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Review: 3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes)

Back to Baby BB! Now that so many companies from Asian to Western are producing their version of a BB cream it's hard to figure out which one to buy first or try! I personally prefer a medium coverage BB cream with a more yellow undertone. 

The BB cream I have here today is from the much sought after brand 3CE which is slowing getting onto everyone's radar! Currently I own this BB cream and a foundation from them which will be eventually reviewed!

Continue below for the review!
3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes)
3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes) Love the personalization of this simple card from The Beauty Workroom shop on!
3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes)
3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes)

The majority of the 3CE line with the exception of the newer 'pink' line are all black in packaging. Super simple, sleek with the logo on the front of the boxes and products, I find this look very clean and quite sophisticated. The inside of the box is hot fuchsia which I really like, it's a lovely contrast to the black!

The tube of the BB cream is a medium size and is sort of flat from the side view. I like how there's a large see through portion of the packaging so you are looking at the actual product inside the tube. The tube too has the logo and the name of the product in a very central and simple way. The plastic is super soft but very firm and the cap twist and clicks securely shut. No complaints about the packaging, it's not too bulky and isn't heavy either. 

3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes)
3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes) All the text on the actual product is in korean!
I love how the BB cream has a seal on the nozzle!
Swatch of 3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes) It's a lovely pale yellow shade!

This BB cream comes in one shade, a pale neutral yellow toned shade. I think it's suited best for yellow/neutral tone skin between a NW 15-20, I'm sure this can be okay for NW 25 but you'd need to use a matching powder on top to make it match you better. The coverage of this product is medium to full and even with a thin layer. This product also has an SPF of 35!

The texture of this BB cream is a medium thickness, super creamy and this blends out very easily and has a dewy finish after letting it dry for some minutes after application. I personally add a foundation powder of my shade on top to set this but because of the high coverage you can also set with a translucent or sheer setting powder.

Looking below you can see how good of a coverage this product has and topped with a foundation powder this seems to last throughout the whole day! Through sweating and humid weather this still has my complexion looking even and fresh!

My only problem will have to be that this BB cream like many only comes in one shade but besides that this product is tip top in all other ways!

My bare face! I have some discoloration and light scars!
Wearing a layer of 3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes) The coverage is amazing the the shade is very brightening! It's a tad bit light for the rest of me on its own!
3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes) Close up, it's a dewy, even and good solid medium coverage!
Wearing 3CE Back to Baby BB cream (3 Concept Eyes) set with my holy grail ZA two way foundation powder in shade OC 00! (My review of ZA Powder here!)
BB cream comparison: Peripera I Love BB cream, The Face Shop Power Perfection BB cream, 3CE Back to Baby BB cream, Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream
BB cream comparison: Peripera I Love BB cream, The Face Shop Power Perfection BB cream, 3CE Back to Baby BB cream, Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream
All four of these BB creams are different in terms of color/undertone as seen above on my inner arm swatch. The Peripera is the most grey in color but with a touch of a more beige BB cream this turns easily into the perfect flesh color. 

The Face Shop has the pinkish tone although in person it's slightly grey too but nowhere as grey as the Peripera. The 3CE is the palest although it's the most yellow as well. Lastly the Lioele is the most beige but in person it's actually the most flesh colored that would match the most people.

All of the four BB creams are high coverage and all would be great for combination/oily skin. I would highly recommend to powder on top of all of these BB creams.

3CE Back to Baby BB cream! (3 Concept Eyes)
Paid: $24 SGD or about $19 USD (Purchased from The Beauty Workroom on

Recommend: Yes! This BB cream is a high coverage creamy thick base that is perfect for those with a light neutral/yellow skintone. Set with a powder, this BB cream just lasts forever!

Repurchase: No, I have too many bases right now so I won't be repurchasing this for a while!

Bottom line: A great product from this fairly new and hot Korean Cosmetics brand. I would totally tell everyone to check this BB cream out if you match the color! 

Have you tried any products from 3CE?
Do you wear BB cream often?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. This looks great! Pretty interesting how everyone seems to be into this brand, I've only seen it once so far in Korea in a very hipster sophisticated store. Do you know if this has any SPF? I'm so pale if it does't have SPF I don't want it :P love that it has such good coverage though, thanks for the review!

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention and it's quite small in the photos but there is SPF 35!

  2. The finish looks very nice on your skin , Sharlynn! It looks a bit too light on its own but after the powder, it matches your skin tone very well ^^
    This 3CE brand has been receiving a lot of positive reviews lately but I haven't tried any single product from it.. This BB Cream looks like a good start!

  3. Looks like a really good staple to have around! I have stopped using bb creams for awhile now, but I still love them!!! =) And fall is coming so it's going to be time to take it out again hehe

  4. I've been seeing 3CE products being raves and reviewed in the blogging community but never had the chance to try it.... I heard that their lip lacquer are quite good ^_~

  5. Ooo. this looks so nice. I've seen their products around, and I like their clothes, but I've never actually tried any of it before. The packaging is pretty cute too! I love how it looks on you as well :)

  6. hhhmmm. i think im kinda over BB creams these days? idkkk I feel like it has been overdone so much but this one seems to have a really good yellow undertone which is a plus!

  7. Oh what a lovely formula, I love that it's not too pink or too yellow xx

    Gemma |

  8. A big OMG came right after seeing the effect of this BB cream!
    What a natural effect! Btw you look pretty without any makeup put on c;
    I also love their cute personal note ^__^ Xx

  9. It looks so nice and dewey on the skin x

  10. It looks great on your skin, sounds like an impressive product! Great review :)

    Have a lovely day!

  11. I saw this brand at a local store, but they didn't have any testers, so i couldn't try anything out :( great to see your review!!

  12. ooouu! Thanks for the review, I'm actually looking for a BB cream and was intereted in the brand, 3CE. I love the coverage on you, i think I might really get this. I usually like medium coverage and it seems like the shade will work good on me! =)

  13. Ergh, BB creams need to seriously stop with one/two shades in a line >_>
    I seriously love 3CE's packaging though, and I love the finish and how this looks on you! And I really like that it holds up well in humidity, since I always seem to sweat off my bases in the summer, ugh.

  14. Great review!! Definitely appreciate an in depth review before buying, do you think it's suitable for dry/sensitive skin? XO




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