade you have on, it's beautiful!

  6. As always, such a gorgeous colour and your skin is looking flawless. I haven't had waffles in such a long time, they look yummy

  7. Such a pretty look I love the lashes!

  8. That lip color! <3
    I love catfish, we have catfish sandwiches at one of the places I go to here, nomnom!

  9. Love the whole berry tone look on you ^__^
    My fringe still need to grow a bit longer to
    tied it all back :P
    The catfish dish sure looks good and so
    authentic look too! Xx

  10. I love this look on you, that lipstick is so great and wearable for everyday!!
    Also that blush palette, the terracotta shade is so different. You look so cute in all the phtoos, including the candid ones your bf took :)

    ChloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  11. I am in love with this make-up look. The lipstick is definitely my favourite! Great post!

    xo Melissa

  12. How the heck do you manage to still look cute and ~fabulous~ making silly faces it's NOT FAIR.
    Really love the eyeshadow look and that lipstick shade....DO WANT!
    Which movie did you guys end up watching?




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