Sunday, 9 November 2014

Blue bright eyes! (Urban Decay, Kate)

Bright and Blue! I don't think I've shared my opinion on light and bright blue shades before but I have to say that I've always and still think that powder baby blue and super light blues will never be my first choice of shadow. I still say that powder blue eyeshadow makes me think of cheap asian hookers but I have seen plenty of really cutesy looking girls wearing powder blue as a single shade or part of a pastel look and it works.

I think that in order to pull off a pale powder baby blue, you have to be wearing eyeliner and mascara too, it can't be one of those slick it on and go type of shade. I don't know...I can't do it! However on the flip side I LOVE blue shades, teals, green blues, dark navy blues!

Continue below for the look!
Blue bright eyes! (Urban Decay 24/7 eyeshadow pencil, Kate Gradical palette)
Blue bright eyes! (Urban Decay 24/7 eyeshadow pencil, Kate Gradical palette)
In my crease and blended out is a blue shade from Kate's gradical palette!
Wearing Urban Decay Clash eyeshadow pencil on the lids!
Trying to look kawaii!
Products used: K-palette Kuma concealer, Biore UV watery mouse, ZA two way foundation powder, 3CE Baby to Baby BB cream, Revlon matte (for brows), MUA teal from Dawn to Dusk palette, Kate Gradical eyeshadow, theBalm Mary-lou manizer highlighter, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeshadow pencil, Heavy Rotation Eyeliner, It cosmetics 5in1 mascara, Kiss me heroine Long & curl mascara, Sleek blush in suede
To pair off with the bright pop teal pop, I used my favorite warm neutral blush from Sleek! Love love the warm flush from this shade suede, I would buy this ten times over if I lost it!

I often end up pairing a warm cheek or lip color with lighter blue eyes. Like this warm blush or a peachy lip, I don't know why I do this because on hindsight I always end up looking back and thinking that the warm and cool tones clash. I know this but yet I don't know why I keep on picking warm shades for other parts of my face! 

Do you have an issue with pale powder blues like me?
What do you think of this look?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. looool cheap asian hookers.. looks good on u btw :)

  2. suede is amazing on you - for the record, powder blue shadows look ace on you and I think it suits the warm cheek!

  3. The blue shade is so beautiful *0*

    恵美より ♥

  4. I'm with you, blue eyeshadow can look a bit dated and cheap, but daaaang! That looks amazing on you! Feeling inspired now ;)

  5. just a question sharlynn. do you have twitter? i was trying to see if you did so i could follow but haven't found it.
    also, i'm always a fan of your makeup looks!! and you did a great one again here.

    A Beautiful Zen

  6. I love that bright turquoise on you! That's such a cheerful shade, and definitely goes with the warm blush.

  7. You rock the blue eyeshadows! Love how you wear the natural blush. That's really a nice idea to balance cool and warm tone :D


  8. To be honest, I do think that blue shades are just not that flattering on asian skin tone. I totally get what you meant with cheap asian hookers. LOL.
    BUT, you actually look good in blue, no lie!! this confirms that you can rock any shades! ^^

  9. Haha you're are so not cheap Asian hookers!
    But I have to agree, that for myself I would not
    choose a blue tone shadow. However you
    look kawaii, don't worry c: Xx

  10. Blue eye shadows looks especially good on brown eyes ^^

  11. Pretty! I wish less people were afraid of blue x

  12. So pretty! I used to wear a blue like that on my lashline haha. It kinda reminds me of a mermaid, not hooker! Haha :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  13. OMG, blue looks amazing on your eyes sweetheart, It's one of the best eye makeup you have done ever! Suits you so well! You look stunning my dear! Kisses <3

  14. I think it looks more like an electric light blue than baby blue! Either way you definitely don't look like a cheap asian hooker lol! You've made me want to try bright blues on my eyes now, usually I go for dark blues. Btw your skin is flawless <3

  15. Ah, everything is so perfect about this look! From the color to the winged liner. I love it all!

  16. Love your eyeliner and the wing :)) xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie




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