Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Special: Day out at the Gardens by the Bay! (Flower and Cloud Dome)

My visit to the Garden by the Bay! Hope everyone's had a great February! I know it's cliche but holy cow, time just flies by! I can imagine it's going to be December soon and we'll all be counting down to 2015!

In the beginning of February, my boyfriend and I found the time to spend the afternoon out to visit the Gardens by the Bay which is now an iconic site in Singapore next to the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casinos. There are two giant domes that house a huge variety of plants, flowers and ecosystems from different biomes from around the world. It was so nice and cool inside the domes!

Continue below for the beautiful photos!
Day out at the Gardens by the Bay! (Flower and Cloud Dome)
The now very iconic and always full Marina Bay Sands hotel!
As you approach the Gardens by the Bay! You need to get tickets to enter the domes!
One of my favorite fuzzy leaved plants, I used to pluck the little yellow flowers as a kid to make bracelets!
There is an expansive area outside the domes of 'garden' area which is free to walk around and look at! But to see the flowers and foreign plants, it's all inside the domes!
The area outside the domes which anyone can explore and take photos! It's a huge property with lots of walk ways and seats spotted everywhere!
First photo for the day together!

Just chilling!
Me and my PIRaTe!

Yes! I got him to take lots of photos for me since I really don't have many of myself!

Flower Dome: Cacti garden!
Flower Dome: Giant desert plants!
Looking down from the second storey in the flower dome!
Okay...who wasn't taking photos of this cactus! It's such a hairy, fuzzy phallus looking thing!
Lots of small cacti plants! These are easy to keep at home!

Heart shaped! How can I miss it!
Fuzzy long reddish cacti! Looks soo creepy!
This thing is HUGE!

Soooo pretty! Fleshy, chunky flower looking cacti plants!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome! Look at how pretty and cabbage like they are!

Funky flat petaled cactus!

The first floor is full of flowers! You enter into the second level!
In front of the Chinese New Year piece! Can you spot the horses?
Big pink chrysanthemums!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome! The Orchid section!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!
Such a pretty pink and yellow combination!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome! Rose garden!

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!
Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome!
Sitting by the flower bushes!
Looks like they were bleached!
Pretty daffodils!

Gardens by the Bay: Cloud dome! Check out the amazing pattern and colors on the orchids!

Venus fly trap plants! So many types!

At the bottom of a 35 meter wall of plants!
Above is a walk way!
Looking up the wall of ferns, mosses and orchids!
A running train set installed on a patch of ground as you waited to go up the lift to the walk way!
Moss balls on a wall! I just wanted to reach out and pluck one!

On the top floor of the Cloud Dome!
The beautiful moss green lake with islands of venus fly traps, wild orchids and ferns!
My favorite thing in the cloud dome! An island of venus fly traps in the middle of the lake, I just absolutely love the green and pinks!
On the walk way in the Cloud Dome!
On the walk way in the Cloud Dome!
On the walk way in the Cloud Dome!
As you come down from the cloud walk there is an array of stalagmite and stalactite on display!
Cloud dome: Garden of plants from the time of the Dinosaurs!
Cloud dome: Check out those leaves, they're so bumpy like Kale leaves!
After you've walked around the gardens, cloud and flower done, head over a few minutes walk to the "Satay by the Bay" hawker center! It can seat up to a 1000 people when full!
Satay by the Bay! Here's the famous Sri geylang satay stall! It's good, especially their mutton and liver but the chicken and beef are too sweet, you can barely taste the meat!
For a sunday it was fairly pack but there were still lots of empty seats spotted here and there!
The place was very nicely decorated with lanterns from chinese new year!
The areas of the Gardens open to the public for free!

Gardens by the Bay: The public garden area for anyone to walk around! It's love bu there aren't much flowers or really special plants!

Sitting at the base of the 'super trees' outside the domes!
The man made super trees hopefully in the near future will have the plants sprouting out from the top and covering all the 'branches'!

Gardens by the Bay: Flower Dome!
Gardens by the Bay: Flower Dome!
Gardens by the Bay: Flower Dome!
We really had a fun time, it was my first time visiting the domes but his second so he kept me on track when I'd get too focused on one section in the dome! Check out my make up look here!
If you ever visit Singapore the Gardens by the Bay is a definite must visit, it's a bit strange and lovely at the same time to experience such temperate weather in the domes compared to the hot outside weather in Singapore! My favorite dome was the flower dome, so many pretty flowers and the cacti just had so much variety!

Would you like to visit the Flower/Cloud Dome?
Flowers or Cacti?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Loved going through these pics <3 <3 Both you look great & all the flowers are soooo beautiful!!!

  2. Wow! That is beautiful! Great photos!
    Love your makeup btw! :)

  3. what a beautiful garden!!
    I have visited singapore countless time but have never visited this garden! It will be in my agenda for the next visit then :-D the flowers are so beautiful and the cactus are all weird looking. lol

  4. What a gorgeous place to spend the day! Now I REALLY want to visit Singapore. I usually prefer cacti over flowers, but everything in the domes was just so pretty. The walkways around the cloud domes and outside around the man-made trees look like a fun stroll. My jaw dropped at the man-made trees; they really alter the landscape and look so cool! I'm so glad you shared all these lovely pictures, and happy you had a good time. :)

  5. You look really pretty in these photos! Your skin really is flawless x


  6. Wow beautiful ! And such gorgeous flowers . So colorful *sigh* :)

  7. I LOVE gardens. I want to go to one someday myself, and go overboard with the photography too :D
    Never heard of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, BUT DANG, IS IT EVER PRETTY :D

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

  8. Wow so many gorgeous pics!! I really should pay this place a visit. I haven't been there since but I might make a trip in September when I visit Singapore again. It's so hard keeping up with all the new places popping up in Singapore x Make Me Up Mandy

  9. Wonderful pictures :)
    you look so adorable :)
    Lovely flowers...

  10. Beautiful pictures....well, except for the cactus that looks like male private parts! I love visiting botanical gardens.




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