Friday, 14 November 2014

Everyday quick bronze eye and dusty rose lip!

An Everyday Bronze eye look! Let me be totally honest...I am super annoyed when ladies publish looks like this every other day. I personally will not post looks that are so visibly similar so close together or at all. I just find it annoying when people think using a slightly different crease shade makes your look 'another' look. I don't mean to sound snobby but as someone who loves eye make up I have done plenty of gorgeous neutral looks but I don't want to share but the best and most wearable ones!

It's sort of a bit funny that an effortless and pretty look like this which most ladies tend to wear when they're wearing make up out is a look I rarely have on. I either have no make up on at home, a basic face of powder, mascara and lip balm or a fully made up face!

Continue below for the full look!
Everyday quick bronze eye and dusty rose lip! It might seem strange but I rarely do my make up simply like this! I'm either bare faced or bare basic or full on made up!
Products used: ZA two way foundation powder, Biore UV watery cream, Rival de Loop foundation, Sleek blush, Brigitte eyeshadow, Maybelline color tattoo, Art Deco eyebrow gel, Heavy Rotation eyeliner, Kiss Me Heroine long & curl mascara, Catrice pure shine color lip balm, NYX lip butter
On my cheeks is my favorite shimmery pink from Sleek, Mirrored Pink!
Wearing a combination of Catrice Pure Shine colour lip balm in Rose & Woody and NYX lip butter in Vanilla Cream Pie!
Everyday quick bronze eye and dusty rose lip! A quick simple look that's glowing and fresh!
Everyday quick bronze eye and dusty rose lip! A look that would suit anyone. A good bronze base, a touch of light shimmery pink on the inner lid and then a medium shimmery bronze all over and blended out!
Wearing my oversized glasses! I love these but I only found out after wearing them for a whole day out that it leaves a bruise on one side of my nose bridge! It stayed purple for 2 whole days below becoming light enough not to put concealer!

What kinds of shades do you wear for your everyday look?
Do you love bronze on your lids?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. ahhh!! you look so cute ! those glasses really suit you :) for everyday I go for a more bronze look because I'm morena.

  2. I love your skin, so flawless. that dusty rose lips suits the overall look beautifully.

  3. Wonderful! Wonderful! And your lips are so pretty <3 <3

  4. u lok beautiful as always! and ur cheek color LOVE!!!

  5. Everything about this look! Gorgeous :)

  6. I am still jealous of how well you can pull off pinks!! I wish they looked as good on me since that lip combo is gorgeous.

  7. love this look ♥ you look hot with glasses :p

  8. This is so cute!! I really like how the emphasis is so much greater on our cheeks than usual. It really makes this unique! XD




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