Saturday, 22 March 2014

Shopping Haul: Clothes and drugstore bits! (, Cotton on)

Spring haul time! Yes, I've been shopping, even though I spent pretty much my entire month of internship pay on the tickets and hotel for an up and coming beach holiday with my boyfriend! I paid first with my card and for two of us, we managed to get a great deal on for a nice hotel in Krabi that's well reviewed and also for cheap air fare back and forth! 

My clothes picks have either been from the very affordable Cotton On or ordered from! I've been going crazy for casual dresses and floral prints! I just find them so easy to wear all year round in hot weather and also perfect for spring and summer! I also picked up lots of little toiletry bits from the pharmacy since I'm going on holiday soon!

Continue below for the haul!
Clothes haul from, Cotton On and drugstore bath and body bits!

Super fun pieces from! I blue criss cross strap back double layered top! And a one piece deep V playsuit with a daisy print!

Two stretchy fit and flare dressed from Cotton On! I love the cap sleeves and the narrow waist with the flowy skirt, the cut is so flattering and works very well if you've got curves!

This is the stripey fit and flare on me two weeks ago during my day out with my boyfriend! The material is thick and stretchy and very breathable!

The roses on black! This one I had to buy a size too small because it was either that or too loose! Hence I have to pair this with stockings because it's a bit too short!

Two favorite floral picks of mine! The one on the left looks a bit gaudy and like a 70s table cloth but it looks so good on my curvy frame! The dress on the right is so lovely too, I love the purple, pink and white print, it's so girly and the big frill across the top is a really nice touch.

I really like how it's a bit watercolor looking and the sweetheart neckline really works well on me since I have a large chest!
The large frill piece is really a nice touch and the elasticated waist sits directly below my bust instead of my waist because of my large chest, it looks really great however because the skirt then just flows so nicely out!
At the same time in Cotton On I picked up this new cardigan! The sleeves are batwinged designed and they are three quarters!
A pair of frayed edged stretchy low cut shorts! This pair is especially for my beach holiday!
Absolutely love them! I own nothing with frayed edges!
Pharmacy haul: Old formulation of herbal essence shampoo/conditioner, mini shampoo/conditioner for my coming up holiday, sunblock, mini eye make up remover, mini face washes and a japanese brand BB sunscreen!
I must admit! I just spent about $200 SGD recently in total buying skincare/make up bits (not including this stuff above). I ended up buying two new powders, bought two things from a local blog sale, ordered the Lorac Unzipped palette (finally back in stock on a local site), bought a new foundation and powder back up! Oh my god, I've been sooo bad!

Oh well! I'm really a regular girl who just loves skincare and make up, I'm not so bad that I have to get everything in a collection or regularly buy new things but when I do buy bits and bobs it tends to really pile up. I've really made sure that all my buys are things I will use or know are potentially very good or going to work for me. 

What have you hauled recently this Spring?
Clothes or make up?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Fab haul!

    I used to use that Herbal shampoo back in the day, the smell was amazing!



  2. Oh how do you like I was browsing through the website and they do offer plus size clothing now which is very good :-D I want to order but not sure about the quality, shipping etc etc..
    you picked cute stuffs from the website! love the daisy top so much!

  3. I love Cotton on! Love the dresses and that cardigan!

  4. The blue criss cross strap back double layered top is such a cute piece and I like the Cotton On black cardigan as well, that looks so easy to just throw on. Oooh, you ordered the LORAC Unzipped palette? Can't wait for a review and to see the shadows on you! :)

  5. Those denim shorts are so cute! You have an amazing figure xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Nice haul! Love the clothes, my favourite at the shorts and blue strappy top! The stripy dress looks so gorgeous on you too, you definitely pull it off well :) How was your internship? So jealous about your holiday, well done on earning up all the money and paying for it all :D Hope you have fun whenever you go :)

  7. I was browsing about cheap swimwear and I found your blog which is quite interesting.
    I do hope it's okay with you if I pin them on my Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing!




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