Monday, 24 March 2014

FOTD: Smokey pale taupe and golden coral cheeks!

Pale taupe and a golden coral cheek! Yes ladies, I'm back doing neutral and more 'wearable' looks! After so many months of having fun experimenting with colors and being bold in the eye department, my love for neutral looks have never left me! 

I had to go for a follow up check with the doctor a week and a half after food poisoning and a urinary infection! Feeling so much better of course after lots of painkillers and antibiotics I was in the mood for a light, pretty make up look! I pulled out my MUA Dawn till Dusk palette and dug right into the small range of pale neutrals in it!

Continue below for the look!
Smokey pale taupe eyes and a golden coral cheek!
Bare face!
Wearing a mix of Sun Killer BB and Peripera BB cream (my review)!
Smokey pale taupe eyes using MUA Dawn till Dusk palette!
Smokey pale taupe eyes using MUA Dawn till Dusk palette!
A very light, wearable and easy to pair look, so do pair with thick eyeliner and mascara!
Products used: MUA Dawn till Dusk palette, Revlon matte (for brows), theBalm highlighter (my review), Peripera BB cream (my review), Sun Killer BB, ZA two way foundation powder (my review), Biore UV mousse (my review), Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine mascara (my review), Maybelline color tattoo (my review)
Zoeva Sun Power Blush Palette- I used the light pink coral on the right and the shimmery bronze gold on the left!

My blush is a combination of a coral and then a bronze shade on top from my Zoeva blush palette!
The satin finish coral first and then a sweep of the bronze gold on top as a highlight!

I really love this look, it's simple and yet very polished!

A pale taupe usually always works well on all complexions! (There is nothing on my lips!)

While in Watsons with my mom I saw L'oreals display for their make up removers!
Their cleansing oil is $19.90, the micellar water $17.90 and the cleansing foam $15.90!
They are having big store wide sales on most of the make up brands and certain skincare/hair care! I didn't pick up anything much though with mom! She just wanted to get lots of hand soap!
My new phone case! Got it for only $12 in a small shop in Ang Mo Kio central!
There's my train/bus card and my phone inside all happy!
A super simple, light, bright and wearable look! Paired with any cheek color this would be lovely on all!
What shades do you use for a simple look?
Matte or shimmers?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love this look, especially your combination of coral on bronze on your cheeks. Great (: I would wear this as well!

  2. Whoah, food poisoning and urinary infection sounds like a killer....glad to know you're all better D:
    THAT PINK CORAL BLUSH SHADE....NEEEEEED. (That is one heck of a versatile palette, eh?) Love how you layered the gold over it...kinda looks sunset-y on the cheeks! :D

  3. OMG i have the same phone cover!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine is in pink for my iphone 5!!!! :p awesome!

    Why is your skin always perfect!?!?! :) Just glowing!

  4. Oooohhhhh so glowy! You have such nice skin!
    I think I do a mixture of shimmer and mattes with a neutral eye look but a light application. I've been doing some darker eyes lately.
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  5. Gorgeous combo ! Like the neutrals :)
    Glad you feel better !

  6. wonderful Look <3 I love how the blush looks <3 just amazing <3

  7. your skin looks so flawless!!! Love it! And those blushers are stunning! I need to get my hands on that blush palette!!

  8. So cute Shar! Love a little coral for spring!

    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest sweets!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. ooh you glow so radiantly here :D love your shiny hair too, looks so healthy!

  10. Oh my God, you look breathtakingly beautiful my dear, your skin looks so flawless!!! Love it! And those blushers are stunning! I need to get my hands on that blush palette!! Have a nice day honey, kisses <3

  11. Oh wow that blush palette is seriously stunning xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  12. The blush combo is gorgeous, it's just the right amount of glow and shine! I hope you are feeling a lot better now Sharlynn!

  13. I really like the mixture of blushes! Very pretty!




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