Monday, 31 December 2012

End of year hauls for 2012! (make up, skincare, ASOS order, Sleek)

End of year Hauls! I cannot promise this is the last of the 'end of year' hauls as I do have one last one when Watsons had major sales but I guess that will be posted next year!

I've never ordered anything much online but more than a month ago took the chance and got a few pieces of clothes from and make  up from sleek and!

Continue below for the hauls!
Here's a sneak peak of a load of small hauls that have been happening the last month! I've been trying out everything I've gotten so far except for back ups and have loved everything!
While working part time at Universal Studios I purchased many t-shirts when I had the chance with my staff discount! I really miss working there especially when its the busiest time of the year now at the park and it would've been a blast if I was working now. My boyfriend an I have matching cookie monster shirts! The green one was in XXL for his dad and the red Megatron was for his little brother!
Things my mum and I picked up from watsons earlier in the month! Hair products for herself and my dad. More pore strips, back ups of powder on sale and the maybelline magnum ultra comb mascara! Neutrogena water gel mask, Aqua label softener, Simple moisturizer and Organix Macadamia oil conditioner and mask (these have been amazing!)
Whitening tooth paste (i've been horrible my whole life with regular brushing but not anymore!), two novels from my favorite authors, a new bottle of blue polish and some things for school and my bed room!
My first ever order from ASOS and everything was awesome! I bought everything on sale! And got my Sasa membership card in the mail! :)
My three pieces from ASOS, all in size 12 UK, the two tops are from ASOS collection and the body con peplum dress from my favorite british brand River Island. The first top is regular fit and is loose on me, the second is an oversized style but is way big! (I've since ordered this in size 8) and the dress was heavily on sale and fits so well! I loved everything from them and have since ordered more dresses that were on sale!
My first bunch of Sleek make up! Got two blushes, two pout paints, a bronzer and creme to powder foundation! Everythings been tested and I love them all! I recently used the Glo Highlighter and bronzer, pout paint and creme to powder  in my Dramatic Arabic Inspired festive look! (The original price of the dress from River Island was 25 GBP and I paid only about $28 SGD which is half price!
A shirt I bought for my computer programming, hacking, gaming boyfriend from the internet comic based site XKCD!
Two cheap and very easy to wear casual tops from a booth in thomson plaza from the manufacturer 'Peniwern'. The first is my favorite, its a thick stretch and cotton mix. The second is all cotton and comes in at the waist!
My first Yankee Candle in Midnight Jasmine! All the christmas scents were on sale but they all were too strong for my liking! I really also want the mandarin water scent! And new shorts! I fit a size smaller than I did three months ago! I'm very happy so far with my size and won't want to be shrinking much more!
My second major make up order from and their premium site Suite7beauty! A bdellium brush, an OCC Lip tar and the feminine palette which I've been lusting after! Three pairs of pearl ear rings from my mom back from a short holiday trip with her sister to Yangon, Myanmar! I spent 8 years there as a child and haven't been back to visit yet!

I've really been over doing it...I've just never been so satisfied by being able to spend so much less for so much more with things online that I can't even get here! It's been eye opening how much you can save if you are planning on purchasing certain products.

It is very important that I keep my personal promise not to spend as much next year on make up! Skin care would be allowed as I think that's far more important, especially since I rarely get to wear much make up with my full time school.

Do keep up with my posts as I'll be blogging as much as I can in the coming weeks! I'll be reviewing these products soon!

Thank you to all those that have been visiting!
Happy New Year's Eve!^^


  1. What a big (well deserved since you've been working ;)) haul! I LOVE that floral shirt you bought from ASOS, it's sooo pretty. I'm glad the Sleek makeup turned out well, I love the brand! xx

  2. Great haul!!!!!!! You got lots of new things for 2013 to try!!! And eventually, to review :D I think it's great. I love that heart top! Very pretty. And the computer hacking tee LOL I LOVE IT!!!!! :)
    I've wanted to order from All Cosmetics wholesale forever!!! :) I'm going to do so now ^______^ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL. It's okay to do "end of the year" posts. It's the end of the year after all.

    Is that a Transformers shirt? Haven't seen one in a long time. Good haul.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  4. oh your haul is the best!! I'm happy to see sleek goodies there! which blushes did you get? and I'm interesting in that cream to powder foundation, never heard of that before! :x

  5. Love haul posts! Thanks for sharing.

    I like that dripping heart top you got from ASOS. I love River Island, too, but find it pretty pricy even when I was in the UK. I love it when they have sales, though hehe

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year!! I love most of your hauls! they are amazing, the sleek products look so nice!! I want them too ^_~

  7. I love Ellen Hopkins too! You got some great stuff can't wait to see the reviews :)

  8. Sleek makeup is meant to be great, I haven't had a chance to try any yet, though.

    I'm a new follower on your blog :)

    Kimberley x

  9. i love seeing hauls. thanks for sharing!

  10. awesome haul! :) happy new years :D

  11. WOW such a huge haul. I guess pre-new years is the perfect time to spend money before making a resolution to save money... haha :) Also, Love the ASOS peplum dress. It's super adorable xx :)

  12. hi...thanks for leaving a comment on my post!
    i loved your haul post! those stuff are cute!
    how you like the macadamia oil hair mask and conditioner so far? i tried the other ones in pink color, cherry blossom and ginseng...i guess what it dried up my hair instead...;(
    have you tried the macadamia oil hair treatment from organix?the one in small bottle..its like a leave in oil thing...i heard good thing about that.

    i am your new follower...=)

  13. I can't wait to order some sleek products when their website is back up and running! They wont be sending out orders until the 7th of january :(

    I love my OCC lip tar! Great haul! I hope you had the best holidays and a happy new year! xo

  14. Goodness, this is a HUGE haul! I've always been interested in the Sleek products. People always rave about them. Sasa is another place I'd like to give a try. I'm a bit overwhelmed when I look at their site cause I'm not familiar with most of the products.

  15. nice haul! love the cookie monster shirt :D

  16. Hauls are my favorite blog posts. You got such awesome items
    Brand new follower over here - yay! :) happy new year!

  17. I love sleek blushes! What colours did you get?

  18. WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS AND THANKS FOR DROPPING BY! I am busy now and wont be getting back comment to comment! Will be getting Disqus as soon as possible! ^^

  19. Nice haul, you will be loving the sleek products their stuff are amazing <3 x

  20. You got so many lovely things! xx




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