Thursday, 13 March 2014

Quick review: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Conditioner!

Gimme some Frizz-Ease! Condition my hair! Being a person with long and thick hair I condition almost daily the lower half of my long hair. I usually use drugstore brands like Pantene, Herbal Essence or Tresmme  because buying more expensive conditioners is a bit painful as I use product up very quickly. I went searching in the pharmacy a few weeks back and found that John Frieda is in Singapore now!
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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Conditioner

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Conditioner
Packaging & Product!

Packaged according to color for the different types of hair care range, the silver and navy packaging is meant for the "Frizz-ease" line. I immediately always know to buy straight from the damage care or straight hair line because I want something to counter and smoothen out my very thick hair. My hair is naturally slightly wavy but can air dry very straight too without any help from styling. I usually never style my hair at all in any way but I still always want silky smooth hair.

This conditioner smells amazing, it's like a creamier scented Pantene conditioner. I'm honestly a giant fan of just the regular drugstore brands as they really work the best, the scents lasts the longest as well but this one from John Frieda really smells great and it lasts for a long time in my hair. It's a thick white colored cream conditioner and once in the hair it really helps untangle and loosen dead hair. 

After it's washed out your hair still feels extremely soft and silken. After it's dried your hair will still have the heavy sweet scent and it will linger and your hair stays soft and silky for the whole day!

My Sweet Valentine's Day look! My hair air dried after a shower, no heat styling at all!

Paid: $18.90 SGD or about ($14.90 USD)

Recommend: Yes! A more expensive drugstore conditioner but it does what it says and does it very well! I'd recommend this to all the ladies with thick, unruly or dry hair as it really softens and makes your hair silky smooth!

Repurchase: Yes, very likely I would want to repurchase this again in the future. It's been really good and I don't have to use much to get results! I'm always repurchasing my same old drugstore brand shampoo and conditioners but I'm now trying out different brands.

Bottom line: A super effective conditioner for thick, unruly hair, this conditioner is heavily scented and lasts forever after your hair dries. I really like using this on the bottom half of my long hair and wash it out after about 10 mins. It really works and it's worth the extra dollars!

 What conditioner do you use for your hair?
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  1. Your hair looks so shiny and gorgeous!!! I've only tried one conditioner from John Frieda and it was a bit of a disappointment. The price is a bit steep for a drugstore brand though!

  2. Wow, this stuff works quite well! I can't believe that your hair was not styled in the picture, it looks lovely!




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